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Tarot Reading for March 2 – 8

I’ve decided to try something a little different for my weekly readings and read just one card for the week (instead of three). Let me know what you think!!! Have a great week 🙂 Kate

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Ace of Wands ~ The Most Erect Card in the Tarot!

In all its phallic radiance, the Ace of Wands graces us with it’s presence today! I daresay those sunflowers look suspiciously testicular. Moving on…. New beginnings! Fresh ideas! Planting seeds of awesomeness! Today is a great day to fertilize your … Continue reading

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Ace of Wands! ~ Paulina Tarot Card for Wednesday

Today is the perfect time to study or explore something that interests you!  Read a book that calls to you, sign up for that night-course that intrigues you, or take a new route on your walk today. Shake up your … Continue reading

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