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Veronica’s advice for your weekend…

Veronica is my bad to the bone alter ego and she is here to slap some sense into you today! She took time out of her hectic day of relaxing, rejuvenating and re-energizing to write you this reading – so … Continue reading

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Goddess Advice for Friday!

Veronica Noir is my batshit crazy twin sister. She is just like me except she’s brilliant, has no sense of guilt or shame, speaks her mind and does whatever she wants, when she wants! Kind of like a psychopath….but with … Continue reading

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Friday Reading: What’s YOUR Volcano Spewing?

Veronica Noir is a perma-drunk whippersnapper who loves to give insensitive Tarot readings, pen crude stories and sleep til noon. She is also my evil twin, which is why I let her do these horrid readings on Friday’s…. Today’s message … Continue reading

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Oracle Card Reading for the Week Ahead!

For this reading I am using one of my favorite oracle decks: The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I never get bored of this deck!!! Feel free to share your own interpretation of these cards in the comments … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day! A Message from the Virgin Goddess…

Veronica Noir! By day she reads Tarot, googles inappropriate words and laughs at filthy jokes. By night she slinks through the streets, preying on innocent young men, devouring their souls like a bag of Kettle Chips (Salt and Vinegar). Now … Continue reading

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Abundance Abounds! Sedna Speaks (Wednesday)

Today’s oracle card is Sedna: Infinite Supply and her message is “you are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.” You live in an abundant universe that flows with an unending stream of energy, light and life. Don’t forget … Continue reading

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Oracle Card Reading for Upcoming Week!

Looks like a great week ahead – full of transformation and water!!!! Have a beautiful week 🙂

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Friday’s Goddess Card: Yemanya

Yemanya is our Friday Goddess! She represents a golden opportunity that is being offered to you. Her message is: “Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.” Exciting opportunities are just around the corner, so stay open … Continue reading

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Prosperity ~ Oracle Card for Friday!

Happy Friday! Today’s oracle card is Abundantia ~ Prosperity from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Her message is “the universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to receiving.” Regardless of how abundant you are right now, you … Continue reading

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Weekly Forecast Oracle Card Reading!

It looks like we’ve got a great week coming up! I will be doing free readings on my facebook page throughout the month of December – just “like” my page on Facebook to get updates about when these readings will … Continue reading

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