August 2014

The REAL meaning of the Ten of Wands…

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is my batshit crazy twin sister. She is just like me except she’s brilliant, has no sense of guilt or shame, speaks her mind and does whatever she wants, when she wants! Kind of like a psychopath….but with a heart of gold. Oh, and she also reads Tarot…

10 of rods
Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

Ah yes! The Ten of Rods (aka Ten of Wands) – a warning for you to plug your ears to the siren call of wanting more.

Here’s a depressing equation:

feeling empty + wanting more = taking on lots of  responsibilities, roles, hobbies and friends to make your life more meaningful and important + realizing your still empty, but now your also exhausted = resentment x 100

I was always crappy at math, so the above equation may not make sense to you, but that’s not the point.

The point is, all your roles and duties will only weigh you down on the adventure of life!

Do you knowsomeone who is always informing you of all the different roles they play? For example, a friend who says shit like “I’m a wife, mother, sister, chef, girl guide leader, janitor, blah, blah, blah” and you all you can think is holy fuck, when do you have time to fap?

While the Urban Dictionary defines the term fap as “the onomatopoeic representation of masturbation”, I would like to extend that definition to include all activities that are pleasurable but ultimately serve no purpose – like watching Entertainment Tonight, googling hot celebrities, organizing your nail polish collection – stuff like that.

Make time to fap. A life without adequate fap time will only foster resentment.


On a different note.....the second episode of the Menage A Tarot podcast is up! Click here to listen 🙂

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Revamped!

I was bored reading with the original Celtic Cross Spread, so I decided to revamp it and add my own twist:

Celtic Cross Spread Revamped

1) You right now – This card represents what is going on for you right now. It indicates what you are thinking, feeling or doing.

2) Strongest influence – what is influencing you right now. This could be a particular energy, desire, person or event.

3) Hidden desires – Oh la la! This is what you really want. Social expectations be damned!

4) Snakeskin: what you’ve shed – what you’ve let go of, what is no longer a part of you or your life.

5) What you think you want – This may or may not be in alignment with #3 (what you really want), but this is a goal that you are actively pursuing.

6) Into the forest! What’s next? – As you go deeper into your life journey, what adventure will await you next?

7) Your relationship to your higher self – how connected or disconnected are you from the higher aspect of yourself?

8) Your role in your community – the role you often play at work, with friends and family and with the people you encounter in your day to day life.

9) The secret key to bliss! – what would make your life more blissful and fun.

10) Wonderful things that will happen – the good stuff that awaits you in the distant future.

  • What if you get a negative card in a "positive" position?

Negative cards represent blocks that, if dealt with and removed, will bring greater ease and joy into your life.

For example, if you get The Devil in the "key to bliss" position, it could indicate that dealing with your addictions will lead to a more blissful life.

Always keep the positive aspect of the negative cards in mind. If you get Three of Swords in the "role in my community" position, it could mean that you act as the shoulder to cry on when others are feeling down.

Watch this spread in action in my video below:

Please feel free to share your results with this spread in the comments below!

Six of Cups shows you how to play…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is a free spirited tramp who loves to eavesdrop in coffee shops, lead young men astray and of course…read Tarot! Since she’s my evil twin/alter ego, I let her spew her mystical ramblings every Friday on my blog…

6 of cups hezicos
Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

When was the last time you engaged yourself in the spirit of play?

When you were six?

This particular Six of Cups reminds me of all the times I have visited the beach and observed children absorbed in adventurous play….

While their parent just sits there – a grumbling, defeated lump on the beach – affixed to their iphone.

This weekend, get outside and play…

Write scandalous messages in the sand, draw body tracings with chalk (like someone was just murdered in your driveway) and paint pictures of little unicorns and butterflies on your face!

Sure, your friends and neighbors will deem you mentally unstable but who cares? You will feel ALIVE!


Just Be Yourself! Aka “how to be a bitch 101”

fridays with veronicaVeronica is the Daily Tarot Girl’s twin and a truly horrible person. When she isn’t busy turning down charities and glaring at babies, you will find her writing these Friday blog posts…doing her best to totally ruin your life…

be yourself
Magical Messages from the Fairies by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message isBE YOURSELF“!

This is great advice…unless your a complete asshole, in which case please don’t be yourself.

But I am sure if your reading my blog, your an okay character 😉

So this card says “this situation calls for you to be your authentic self, which is the basis for your personal power.”

That’s all well and good…..but don’t forget the fact that your entire life has basically consisted of military grade training in how to be inauthentic.

People say “just be yourself!” like its as easy as sneezing in a library book or farting on a treadmill.

But it’s not!

So this weekend, I want you to practice “being yourself” and then notice the delicious chaos that results.

Here’s a true story…

Yesterday, while entering my local grocery store, a group of children congregating outside the entrance asked me for a donation to some stupid sports related thing.

In their innocent, high pitched voices they said “would you like to donate to…”

“NO!” I said and marched past them.

Now your probably thinking Veronica, why so evil?

Well, because I would rather involve myself in making the world a better place in a way that has personal meaning to me. If I donate to a cause I don’t really care about, I would only be doing it out of fear of looking like a bitch if I didn’t. Totally inauthentic!

So pay attention to when you do (or don’t do) things out of fear of what others may think. 

This is the key to being more “authentic” – and trust me, it’s waaaaay harder than farting on a treadmill.

How to Communicate With Your Pet!

Have you ever wondered what your cat was thinking? Or what your dog really wants? Do you wish you could communicate clearly with your pet?

Join me as I chat with Dr. Cara Gubbins about animals and what they want us to know.

Dr. Cara Gubbins is a Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Intuitive, and Pet Medium. Her research has been featured on CNN, the BBC, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Specials.

We cover all kinds of topics, such as:

How to communicate with your pet

What to do if you see a bear or a snake in the woods!

The messages that our deceased pets have for us

And more!

You can find Cara at and

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Eight of Swords is Kinky!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir, The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil counterpart, is here to kick some sense into you with her uncompassionate style of Tarot reading. She usually writes these half-drunk, so take her advice with a grain of salt…or a tablespoon!

eight of swords
Druidcraft Tarot

Now here is the lady of the Eight of Swords looking like a character in one of those kinky romance novels I have been reading on my filthy little Kindle.

And just like those masochistic heroines, this dame actually enjoys her sense of limitation and blindness.

So I ask you this…

Are you getting off on your perceived handicaps?

Are you relishing the feel of powerlessness?

Do you secretly enjoy complaining to friends about stuff?

Well, snap out of it!

While your busy writhing around in miserable ecstasy waiting for a knight in shining armor to save you, your life is passing you by!

So untie yourself, lift the blindfold and….yes, I know! Then you will actually have to take responsibility for your life.

But seriously – break out of your silly little mind prison and run free on the grassy knoll of life!