The High Priestess – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 3 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The High Priestess – perhaps the most mysterious and secretive card in your Tarot deck!

You might have already seen this video because I originally uploaded it way back in February 2021. After making this video I felt inspired to do a whole series – it just took me 7 months to get my shit together!

Have your pen and notebook handy, grab yourself a bevy and get comfy….

The book I mention in this video is Tarot for Transformation by Andy Matzner (a great Tarot book full of journal prompts and Tarot wisdom – I highly recommend it!)


Intuition, dreams, inner mysteries, psychic realms, the subconscious & unconscious, cycles, secrets.


The veil of pomegranates, the ocean/water, moon, scroll.

The dark side of The High Priestess

Destructive secrets, hiding something, gate keeping as a form of power (not protection).


1. The Subconscious

The High Priestess guards the gateway to the subconscious/unconscious – our mysterious, hidden realms that even we don’t fully understand. Dreams, hypnosis, automatic writing, meditation and shamanic journeying are all are ways to access the subconscious parts of ourselves.

Journalling question:

♥ What methods help me tap into the hidden realms of my mind?


2. Intuition

The High Priestess reminds us to honour our intuition, as it is the voice of the soul! Our intuition connects us to our inner wisdom and to the unseen realms of energy and spirit – when we honour our intuition, we move through the world with more ease and purpose.

Journalling questions:

♥ What is my relationship with my intuition like?

♥ How can I honour my intuition more in daily life?


3. Cycles & Rhythms

The moon, the seasons, the menstrual cycle, night and day, birth and death – everything is cyclical, everything has a rhythm to it. The High Priestess wisely reminds us that trying to fight the natural cycles and rhythms will result in imbalances being created, and she encourages us to honour our rhythms whenever we can.

Journalling questions:

♥ What cycles and rhythms can I identify in my life?

♥ How can I better honour my natural energy cycles?


The Wisdom of The High Priestess

The High Priestess reminds you that there is more to you than you think! Your intuition is the key that will unlock the secrets of your soul and unconscious self and by honouring our natural cycles and rhythms, we can tap into our true power.


Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The High Priestess? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Empress – the languid, sultry queen of the garden!

6 thoughts on “The High Priestess – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive”

  1. Hi Kate,
    I really liked this video, and it gave a lot of great insights into the High Priestess. One of my friends once told me that the High Priestess card in your favourite deck is supposed to look like you! I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but my favored deck is the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake, and I do have long dark hair and wear a lot of black, so it was kind of true for me. What do you think about this?
    As much as I try to ignore my intuition sometimes, it won’t let me! I feel as though I have a really strong intuition and it has definitely saved me from some bad situations, but I need to listen to it more. I feel like I could probably honour my intuition more in my daily life by perhaps giving thanks for the little things that it does to get me through my day; like deciding to catch an earlier bus to work or ignoring messages from a particular person (if you know what I mean). Maybe I’ll treat myself to a nice herbal bath, and let my inner High Priestess enjoy some luxury.

  2. Hi Kate,
    This video was not only insightful about the High Priestess, but about myself. I’ve been a strong believer in intuition for a long time. I’ve learned it is never wrong, even if I may not know what to do about it. I had to give some thought to intuition vs. instinct after pondering intuition. I’m not sure how I move from conscious to subconscious, but I think deep relaxation, daydreaming and music may play a part for me. I’m pretty good at being aware of the natural rhythms of life as I deeply love and enjoy being in nature and have lived long enough to know the rhythms of the cycle of family.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Thank you Kate for introducing this series.
    I haven’t worked with my cards in quite a long time so this is an awesome way for me to reconnect. My personal deck is the Cosmic Tarot which is my first deck that actually chose me. The High Priestess of this deck seems to strongly communicate with me and provides an insight on the deck’s energy at that particular time. I have 8 tarot decks and mainly work with 4. This morning, while following your video, I had the High Priestess cards from the Cosmic, Rider-Waite, 3D Tarot and The Witches tarot to compare the key symbols of each card. Very interesting. Looking forward to your next video and will now go back and watch the first 2

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