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Tarot Card for Monday ~ Eight of Cups

The Eight of Shells (aka Eight of Cups), comes today to remind you that you may never feel you have enough. You many never feel like you have “arrived” – so don’t go striving for something that doesn’t exist! Like … Continue reading

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Eight of Cups – Ditch the Mundane! (Monday)

Today you are searching for deeper meaning. The Eight of Cups shows that you are no longer content to dwell on the surface of things and shiny, superficial stuff holds no temptation for you anymore. You may have an urge … Continue reading

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Eight of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

Today you may find yourself craving deeper meaning in the work that you do. The Eight of Cups signifies a need to dive deep beneath the surface, as you are no longer content to frollick in the shallow waters. You … Continue reading

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