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No Judgement? Veronica calls bull-sh*t!

Veronica is my evil twin sister and Tarot reading queen. When she isn’t writing for my blog, she’s slinking around being sexy and mysterious and getting into mischief! Have you ever heard someone claim that they’re “non-judgemental” or say “No … Continue reading

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Naughty Tarot Advice for the Weekend!

Veronica is my evil alter ego and she takes over my blog every friday. When she’s not looking at every Tarot card through a perverted lens, she’s getting bat-shit drunk on her balcony, reading trashy novels and eye-molesting every cute … Continue reading

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Bust out of that coffin! Tarot card for Friday…

Question of the day: What coffin do you long to burst out of? What tiresome “role” makes you feel like a zombie? It’s time to bust loose! Judgement is here to let you know that a re-birth is in order. … Continue reading

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Judgement – Busting Through Your Blocks Today!

Today’s card is Judgement. When you hear you true calling, you know its time to bust though your blocks like cardboard boxes! Sure you have things standing in your way and holding you back – like fear, crummy beliefs, blah … Continue reading

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