Tarot challenge! What should Markus do?

It’s time for a Tarot challenge!

Are you ready?

Okay, here’s your situation:

You are doing a Tarot reading for Markus, a smouldering hot 25 year old. Markus is an artist – he specializes in painting pixies and water nymphs and he is really quite talented. But he can’t seem to make a living from his art, so for the past five years he’s been working nights stocking shelves at a sex toy distribution company’s warehouse.

He is fairly happy in his life but his dream is to paint pixies full time and quit his night job. He asks you “how can I be more financially successful with my art?”

You draw two cards: The Hermit and the Seven of Wands.

tarot challenge markus
Crystal Visions Tarot

How would you interpret these two cards? What advice would you give Markus?

Please feel free to leave your interpretation in the comments below!

The purpose of this exercise is to practice your Tarot reading skills. Markus is just a character and situation I made up.

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Markus, it's clear to me that spending time alone, meditating and pondering things will help bring about a solution for you (The Hermit). When your right in the thick of things it can be hard to see the forest through the trees and this is why you aren't sure how to make more money from your art. Get some distance and perspective from it - detach emotionally and look at your art through a different lens - a clear path will emerge eventually. Detaching might mean not taking things personally when it comes to your art, which leads me to the next card - the Seven of Wands.

The Seven of Wands shows that you are feeling defensive about this issue, like making money from your work will mean you have to be competitive or something. It also shows me that you fear attack and criticism. Perhaps part of you really fears having your art judged and critiqued and deemed unworthy. This seems to be the energy that is holding you back and creating fear for you.

The more you relax and let go of this idea, the more quickly you will earn and income from your art. Perhaps letting go of those fears will make you feel more comfortable about putting yourself out there and even networking with other artists. Again, look at The Hermit and notice how calm and detached she is - other's opinions don't define her, so she doesn't fear them.

One theme I notice is that both The Hermit and the guy in Seven of Wands are on cliffs or pedestals. The advantage of this is that you have a nice view of things - a birds eye view. The downside is that you have farther to fall. You may fear that once you attain success you could lose it, or people will judge you more harshly. It's clear you have much passionate and fiery energy around your art (Wands), but it needs to be balanced with the calm, cool and intuitive nature of The Hermit. Meditation, nature walks and reflection will help you discern the voice of your intuition from the voice of your ego so that you can let go of fear and pursue your dream with newfound energy, enthusiasm and calmness.

21 thoughts on “Tarot challenge! What should Markus do?”

  1. Drawing Pixies is what he does for inner reflection…he uses it as an escape, he has not been dealing with the emotional issues of feeling attacked by his peers and thus…is lacking direction…anyways…hard to do a reading that is not based on Reality…as Whoever picked this combination…would actually need real,guidance at this time.

  2. He has spent so much time defending his life choices to others including himself that he has lost site of what he really wants to do. Drawing Pixies may not really be what he wants at all.

  3. (I am responding before I read any responses)

    Keeping it simple, Markus would likely benefit from researching multiple possibilities that would put his artwork into the public eye (Hermit) and then begin “planting” his art in those places, opening possibilities to other opportunities (7 Wands)

  4. PREFACE: I don’t tell stories when I read. I read what I see. Most questions I ask are generally of a rhetorical nature. Taking into consideration, Daily Tarot Girl didn’t define whether Markus or the Reader handled the cards, the order in which the cards were dealt or which card was turned first – I’m going to take liberties. EXAMPLE: Most of the banter that could have occurred between Markus and myself has been left out.
    Additionally, looking at the “particular theme” of cards chosen for this reading and their relationship to Markus and his story;

    “Markus! Hi! Thanks for coming in. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Please, have a seat.
    I see you brought some pictures. May I see them? Did you do these? Remarkable!
    So, what brings you here today?”

    Markus: “I’m an artist. I painting pixies and water nymphs, but I can’t seem to make a living from my art. For the past five years I’ve been working nights stocking shelves at a sex toy distribution company’s warehouse. I’m fairly happy with my life, but my dream is to paint pixies full time and quit my night job. How can I be more financially successful with my art?”

    “Well, let’s see what the cards have to say. I have many decks to choose from, Markus. Have a look, pick one that you like.”

    Markus goes through several decks, sometimes being repetitious, but he finally chooses.

