Tarot Reading for Aug 17 – 23

I decided to kick it old school for this week’s reading, using the Universal Waite Tarot…

Warning: I start off this reading with a long, boring story about my failed low carb diet.

Have a good week 🙂

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8 Responses to Tarot Reading for Aug 17 – 23

  1. Jean Chaney says:

    I have been on a low carb way of eating for over three years because of health issues that required the change. It isn’t easy to get used to but there are loads of wonderful recipes that make it less daunting. If you have no medical reason to stop carbs then why do so? Always good to cut back but ditching the junk food will do wonders for you as well. Good luck and I always enjoy the readings.

    • Thanks for commenting, Jean 🙂 I am trying to slim down a bit, which is why I was cutting back on carbs. I think just cutting out the refined carbs and sugar is probably a better approach for me rather than going no-carb though. Glad you enjoyed the reading ♥

  2. simplysharon says:

    Hi Kate. 1) when I started drinking fruit/veggie smoothies I lost weight – when I quit, I gained it back. I think you have the best idea. Balance. Don’t deprive yourself of what you enjoy, maybe cut back but not out.
    2) 5oS – two ways I first view this – do I first notice the 2 people in the b/g, or the person in the foreground? I can relate to this card in two ways for myself this week. a) At home, we are having some property survey work done – (us in the background) whatever the survey company comes up with (the guy in the foreground with the tools) determines if we can build or not, or where, or how big, etc. At this point, there’s nothing we can do until we get this info, except wait. b) At work, there’s one person holding more tools than he/she can use because his/her hands are too full, while others have tools they lay down b/c they don’t want to do their job(s) and no-one holds them accountable. OR, is the person in the foreground acting like he/she is the boss when he/she isn’t, – and management not holding the “bossy” person accountable. There’s no “I” in TEAM, and the person in the foreground wants to be “I” – more important – hard to have a team when there’s only “I.”

  3. Debbie says:

    Kate, The way I have had the most success loosing weight it to count calories. Try to aim for 1200 calories a day and try to go walking every day. try to get those 10,000 steps in a
    every day.When you count calories you can still eat everything you want just not a lot of it. And once a week allow yourself to eat whatever you want… It worked for me and stay away from the wine that will defiantly pack the pounds on …

    • Thanks Debbie. I HATE calorie counting, lol! my personal opinion is that it doesn’t work (but I’m glad it did work for you). I’ve ramped up my workouts to an hour of intense kickboxing and weight lifting and cut out sugar and junky carbs, so I’ll see if that works. I just have to be patient and not expect results in one week.

  4. Marie Nicole says:

    Hi Kate –

    I’ve also struggled with the Five of Swords: is it not being transparent with myself, with others, or a third party not being transparent with me? Too often, I’ve put myself into the “hot seat” or I’ve waited to see what event would trigger a feeling of defeat. Not an easy situation.

    Your suggestion of going back to the blackboard is a kinder approach, less antagonistic than the literal picture offered by the Five of Swords. Going back to the blackboard would be also aligned with the interpretation of learning to pick our “battles,” whether with ourselves or others, in order to find a solution or a middle ground. Currently having too many irons in the fire (home – work – etc.) could also bring this feeling of defeat and the need to go back to the blackboard!

    I appreciate the food for thought about this card.

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