July 2012

Eight of Wands ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Tuesday

eight of wands tarot card
Tarot of a Moon Garden

Things are happening at lightning speed and it’s important to go with the flow and stay centered so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s an exciting time for you right now!

The Eight of Staffs, or Eight of Wands in other Tarot decks is the perfect card to pull if you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life. Things are finally moving forward, plans are unfolding and it’s really happening.

When you send your intentions out into the Universe, they will eventually come back in the form of chance meetings, opportunities, offers and ideas. Don’t ever think for a moment that setting an intention and reminding yourself of it daily is a waste of time – it isn’t!!!!

If you have a goal that you want to bring to fruition, try using creative visualization. Spend a few minutes each day visualizing your goal and feeling what it would be like to have achieved it. This causes you to project energy out into the universe, helping you manifest your vision.

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The World Tarot Card ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Monday

the world tarot card meaning
Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

The card that I drew for today, Monday, is The World tarot card. Oneness, connection and completion are the themes of this card and I feel like this will also be the theme for the entire week.

Today it will be important to notice how we are connected to all of existence. It is common to go through the day feeling very separate and cut off from others and from life in general. But The World tarot card comes as a reminder that this is not true – it is only how we may choose to experience things.

In order to feel more connected and at one with the world, get into a feeling state of love for yourself, your surroundings and the planet as a whole. I found this Oneness website that really helps me do just that. This is a really wonderful way to start each day!

The other message I got with this card is that we are quickly approaching the end of a cycle and getting ready to begin a new one. Approach this with a sense of calm, peacefulness and celebration – enjoy all the new challenges that this has to offer and let yourself fantasize and dream about the kind of world you want to live in. Everything starts with a vision!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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Daily Oracle Card Reading for Sat & Sun ~ Positve Change

ascended masters oracle cards by doreen virtue
Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

The Goddess Paravati appears to us this weekend bringing us the message of “Positive Change”.

This daily oracle card reading is an indicator that positive change is occurring in your life right now. Change is always happening, but right now it is for the better, even if it may not be that obvious right now.

If you don’t feel like this is accurate for you at the moment, this card is reminding you that you have the power to make positive change. You don’t have to sit around and wait for the world around you to change – you can change, anytime you want to!

Ask yourself: If I could change ONE thing about my life right now, what would it be? What can I do TODAY that will help me in making this change?

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Six of Pentacles ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Friday!

six of pentacles new palladini tarot
The New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini

Today’s daily tarot reading turns up the Six of Pentacles, which brings a message of balance, equality and the importance of generosity.

I have the feeling that most people reading this are very good at showing generosity to others and wouldn’t hesitate to help a friend in need. But how do you feel about accepting help from others? What about accepting compliments?

Today is all about graciously accepting help and kindness from others. You know how good it feels to do something nice for someone, so do someone the favor of letting them do something nice for you!

On a different note, I feel that the Six of Pentacles speaks of the need to balance finances. Don’t be reckless with your spending this weekend and make sure that your inflow and outflow of money is nicely balanced.

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Listening ~ Daily Tarot Card Reading for Thursday

self care cards by cheryl richardson
Self Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s daily tarot card reading is all about taking the time to listen – both to others and our own “inner” voice.

If you are trying to make a decision right now, listen to the voice of your higher self. Take a few minutes to be still and quiet and tune into your body. Is it trying to tell you something?

In interactions with others today, practice listening more than speaking. Instead of trying hard to get your point across, try to really hear what is behind what the other person is saying. Are they speaking from a place of fear, insecurity or perhaps they just have a strong desire to be understood. When you shift from hearing what someone is saying to what is really behind what they are saying, you will be able to communicate and connect to them on a very deep level.

You can even extend this concept to yourself and ask yourself what is behind your worries, fears, desires, and incessant thoughts. Take the time to really listen to yourself today!

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Daily Tarot Reading for Wednesday ~ Ten of Cups

new palladini tarot ten of cups
The New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini

Today’s card, the Ten of Cups is a happy card carrying the message that joy and emotional fulfillment can be a reality for you and not just some far off dream.

However, the rainbow symbolizes things that look great from afar. The rainbow is elusive, and if you try to find its exact location you will be searching forever. Happiness and fulfillment are very similar. The more you chase after happiness, the more it will elude you. If you tell yourself that “happiness” is something in the distance that will only be yours once certain criteria are met, you will be forever pining after it.