    “Good choice. Feel free to look them over more if you like and when you’re done shuffle the deck. After you shuffle, lay the deck in front of you and fan the cards out from right to left with your left hand. That’s it. Now, with your left hand, slide out any two cards, but don’t turn them over.”

    Markus completes his task. I gather the remaining cards and return them to their place of repose. I then slide the two cards that Markus chose to me and turn each one over, the left one first, The Hermit. I ponder. Then I turn over the card on the right. More pondering…

    You folks at home: Keep in mind, as we sit across from each other, Markus’ right is my left and my left is his right. So, in effect, Markus chose the Seven of Wands first. I weigh the spread. It’s 50/50… Half high/half low… Balanced, yet opposed / man VS the Universe. Two odd numbered cards… Hm… Two negatives make a positive. That’s kewl!

    “Markus, sometimes the cards don’t tell us what we what to know. Rather, they tell us what we NEED to know. Markus, looking at the two cards you’ve chosen, I’d venture to say that you’re having struggle with making up your mind and you’re not sure which direction to take.
    Making dreams realities comes easier to some and difficult to others.
    Given that the Hermit has appeared, you’ll have to do your homework regardless of the path(s) you choose. Additionally, the twin mountain peaks in the background may indicate you have two choices, but you’re (the Hermit) not looking at them from where you are. You’re staring into the abyss. You need to focus. Look around. The Seven of Wands; Markus, the Seven of Wands is a card of struggle, choices. The struggle seems to be within you. However, being on a dragon, you are a dragon rider. A flying, fire breathing, spear wielding dragon rider VS foot soldiers. You have the advantage.

    Number wise, the 9 of the Hermit indicates to me that you’re almost there.
    The seven is a risk taking number, a gamblers’ number and a number of options and of course struggle. You have many options/avenues to explore and you will have to take chances. 9+7=16=1+6=7 So, Markus, we’re right back to seven; struggling with choices and risk taking. The 7 and 9 are both negative numbers. BUT two negatives make a positive.

    Markus, your target market may very well be found in the realms of children’s books, fantasy & fiction, graphic novels, the fashion industry, or even the company you work for. Have you considered creating pixie pictures focusing on the items of your employer sells and submitting them to the suit and tie people. S&M Pixies with dildos… Probably not the best choice, considering the niche market.
    Moving on…

    Have you considered getting a Kickstarter Account and designing a pixie themed tarot deck or a children’s book. The LGBT Community is another option. They will either love you and your work, as depicted by a salute of spears. Or they will hate you and the spears become weapons of attack. In which case you better hope that dragon flies like rocket-powered X-15.

    Markus, the beauty of working a night shift is that you have the days to explore, seek and make contacts.

    Markus, you have a great gift that should be shared. Likened to the Hermit in the card, you have the light (the desire) you’re just not looking in other directions to see what’s available to you. Gather your shield (you’re belief in yourself) and your spear of destiny, mount your dragon and ride. In short, get off your ass and do something positive.

    Fortune favors the bold, but don’t quit your night job just yet.”

    1. Hi Rahl,
      I really love how you did this as a dialogue, describing the whole reading. Thanks for adding your wonderful observations and interpretation here!
      Kate (daily tarot girl)

  5. The Hermit, His inner and Higher I am Presence, is waiting for the knock on the door of truth of his Divine Destiny. Meditation is calling him to Open that door, Ask, seek through the Lite he has within himself, and the answers will flow. As far as the sex Shop And the Seven of Wands It is he, who is with battle within himself. Ascending means having the courage to fight the good fight and never give in or up for the calling comples the answer. Choice is waiting. For the Great Creative Force of the Universe wants his Light beings, to stand up and fight. For when one light bearer climbs Higher, toward their Divine purpose in life, those behind will have the courage do the same. Victory always waits along the road for every one of us. It is our choice to Choose.

