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Oracle Card for Thursday ~ Celebrate the Mundane!

The Three Graces from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle want you to celebrate and have fun today. No matter what is going on, throw a little party – even if its just for yourself! The message on the … Continue reading

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Oracle Card for Monday ~ Unbelieving the Limiting Myths

Today’s card is Faery Tales and the message is all about “letting go, detachment, moving on.” You are coming out of a sleepy state where you were deeply enmeshed in an illusion of how things were supposed to be. This … Continue reading

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Oracle Card for Friday: Unleash Your Inner Hedonist!

Today’s Oracle card, Beauty’s Truth is all about the importance of sensuality in your daily life. Pay attention to your five senses today – really taste your food, smell the air, listen to beautiful music and delight in being totally … Continue reading

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Into the Woods ~ Oracle Card for Tuesday!

Today’s oracle card Into the Woods says “stranger in a strange land, new experiences, feeling uncertain, transition zone.” You may feel like you are a little lost today, or perhaps as if you are somewhere you don’t really belong. But … Continue reading

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The Secret Path ~ Oracle Card for Wednesday

Today’s Oracle card is The Secret Path: an irresistable pull down a distinct path, ley lines, mystical traditions. You are feeling compelled to head off in a certain direction. You are pulled by a desire to discover more and explore … Continue reading

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Oracle Card for Tuesday

Today’s oracle card is from my Wild Wisdom of the Faery oracle and it is Far, Far Away ~ creative daydreaming. Let your imagination run free today! It’s okay to “waste time” staring off into the clouds and just contemplating … Continue reading

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Oracle Card Reading for Monday

I used my new favorite deck Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle for today’s reading and I got Storykeeper. Her message is “tell your story, legacy, write your wisdom.” You have a story to tell! Don’t deprive the world of … Continue reading

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