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Be Reckless Today!

Veronica is my evil, Tarot reading twin. When she’s not writing for this blog, she’s out boozing and cruising for sweet young things and tapping out smut on her laptop! Oh, and she doesn’t give two shits about spelling things … Continue reading

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The Tarot Court Cards….in bed! Part 3: The Knights

This is part III of a four-part series called The Tarot Court Cards…In Bed! I decided to shake things up a bit and look at the Tarot Court Cards from a sexy perspective. Why? Because Court Cards are kind of … Continue reading

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Tarot Card for Wednesday: Who IS This Knight of Pentacles?

The Knight of Pentacles shows up today as someone in your life…someone who drives you nuts! This person (probably a man), is annoyingly sensible, down to earth in a boring way and is a real stick in the mud. Who … Continue reading

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Osho Zen Tarot Card for Monday!

Before I get into today’s reading, I have a favor to ask you!….I am currently creating a Tarot e-book/workshop and I want to get a better idea of what Tarot topics are of interest to my readers. The major question … Continue reading

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