Time to meet your inner Buddha

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Osho Zen Tarot

Your Inner Buddha wants you to just chill the fuck out already. Seriously.

Your personality/ego self is all like “aah! What must people think of me? I don’t make enough money! I look like a bloated whale in these pants! How am I going to get everything done today?”

Meanwhile, your Inner Buddha reclines on a chaise lounge with a joint in one hand, not giving a shit about any of it.

It’s time to meet this mysteriously calm little person inside of you….

When you think “what will the bitches in my office think of my new shoes?”, your Inner Buddha thinks “where can I find some velcro moccasins?”

When you obsess about whether or not your partner really loves you, your Inner Buddha couldn’t care less. It’s completely fucking irrelevant.

It’s not that your Inner Buddha doesn’t care about anything, it’s just that it doesn’t care about stupid pointless shit. And for many of us, worrying and thinking about stupid pointless shit can consume a pretty big part of our day.

So this weekend, don’t try to stop worrying or thinking about stupid pointless shit. That never works. Just ask yourself “what would my Inner Buddha do?”

16 thoughts on “Time to meet your inner Buddha”

  1. hey everyone, are velcro mocassins an excuse to slip in and out of sins?
    No. If the shoe doesn’t fit, etc. means you don’t have to wear other people’s judgement
    of you. tell them to eff off. that’s what the inner Buddha is saying – in repose- reflect- don’t take on other people’s angst.

  2. VELCRO MOCCASINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it just me, or does everyone see the tempting word “SINS” at the back end of that fabulous idea for footwear??????????

  3. I had a vision for a friend where I was told to something for her. Her answer “my astral self did that.” Her inner Buddha took care of it!

    Life will be so much easier if we let the Inner Buddha run it!

  4. I welcome my inner Buddha today because I have to take care of our little 9 weeks old puppy because both my daughters have the flu. ( have to take care of them too) so every “free” moment I will sit down and just be and do nothing)

  5. most times we are busy not being a shame. we are so scared to be embarrassing. we are running and running from being a shame. all day, all weeks, all life.
    sounds so pointless… more like a psychosis than being a glorious hero ;o)

      1. at the end, it’s all just a big laugh :o))
        – but it can be quite a trip to get to that point…
        big hug!!! :o)

  6. Well really it’s all about not letting other people’s behaviour/thoughts control you isnt’t
    it? Why should you care whether the guy/girl down the street doesn’t like you/your clothes, what you do etc. You are your own person, enjoy. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. Ok.

    1. SueM!!!!!

      “If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe me, I will be quoting you AND Veronica all effing week!


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