Tarot Reading for Aug 30 – Sept 5

We’re at the end of August already! Whew! That went fast. I’m reading with Ethony Dawn’s Modern Love Tarot for this reading….

Have a good week ♥

1 thought on “Tarot Reading for Aug 30 – Sept 5”

  1. Hi Kate!
    I looked at the deck from a color standpoint: blue/red (3 of cups); orange/blue (8 of cups), and silver/white, black (Ace of cups). The thread appears to be the subconscious (blue), a challenge (orange) and finally unity between yin & yang (blue/white/black). So, the week is probably to learn to celebrate even among the challenges our mind creates in order to move forward while in harmony with our subconscious.
    I’m ending up with a similar reading as yours but using colors!

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