Sexy Tarot: The Fool

With a little help from my evil twin Veronica, this blog series aims to answer the two burning questions that are probably on every Tarot enthusiasts mind:
1) If this Tarot card were a person, what would they be like in bed?
2) What advice does this card have for you about your sex life?

The Fool

Rider Waite Tarot, Published by US Games Systems, Inc.

The Fool is both moronic and deliciously refreshing! He approaches life (and sex) with an adventurous fearlessness which kind of makes him an idiot – but in a hot way.

What would The Fool be like in bed? Let me put it this way…

Have you ever had sex with someone who always does the exact same thing, in the exact same way, over and over again, never deviating from the monotonous routine? Someone who balks at the suggestion of trying something new?

The Fool is the exact opposite of that!

The Fool embraces sexual adventures and isn’t scared of being vulnerable or looking stupid. In other words, he doesn’t live in fear of losing his boner or feel like a twit when he’s role playing in a cheesy pirate costume. Life is too short to be sexually self conscious!

Despite past rejections and mishaps, The Fool remains open, flexible and optimistic, both emotionally and sexually. This is a dude who is not afraid of taking big risks in the boudoir, whether he’s confessing his most bizarre kink or holding eye contact for longer than two seconds.

And did I mention he’s up for anything? He’s like an ardent (and sometimes naive) tourist in Sexytown, yearning to see all the sights and become fluent in the language of lust. Basically, he’s someone you’re gonna wanna bang.

Guess what? The Fool has some valuable advice for you:

He says stop being so uptight in bed – let your hair down and let go of inhibitions. Ignore your fear of having your partner laugh at your weird sex fantasies. So what?!!

Be willing to take some erotic risks. Yes, sometimes you end up with a scraped knee, a broken heart and/or genital herpes. That’s life. Get over it.

Like a horny Columbus on the high seas of eroticism, be willing to explore, embark on sexy adventures and discover new things about yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Tune in next week when I reveal the oozing charisma of The Magician!

20 thoughts on “Sexy Tarot: The Fool”

  1. This is so different Kate! Shall never look at the cards again in the same old way l did… This will run through my mind for sureπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Looking forward to the rest of the cards!!

  2. Can’t wait till next week when the magician uses all his tart tools. Do you think the wand will be cordless?

  3. How funny, love the twist on this!! You’re cracking me up girlfriend! With all the seriousness going on and tense energies, I’m glad you decided to do something fun and lighthearted! Veronica your twin needs to come out more often, she’s a hoot! πŸ˜‰ Get it guuurrrll!! lmao

  4. I must admit, the title of your Email caught my attention.

    However, I have had the honor and pleasure of participating in one of your free Tarot Webinars, and gave one of my favorite people on the Planet your Tarot Journal, one year, as a Birthday gift.

    Also, you and I both love Tarot and cats, so, of course, I knew I would enjoy what you offer the world.

    This series is fantastic! Also, I love that you are going through the entire Tarot Deck, regarding sex and sexuality. I acknowledge that I would only think of the Pentacles regarding sex and sexuality, but so glad you are opening my mind to other possibilities.

    I look forward to diving in to this ongoing series over and over again. And so nice to reconnect with your evil twin, Veronica, too (smile).

    Thank you for all you do for and give to so many. May the Universe continue to Bless you and yours with Peace, Health, and Plenty.

  5. Oh, Kate, this was so funny, I snorted coffee through my nose! What a hilarious way to start the week. I really needed the laughs! And the wisdom! Thanks very much!

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