3 Kooky Fun Tarot Spreads

Do you crave excitement and novelty? But not the jumping out of airplanes kind of excitement – more like the ooh a new Tarot spread to try! kind of excitement?

Well you’re in luck!

While I love the classic Tarot spreads like the Celtic Cross, sometimes you just need to shake it up a bit and try something new.

Here are 3 “kooky” Tarot spreads for you to try tonight…


Cat Lover’s Tarot Spread

I’ve noticed a big overlap between cat lovers and Tarot lovers. I guess cats and Tarot just seem to go together like wine and cheese. Or wine and bubble baths. Or wine and gossip. You get the idea!

Print this spread!


Meet Your Alter Ego Tarot Spread

Your alter ego is basically a combo of your shadow self and your fantasy self. Getting in touch with it can work wonders in your life! For more details on how to use this spread (including a video), go right here.

Print this spread!


Self Love Tarot Spread

I created this spread years ago on Valentine’s Day as an alternative to all those relationship and love spreads. I hope you enjoy!

Go here for more details about this spread.

I hope you have fun with these unique spreads! And guess what? I’m looking for new ideas for Tarot spreads. Is there a particular theme or issue you’d like me to create a spread for? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Tarot Reading,

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