Start Keeping Secrets

Meet my evil, Tarot reading twin Veronica! Feeling lost? In need of some good advice? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Veronica loves nothing more than telling other people how to live (and ruin) their lives in spectacular fashion. So take her advice. If you dare…

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake

It’s high time you stopped advertising your thoughts, feelings and future plans and start building a little bit of mystery around yourself…by shutting the fuck up!

The High Priestess tells you to be a little more secretive.

Don’t feel compelled to share every little detail about your weekend plans with the whole world. And not just because no one gives a shit. Because it makes you seem more interesting…and sexy.

Think about it. What you don’t reveal, others will wonder about. They may even project their own lurid ideas onto your blank spaces.

This weekend, be tight lipped about your plans to go grocery shopping and clean the mould out of your window sills. If you’re lucky, your co-workers will suspect you’re planning a spectacular orgy or something of that ilk.

Not everything about you needs to be known. Just reveal a few fascinating tid bits and stop there – don’t go all the way. Like a stripper that only takes off their shoes and gloves. Leave them thirsting for more!!!

9 thoughts on “Start Keeping Secrets”

  1. The High Priestess is also a virgin, a spinster even as portreyed in the Jane Austen Tarot. So her plans for an orgy will be questionable for tarot conneseurs.However she is secret able, just how you well said. So I hope she does hold an essential secret not just keeps a secret by keeping secret about nothing.

  2. Love Veronica and her way with words.

    This post cracked me up because last weekend I went out boating and wound up at the strip club with a bunch of friends. My inner stripper came out along with the top layer of my clothes with the help of some vodka. (The bikini stayed on) I allowed my alter ego to have some serious wild fun without limitations….. I got three warnings to get off the pole in the back for private dances or I was getting kicked out of the club.

    I now discovered I need a pole in my house! So much fun!!!

  3. Right on Veronica! Leave something for the imagination and make them wonder what you’re up too! haha! 😉
    We don’t always have to be an open book or an external processor. I’m more of an internal processor anyways, but I do like to give people a taste of what I’m up too every once in a while.

  4. Veronica!
    You’re so right! Less said, better it is … leave it to people’s imagination!

    Years ago, I left for Paris, France on Friday afternoon (last minute, last seat on a chartered plane, cheap ticket) and came back on Sunday afternoon the same weekend!
    Had the time of my life — boyfriend working in Paris at the time. Kept my mouth shut on Monday morning and had a large grin!

    Note: I used my intuition to zero in on a travel agency to find that last minute ticket. Wow, did it work!!

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