July 2012

Daily Tarot Reading for Thursday ~ Five of Water

osho zen tarot
Osho Zen Tarot

This card is from the Osho Zen Tarot to remind us that we all find ourselves clinging to the past from time to time. However, sometimes we do this subconsciously without really realizing how we are creating unhappiness for ourselves.

Today you will have the chance to catch yourself doing this and to really question your mind and its silly behavior. You might catch yourself re-hashing a conversation you had with someone or feeling vexed about some old disagreement or wrongdoing.

You may be able to laugh at your mind or ego, especially when you realize it is creating stress for you when in reality, there is nothing to get upset about. It’s in the past!

Today, pay special attention to how often you think about the past and ask yourself why. Do you have unfinished business? If so, what can you do today so that you can move forward in your life? When we cling to the past we miss out on the present moment – which is where all the awesomeness is!!!

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Daily Tarot Reading for Wednesday ~ Guidance (Three of Rainbows)

osho zen tarot guidance
Osho Zen Tarot ~ Three of Rainbows (Guidance)

Today’s card is Three of Rainbows (Guidance) from the Osho Zen Tarot. Wherever we are and no matter what we are doing, we always have access to higher guidance. Whether it is our higher self, angels, spirit guides, god or goddess, we can tap into that guidance whenever we feel the need for support and wisdom.

This card has come up because you have been receiving guidance recently and at the time you may have wondered if it was your imagination. Perhaps you felt a calm, loving presence in the room or heard a voice or saw an image that held significance to you. These are all signs for you, letting you know that you can call on your guides/angels anytime.

Hands on healing such as Reiki, Healing Touch or other forms of healing come to mind with this card and I feel like the overall message is that when we engage in healing we have an easier time hearing guidance from the other realms.

Exercise: Try channeling healing energy on yourself by placing your hands on your belly, thighs or head. Close your eyes and breath deeply. Imagine that you are drawing white light down through the crown of your head into your body and out through your hands. Place your awareness in your hands and notice how they begin to heat up. Do this for a couple of minutes and then notice how you feel afterwards.

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Daily Tarot Reading for Tuesday ~ Knight of Cups

knight of cups fenestra tarot
The Knight of Cups from The Fenestra Tarot

The Knight of Cups rides in to inspire you to listen to your soul’s yearnings and follow you dreams.

This Knight holds his desire and vision in high regard, despite what those around him might think. He lets his intuition, gut feelings and emotions guide him on his journey, while his intellect takes a back seat.

I feel like this card speaks most strongly to those who are creatively inclined – whether you are a visual artist, writer, actor, dancer, singer or musician.

The message is to keep going where your interests lead you and don’t forget to feed your creativity by doing things that inspire you to create. Visit an art gallery this week, go to a movie and write a review of it or dance like a crazy person to some new music – whatever gets your creative energies flowing!

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Daily Oracle Card Reading for Monday ~ Milky Way

Milky Way Earth Magic Oracle
Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer

The message of today’s card is to step back and look at things from a larger perspective.

When you look up at the night sky and see how huge the universe is, it is hard not to feel insignificant. But I feel that what this card is saying is you should not feel insignificant, but your problems should.

Tonight, look up at the stars above you (unless you live in a perpetually cloudy place, like me!) and feel the relief that comes with realizing how unimportant your problems are in the greater scheme of things.

The message I got when meditating on this card was this: everything is temporary, in constant flux, and we are all connected. Things are constantly being created and destroyed, but we are all one, all the time. We all have an important role to play. We are all a divine piece of this universe. The more aligned we are with the present moment, the more high quality our work will be.

Have a beautiful Monday!


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