  6. Hi
    Both of these cards suggest to me the need to take a step back and re-focus on what he actually wants to achieve and the necessary steps he needs to take to get there. The Hermit often comes up as a guide or mentor figure so I would say that there is an organisation or more experienced individual out there who can perhaps offer him some practical assistance on the best way to go about it. The 7 of Wands indicates he has got the necessary talent and feels passionate about what he does but likely to be struggling with ways to generate a regular income from it. I would say he needs to focus on the best ways to market & exhibit his work and also whether he can meet any future demands to produce more bearing in mind he already has a job working nights and needs to be careful not to take on too much. It seems the area he is hoping to break into is highly competitive so he needs his work to stand out as different and I feel he may have to consider changing his style by producing more provocative, dramatic images or finding a niche market in order to generate more income.

  7. Take some extra time alone to work on your art, and do some tuning in to your inner vision. The hermit seeks inner vision through solitude. You have the answers you seek. . . And scheduling some extra focused work time will help you take some steps towards your goal. The seven of wands indicates that you’re well along in your process, but not quite at the payoff stage. Protect your process and keep at it. Patience and small calculated actions that move you towards your dream are what you need right now. So schedule in the extra time, and answer this, what’s one small thing you can do this week to advance along towards your goal of being a full time artist? Do the work, then next week, ask yourself the same question.
    Not a glamorous revelation, but introspection, perseverance and baby steps are ingredients for success!

    Great exercise, and as is so often the case, great advice for myself!

  8. I am really enjoying reading through these interpretations! Lots of wisdom and good advice here 🙂
    Thank you so much to everyone who has posted their readings so far.


  9. You have a rich inner life that feeds your creativity and gives it a style that is uniquely yours. If you want to support yourself with your art you need to start focusing on that pesky marketplace. Be creative with the canvas you use for your art. What sells? Greeting cards and coffee mugs for example. The public isn’t against you it’s just indifferent. So leave your comfortable world and get out there and network. Find out how its done in the world of commerce.

  10. Kate, Kate, Kate…smh, *sigh*:

    Hi, Markus! So you stock sex toys, and there’s a bunch of “Rods” coming at you. No wonder you’re feeling anal over this art thing! And hey, that’s a mighty impressive “dragon” you got there, ;).

    Okay, jokes aside, your pixies and nymphs are waiting for you to go on the offensive. But that does not mean to become confrontational. The Seven of Wands is merely encouraging you to take action, that is, a more active approach to your art. I think because your art and your dream of doing it full time is so personal, it’s easy to become defensive about it, OR that you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things and choices to consider when going into business for yourself, or how to actually get started.

    The Hermit is inviting you to examine your options and to face the reality within yourself. What is it that you really want out of selling your art? Who are you selling to/where are you selling- locally, online, women over 50 with a bunch of Fairy figurines? What have I done, or can I do to establish or grow my business? etc. Now based on your question, I’m guessing you have taken some steps already to become more financially successful, so not all of the following things may apply. But here are some ideas for you if you haven’t tried or considered them already:

    Start a website or Brand page/Share on Social Media– This isn’t as scary as it sounds. You’ll just want assess what your needs/wants are, and figure out what is the best fit for you. Do you need/want a full service website, or would a dedicated Facebook page work? Are you going to blog, or share new creations regularly? Determining what you want and need out of it will help build your business up. Some platforms to consider: DevianArt, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube

    *There are a TON of excellent resources on this stuff online, many for free! Your search engine will be your new best friend.

    Sell at a Local Craft Fair/Famer’s Market– Be ready to hand out your email, website/branding page info. to potential and paying customers, so they can find you, follow you, and refer others. Also, you’ll want to engage the people who pass your booth by and find a way to connect with them, rather than just sitting behind the desk quietly. You could try working on some art at the venue itself, or show pictures of you creating a painting, so people can see your process. Or maybe offer to do a pixie-themed portrait for people if they spend a certain dollar amount.

    Market to & Sell in Local Shops– There may be a local used bookstore, craft store, picture frame store, metaphysical shop, etc. willing to let you sell your art through them. Just ask, and see what they might want in return. It may prove to be mutually beneficial. And your artwork could be used for posters, cards, or other things to appeal to people.

    Find a Main, Art-related Job– I’m not suggesting that you should just quit your current job, but it may be worth looking into working or volunteering in a gallery, art or gift shop, at a fair, for either more exposure or better understanding on how to improve your own business.

    You may also want to consider turning your art business into a rewarding sideline until you’re ready to make the shift to full-time. The point of all this is that you’re going to have to market yourself. You can indeed “pimp yourself” in a positive way. Again, there are many resources on the internet (and at the library!)

