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My Interpretation of These 3 Craptastic Cards (Tarot Challenge)

Last week, I posed a “Tarot Challenge“, where I asked you to interpret this reading in a positive, empowering way. First of all, I’ve been LOVING all the comments! I waited until I had written my own interpretation to read … Continue reading

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Ten of Orbs ~ Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Do you feel like the weight of the world is bearing down on you? The Ten of Orbs (aka Ten of Swords) suggests you need to take a mini vacation and get some healing bodywork, like a massage or Reiki. … Continue reading

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Dealing with Drama: the Ten of Swords Shows You How (Tuesday)

The Ten of Swords….such a dramatic Tarot card! Perhaps too dramatic. Are you making a big kerfuffle over something minor? Or are you having to deal with a drama queen in your life? When you look at this card, do … Continue reading

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