Tarot Reading for Aug 10 – 16

For this week’s reading, I’m using my favorite Tarot deck – the Everyday Witch Tarot

Have a good week ♥

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1 Response to Tarot Reading for Aug 10 – 16

  1. Marie Nicole says:

    Hi Kate – As you underlined, the first 2 cards would represent relationships in terms of friendships & family ties. Usually, the Five of Pentacles pinpoints a financial lack.
    However, in this deck, the Witch and her companion seemed to be determined to follow their inner compass (lantern), going beyond the traditional wealth and comfort of the home.
    I see the 2 first cards as a platform from which we can now move outside of our zone of comfort, knowing that we always have a ‘home’ to go back to. Solitude and daydreaming (Fridays from Veronica) for the weekend may be the way to go! Time for a self-check …

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