    We can’t be rock stars without doing the work first. You’re going to have to look within yourself and do some soul-searching first, so that you can get focused, and take charge on the path to growing your business financially. You see the lantern The Hermit is holding?The answer is within you.. Now you can meditate on this, paint your feelings, go for a walk, journal on it, etc. But first, you have to turn to yourself and ask. Good luck with you endeavors, buddy! n_n

    1. Wonderful advice and suggestions, as usual, Chani! And you even threw in a few sex toy puns….you just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

  11. According to the cards given, I think that first of all he might need to spend some time alone and reorganise his ideas and what he wants to do with his life. He might need to take sometime off and find other ways and options and how to sell his art and be have a proper thought if it is financially viable. The second card is about protecting his ideas, his dreams and be persistent on achieving what he really think is the best option for him.
    Great exercise Kate. Kind regards

  12. Thank you Kate for sharing this.

    Through these two cards, I see the need for Markus to quiet his mind. At this moment I feel he is worried & in dilemma. This is the phase of introspection. He needs to understand his strength & weakness. He needs to find his opportunities & work on it rather than cribbing or complaining. The path to achieve success that is to gain financial success/ abundance through his artistic work might not be easy. In fact he might face a great deal of competition however he is comes to the field ready knowing his strength & weakness well & work well on his strength, eventually he will find success.

    So, I would suggest him to quiet his mind & do a SWOT analysis & gradually persue his passion but with much preparation. He will be successful in this way.

  13. well firstly i would say he needs to start focusing on his art and try to not get down when things dont take off at the beginning, also he needs to come out of his shell a bit more . next he is still fighting his ambition with reality and although he will eventually win this battle it will be one that takes time at first. He has to believe in himself more otherwise the battle will be lost before it begins.

  14. I was immediately struck by the idea that the Hermit is staring intently at his light. He sees his gift, he knows his goal, yet he’s afraid to begin his descent off the cliff he’s sitting so comfortably on. The angry protesters at the bottom of the Seven of Wands remind me of all of the naysayers (however well-meaning they can be) that we frequently interact with in our lives. I think this combination of cards is telling him that he needs to block out all of those thoughts about what he “logically” can and cannot do, stop listening to people who don’t see the beauty of his gift, and don’t believe it when people tell him that he can’t live out his dream. It may be that some of his closest friends and family don’t even get what he wants to do, or why he wants to do it, but since the Hermit is of the Major Arcana, I think it’s telling him to let his own spirit be the loudest voice right now.

    1. Sorry, I mean to add more….

      To answer his question, I would advise him to take some time to himself, away from the negativity (for lack of a better word), and focus solely on what he wants so that he can set it all into motion. If he can shift his focus from his doubts to his craft, he will be much more likely to actually create more art and take the practical steps he needs to in order to make it profitable. It’s all about making ROOM in your life for what’s important to you.

  15. In The Hermit, I see Markus sitting isolated from the art-marketplace, hoping that his talent/lamp will attract commercial attention. I also think he might be a little bit afraid–perhaps insecure? perhaps lacking confidence in his ability to compete in the marketplace?–but that’s what the Seven of Wands is telling him to do. Markus needs to get off the mountaintop and out into the marketplace-fray, bring his best work and his best affirmative attitude, and COMPETE for all he’s worth to get to where he wants to be.

    Or something like that. LOL.

  16. What a great exercise Kate! I’m not familiar with this Tarot deck, but I will use the techniques you suggest such as focusing on the imagery and the connection between the cards. What strikes me about both cards is that they are “higher up.” It seems like going within (the Hermit) can help the warrior in card 7. gain some perspective and have a point of advantage. It’s almost like the fairy-hermit is advising the 7 of wands on how to play his next move. Also, I’m getting something –using Kate weekly-tarot -reading language here…. 🙂 about how his work is inspired by his connection to the divine. It seems like working from a place of divinie inspiration and reevaluating his goals/aspirations will help him to win that battle that is featured in the 7 wands which seems a battle “against” himself and his doubts as well as the battle for a successful career. Given his mighty dragon (!), his position and energy, there is potential there to be successful if he believes in himself and aligns himself with his higher energies.
    That’s my 2 cents. It will be great to read how others read the cards.

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