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Veronica’s advice for your weekend…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my bad to the bone alter ego and she is here to slap some sense into you today! She took time out of her hectic day of relaxing, rejuvenating and re-energizing to write you this reading – so you’d better listen up and take her advice…

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


That’s what the Goddess Brigit is sayin’ to you right now.

Don’t let others manhandle you into doing stupid shit you don’t want to do this weekend. Stick to your guns.

If you set the intention to paint and meditate this weekend, and your most boring friend says “hey, lets go traipsing around stores all day long and buy a bunch of pointless crap,” you have to say NO!

Yes, people will try to drag you into their nonsense all weekend long if you let them.

Horrid family barbeques and tiresome fundraising events will consume your life if you’re not careful….so bring out your inner bitch – I mean Brigit – and start laying down the law.

You’ve got some serious shit to do this weekend and can’t be sidetracked by willy-nilly-nancies who wish to frittle away the day!


Goddess Advice for Friday!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is my batshit crazy twin sister. She is just like me except she’s brilliant, has no sense of guilt or shame, speaks her mind and does whatever she wants, when she wants! Kind of like a psychopath….but with a heart of gold. Oh, and she also reads Tarot…

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Happy Friday!

The Goddess Sige is here to tell you to “shut the f*ck up!”

Oh wait, that’s not was she’s saying….she says “take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate and contemplate.”

She’s not just referring to physical chitter chatter, either. The more you quite your inner blatherings, the more in-touch with your divinity you will be.

Take a nap this weekend. Isloate yourself and ignore friends and family. They only distract you from achieving pure nirvana.

Your ego hates it when you get quiet! Remember that. Whenever you meditate, you are annoying the living crap out of your ego.

This fact alone can make meditation a more enjoyable, deliciously mischievous experience 😉

Friday Reading: What’s YOUR Volcano Spewing?

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is a perma-drunk whippersnapper who loves to give insensitive Tarot readings, pen crude stories and sleep til noon. She is also my evil twin, which is why I let her do these horrid readings on Friday’s….

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message is from the fiery goddess Pele. She says “Be honest with yourself, bitch! What is your heart’s true desire?”

Well, she doesn’t actually say “bitch”, but she totally should have.

So listen up. What do you really want?

What would make your volcano ejacul…..I mean erupt?

This weekend is all about finding explosive passion and then dancing like a crazy woman (or man).

My guess is that your in one of those “bleh, I think I’ll stay in bed today reading werewolf erotic romance novels on my kindle rather than work” moods. I know how you feel!

Now snap out of it.

What truly lights you up? What energizes you? Go do it and stop pansy-footing around your life!

Your welcome 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! A Message from the Virgin Goddess…

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir! By day she reads Tarot, googles inappropriate words and laughs at filthy jokes. By night she slinks through the streets, preying on innocent young men, devouring their souls like a bag of Kettle Chips (Salt and Vinegar). Now she is about to give you some straight up advice on how to live your life…


Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For a minute I thought Diana’s bow and arrow kind of reminded me of Cupid. Which I had to snicker at because the goddess Diana does not go in for any of that romantic shit.

According to Roman mythology, Diana was a virgin. Not a virgin in the vaginal sense, but a real virgin – a woman unto herself who was totally independent and free from all the silly marriage claptrap.

One day, this dude who was totally into her followed her to the stream where she bathed and hid behind a tree so he could be creepy and watch her. Diana doesn’t miss a trick. She spots him and turns him into a deer and then BAM! A pack of dogs rip him to shreds.

So Diana doesn’t mess around. She means what she says and does what she means.

Her message for today is this: “Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings and actions focused on your target and you will make your mark.”

So don’t be half-assed about anything this weekend. Don’t be wishy washy. If you need to turn someone into a deer to make a point, then by all means, do it!

Abundance Abounds! Sedna Speaks (Wednesday)

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s oracle card is Sedna: Infinite Supply and her message is “you are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.”

You live in an abundant universe that flows with an unending stream of energy, light and life. Don’t forget this! The more you remember, the easier it will be for you to create a life of ease and fun.

Sedna seems to be saying “relax, calm down, you are loved and taken care of.” You have been taught to believe otherwise, of course, but don’t buy into that whole “life is a struggle” mentality.

Find a way to contemplate the infinite abundance that exists here. The more you understand it, the easier it is to believe in it. I find that looking at the ocean or night sky can give me a better understanding of this concept 🙂


Friday’s Goddess Card: Yemanya

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

Yemanya is our Friday Goddess! She represents a golden opportunity that is being offered to you. Her message is: “Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.”

Exciting opportunities are just around the corner, so stay open minded. If you have felt stuck lately, things are definitely shifting. If you have felt indecisive, soon things will be crystal clear.

Spending time by the water will bring you clarity on a particular issue today – but if you don’t live near water, go to an indoor pool and do some laps – the rhythmic motion of swimming will unlock the solution center in your brain.

On a side note, I want to share an interview I recently did.  The beautiful and talented Yoga Goddess Jenny Ravikumar was kind enough to interview me for her blog. Check it out!

Prosperity ~ Oracle Card for Friday!

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Happy Friday! Today’s oracle card is Abundantia ~ Prosperity from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Her message is “the universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to receiving.”

Regardless of how abundant you are right now, you have the ability to strongly align with this energy and steer yourself in the direction of true prosperity. You can do this by feeling abundant and noticing abundance in your day to day life.

Shift yourself into this beautiful abundant energy by focusing your attention on the things in your life that you truly enjoy. Keep a “joy journal” and write down all the wonderful things that happen each day.

Getting into alignment with your prosperity consciousness will assure that you are open to receiving the energy of abundance. The universe is smiling on you today – opportunities and offerings are all around you today, so take care to notice them!