Tarot Challenge: Interpret these cards in 3 sentences or less!

Imagine this: It’s 8pm on a dark and rainy night. Thunder and lighting boom and flash in the distance as you sit in your armchair by the fire, shuffling your Tarot cards.

Across from you sits Minxy Blue – a friend of a friend. Minxy is a high class escort who lives a lavish lifestyle, “escorting” distinguished gentlemen and the occasional celebrity. But she has recently met someone special who has a problem with her chosen line of work. His name is Vlad Smith and he has proposed to her on the condition that she quit her escort job and do something else.

Minxy loves Vlad but she also loves her work. She’s in a conundrum! She asks you “what on Earth am I supposed to do?”

Just then, two cards come flying out of the deck, landing upright on the table in front of you.

But here’s the challenge: Minxy doesn’t have the time or the patience to listen to you ramble about the cards. So make it quick! In just 3 sentences or less, interpret these two cards in a way that is helpful to Minxy:

tarot challenge
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Please feel free to post your interpretation in the comments below!

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Speak openly with Vlad about how you feel about leaving your career (Two of Cups). But make sure you go within and do some soul searching to find out what is truly important to you right now (The Hermit). There is much light and brightness in these two cards which shows that now is not the time to hide from your feelings and issues, Minxy girl!

36 thoughts on “Tarot Challenge: Interpret these cards in 3 sentences or less!”

  1. Marry the guy or at some point in the future, when you’re all alone, you’ll be looking back wishing you had.

  2. Hi, my advice to Minxy:

    This is an important decision you are facing and I feel you need to consider the matter from all angles not just in terms of your relationship but also the practical implications of giving up your job and source of income. It seems whichever option you take is likely to involve an ending.

  3. I would say, ” Minxy you should hold on love tight and the career would be taken care off by Divine guidance. You will get a better opportunity to be happy in love and career.”

  4. I would say: “Minxy, i’d go with Vlad. You wouldn’t want to look back when old and gray and realize he was the one that got away.” Then I’ll ask for her clientele list. Jk. Lol

  5. She herself is capable of finding the answer and for that She must go within. Give space to herself and find out what is important, does She really love him or her work. I would suggest She must write it out.

  6. Where do you get these names for the clients, Kate? ROFL! Anyway, let’s make this quick:

    A union with this guy is good, but you need to don your hood and think,
    about what you want to do/which move is right for you. Also, have you ever thought of becoming the boss of your own escort business instead, so you’re still in that line of work, but then you maybe ain’t doing the thing that’s bothering your partner? Okay, that last part wasn’t a rap, so I’m giving you 5 bucks off.

    1. These are some good words of wisdom, Chani! I don’t know where I get these name ideas, they just float out of the ether and into my mind like magic.

  7. I would say she has self-love and intimacy issues. Take some time away from Vlad and find some love within herself.

  8. She should think long and hard and way out the pros and cons ,is the guy worth it?Does her job bring her contentment more or less?Diddy it all up and make her decision.

    1. I like that idea – making a pro/con list. But if she decides to stay with Vlad she’ll have to remember to destroy the list!

  9. In a strong partnership, both partners should feel free to be who they are. If he really loves you, Minxy, he won’t ask you to give up what’s meaningful to you (or vice versa). Now is the time to contemplate whether your job is just “what you do” or a major, uncompromisable part of who you are.

    1. That’s a really good point, Brie. If someone is asking you to sacrifice that much in the beginning, what’s going to happen later on down the road? Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  10. This relationship is a true union, but you must ask yourself if it is enough to give up the job. Look within yourself to find the answer you most likely already know. Trust in yourself and your intuition to make the right decision.

  11. You need to make a choice which requires a bit of time out by yourself to think things
    through. What other conditions is he going to put on your relationship?

  12. Is this a love that will last or a deep friendship? You need to be true to your inner light. Explore your motivation behind each choice.

  13. What my inner “Veronica” would advise: marry Vlad and keep your double lavish lifestyle to yourself!

    1. I like how you put his name in all caps, Judy, like she should think long and hard about committing to someone with such a campy, vampiric name! πŸ˜‰

  14. You two need to put your heads together over some drinks and talk all feelings out. You may end up alone if you don’t choose correctly!

  15. Love has arrived to your life Minxy, this guy is the real thing, with patience things are going to work for real, this relationship is blessed, donΒ΄t look back and leave that career…
    (The Hermit is Blessing the relationship with the Sparkling Star)

  16. Minxy, leave the old guys to themselves. Your new love needs all your attention. And one of your old guys might even bless your nuptials with a little somethin’ somethin’ as a wedding gift!

    1. Ha ha – I like this! I never considered the Hermit to possibly symbolize one of her “clients”, but it totally works!

  17. The hermit card is facing the two of cups, kind of like being on the outside looking in…with regret for not seizing this opportunity for true happiness. Minxy, leave your career and don’t look back!

  18. You have been offered a love partnership that is the real thing – grab it with both hands, leave your superficial career – or be prepared to be alone emotionally forever……

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