October 2015

Turning tricks and getting treats!

veronica 2

Veronica is my fun-loving evil twin. She spends her days swanning about her apartment, painting nude men and writing about Tarot. Her readings are blunt and tasteless…yet oddly helpful. Basically, she just wants to slap the crap out of you with her Tarot cards! Now let’s get to today’s reading…

Hezicos Tarot

Happy Halloween! Today’s card is The Devil – a very fitting card for this time of year!

The Devil is the most famous trickster of all – he’s always cutting bad deals and seductively whispering in your ear like a sleazy salesman.

He’s come up today because you are being tricked!

You think something will have a fabulous payout – like hard work – but it won’t.

Are you one of the many whose gotten caught up in the bullshit idea that if you work hard, save for retirement and ignore your dreams then you can stay safe and sound?

I don’t think you are….but sometimes the lure of cubicle work, blockbuster movies and microwaved dinners can be strangely seductive. But it’s a trick…with no treat.

Or are you one of the unfortunates who think if I’m not a bitch, people will like me?

Well, they won’t! I know because I’ve tried it. They will still reject you. So be a bitch. Don’t put safety first.

And don’t get hypnotized by sparkly danglies like low-interest credit cards, pensions or status upgrades – these things will enslave you and slowly eat your soul, or something like that!

Halloween Special!(1)

Oracle Card Reading for Oct 26 – Nov 1

Can you believe October is almost over?! Better get out there and roll around in some leaves and eat some pumpkin flavored things before it’s Summer again.

For this reading I’m using my Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards (by Doreen Virtue) and here’s a fun fact: the background material is actually a skirt I used to wear when I belly danced in restaurants!

Please feel free to add your own insights and interpretations in the comments below 🙂
Have a beautiful week!!!

Halloween Special!(1)

When breaking the no-nudity policy is a must

veronica 2Veronica is my evil Tarot reading twin. When she isn’t writing for this blog she’s strutting about naked in semi public places (see below for details), traveling to exotic locales for fresh man meat and taking it easy on her black leather chaise lounger with a blood colored martini in hand! That’s right – she’s baaaad to the bone!

Here’s a true story that’s really tragic and sad….

I once went to a women’s only spa in London that had a no nudity rule. They even made me sign a form promising I would keep my bathing suit on.

I would have cried bloody murder but I’d just spend over an hour on the London underground, taking the most convoluted and confusing route ever.

But a spa with a no nudity policy? That’s like going to a restaurant and not being allowed to eat. Or like going to an art museum and not being allowed to touch any of the paintings. Absurd!

So with hate in my heart, I put my bathing suit on. But when I was in the darkened steam room and no one was around….I totally flashed my boob!

The Hierophant is about rules – stupid rules that only exist to control people and don’t actually serve any real purpose. But it is also about finding delicious and creative ways to break those rules and claim sovereignty.

What bullshit rules will you be breaking this weekend? Tell me all the deets in the comments below….

Halloween Special!(1)

Review of Duality Deck by Tanya Bond

The Duality Deck is a stunning, 26 card oracle deck, created by Tanya Bond. The deck comes in a lovely cloth pouch with a full-color companion booklet. Featuring girls faces on each card, some with animal companions, these cards are full of lush colors and beautiful images that will make your heart go pitter patter!


  • Gentle vibe and easy to read with
  • Gorgeous card backs
  • Beautiful artwork


  • Only 26 cards (I want more!!!)
  • Card stock is a bit thin

When I first unwrapped my Duality Deck I was so enchanted by the youthful, fresh, feminine vibe of these cards! You really have to see the video (above) to see what I mean. These cards feel playful, yet deep. Girlish, yet wise.

The cards have a glossy finish, are medium sized and are fairly flexible. They aren’t really thick cards, which I don’t mind since it makes them easier to shuffle and handle. But if you’re normally rough and violent with your cards, you will wear this deck out quickly. Treat it like a delicate flower and it will last.

The companion booklet is full color and larger than the typical little booklets that most decks come with, which is a real bonus if you have lousy eyes or just hate squinting.

In the companion booklet, there is a message/blurb for each card. I found the card messages to be wonderfully uplifting and helpful. However, I wish the symbolism in the cards were explained. I found myself wondering why particular images were chosen to represent particular concepts and most of all….what the red dots on the girl’s faces symbolized!

I have been using this deck for a few weeks now and I’m finding it a nice deck to use for my morning daily draws. The cards always feel comforting and it’s just a really nice way to start off the day.

But what’s different about this deck and what I LOVE about it is how much these cards seem to want to dialogue with me! If you’re thinking what the hell is dialoguing? let me tell you. Dialoguing is when you have an imaginary conversation with the figure on the card. It sounds a bit nuts, but hidden wisdom and new ideas are often uncovered this way.

And this deck is super easy to dialogue with because each girl on the card has a distinct and powerful personality. I feel like these girls just have so much to say and so much advice to give!

For example, just now I asked “how can I perk myself up?” (because I’ve been feeling super shitty today) and I got Focus. The girl on the Focus card looked right at me and was like “you need to focus on one task at a time instead of looking at the big picture! You have a bunch of reading to do for your course, now get to it and stop moping about!” Okay, I’m on it!

After spending some time with this deck I feel like I personally know all these girls, like they’re my friends, which kind of sounds creepy now that I’ve written it. I should probably get out more. But really, I feel like I know them now and that’s what really sets this deck apart from some of my others.

I’ve only used this deck for self readings, but I think it would make a fantastic deck for professional readings. I often draw an oracle card at the end of my Tarot readings, just to close the reading and give some parting advice and I think this deck would work beautifully for that due to it’s simplicity and gentleness.

However, I think this deck would be especially good for young people, particularly teen girls, who have an interest in oracle cards – even young kids, provided they aren’t destructive little monsters who mangle everything they can get their sticky mitts on.

Buy this deck if…

  • You are new to Oracle cards and want a deck that feels safe and gentle
  • You are looking for a unique gift for a teen (or for yourself!)
  • You’re looking for a fresh, feminine deck to add to your collection
  • The artwork resonates with you!

To purchase the Duality Deck:

Artist’s website

Etsy shop

Silence….the most beautiful sound of all?

veronica 2Veronica is my evil twin/alter ego and queen of Tarot. She loves breaking rules, saying “NO!” to those gross food samples at Costco and waking up at 10am on a Thursday knowing she’s got NOTHING on the agenda for the day! Here’s her take on the Four of Swords…

Housewives Tarot

Guess what time it is? Spa time!

You’ve been working your hands to the bone, burning the candle at both ends and maybe even smiling at people you hate and laughing at crap that’s not even funny, just to appear agreeable.

Time to nip that shit in the bud and start living life like it was meant to be lived…..Veronica style!

You’re in need of some serious downtime, where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the sound of people not talking.

You might need to leave your home to experience this – go to the spa or book a session in one of those infrared saunas. Nothing beats being totally naked and sweaty inside a hot box with psychedelic lighting and nature music.

Or, if you choose to stay home, draw the blinds, dim the lights, toss some sliced cukes on your eyeballs and enjoy the inward journey to YOU!

Tell me (in the comments below)…..how will you unwind and chill this weekend?

Interview with Carrie from Happy Fish Tarot

I can’t wait to share this interview with you!!! I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while – sit down with one of my favorite Tarot girls, Carrie from happyfishtarot.com.

We had a great chat about learning Tarot, Tarot coaching, favorite Tarot books and bunch of other cool stuff that I know you’ll love!

You can find Carrie here:

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!