Happiness is not something outside of you – it is you! And it is available here and now for you, regardless of whether or not you life is “ideal” and perfect. The belief that something outside yourself will make you emotionally fulfilled is an illusion. Its wonderful to have dreams and goals, but they alone will not bring you joy and fulfillment – only you can do that for yourself.

So the two main messages I got with this card was this:

1) We need to see beyond the illusion that being happy and whole is this future event that we can only dream about. We can become whole and happy this instant and begin living our joy.

2) Being whole and joyful is related to our body(actions), mind(thoughts) and spirit(feelings) being in alignment. When your actions, thoughts and feelings are all on the same page, our lives are able to flow freely and blissfully.

Throughout your day today, pay attention to what thoughts are running through your mind, how you are feeling and what you are doing – are they in alignment or are they frequently conflicted?

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Winged Wise Ones ~ Daily Oracle Card Reading for Tuesday

wisdom of the hidden realms colette baron reid
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

The message of The Winged Wise Ones is “angelic help, miraculous aid”, reassuring us that we are never alone and that we can call on our angels for help when we need it. This is similar to the message in last Wednesdays reading.

If you believe that there is an unseen spirit world assisting us, today is a great time to try to contact and communicate with your angels/guides. You don’t have to wait until you are in crisis to do so, for it can be very uplifting to connect to your angels on a good day, just for the sake of it.

The more often you connect to this unseen realm, the easier and more natural it feels. There are many ways you can do this, but this is my favorite method:

1) Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Become aware of your breathing and how your body feels.

2) Intend to make contact with your guardian angels (or spirit guides or higher self, however you like to think of it).

3) Focus your attention on your chest/heart center and feel its energy expanding outward to meet your angel/guide. Ask your angel for a sign that you have made contact and ask if they have any message for you. Sit quietly for a few moments to see if any new sensation or idea comes to you.

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Page of Pentacles ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Monday

crystal visions tarot page of pentacles
Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

Monday’s card, Page of Pentacles, comes to us from the Crystal Visions Tarot Deck, reminding us that we are on the right path, but there is still much we need to learn in our chosen field.

This Page is all about study, learning and apprenticeship, but it refers to both formal and informal study. If you have been thinking about switching careers or branching out and trying something new, it means that studying this new information and learning new skills will be an important step for you.

Take action toward your goals today by looking into courses, programs or teachers that could help you along your new path. Or even start by getting a book on your chosen subject/field and begin doing your own research.

Make sure whatever you are investing your time, money and energy in is something that brings you joy and really captivates your interest. The process of learning should be just as exciting as your idea of this new career. Don’t waste time studying something that holds little interest for you just for the sake of getting a “good” job after.

Enjoy the journey, not just the fantasy of the destination!

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Daily Tarot Reading for Sat & Sun ~ Ace of Wands

fenestra tarot ace of wands
Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya

This weekend will be all about ceasing opportunities as they arise – particularly opportunities for taking action in a creative, passionate way.

The Ace of Wands is a symbol of fertility – of being open to the flow of ideas and creative energy and having the inspiration and drive to create something new.

A new beginning is on the horizon and this will become clear over the weekend and early next week. You are beginning a new phase and will have access to new energies and guidance.

Ask yourself what you feel most excited about right now? What kinds of topics seem to give you limitless energy? This is where you will want to be investing your energy at this time. When a new opportunity arises, ask yourself those questions. Does the opportunity excite you? Do you feel energized at the though of it? If so, you will know you are on the right path!

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Daily Oracle Reading for Friday ~ Freedom (Hina)

Ascended Masters Oracle Doreen Virtue
Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This Friday is all about embracing Freedom!    If you were free to do whatever you wanted today and nothing could stop you, what would you do?

Hina, the Goddess on this card, challenges you to truly appreciate your freedom in its many forms. Often we live with the illusion that we are trapped inside our lives and have to do things out of a certain sense of duty. Hina calls bullshit!

Hina is here to remind you that you have the freedom to create change in your life and to manifest what you truly desire. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, you too are a powerful goddess like Hina and can strut about doing whatever the hell you want. The only difference is that you have forgotten this aspect of yourself. So close your eyes right now and begin to remember…..

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