February 2013

Three of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

tarot of pagan cats
Tarot of the Pagan Cats by Lo Scarabeo

The Three of Swords is today’s Tarot card and although this is usually not everyone’s favorite card, this version is somewhat funny with a sulky cat on it! Your a bit pissed off about something today – that’s okay, just don’t let it run your day.

Normally this card represents heartache and feeling betrayed by someone (usually a lover), but I feel like it doesn’t really indicate anything that serious.

You may feel put out about something someone said or did. It was a minor thing, but it bugged you. Part of you kind of wants to wallow in your resentment and another part of you says its not worth it! Focus on something more positive.

This is one of those things that you will forget about in a couple of days, so indeed, focus on something more positive!

romance tarot spreads

Oracle Card Reading for Monday

storykeeper faery card
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and Selina Fenech

I used my new favorite deck Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle for today’s reading and I got Storykeeper. Her message is “tell your story, legacy, write your wisdom.”

You have a story to tell! Don’t deprive the world of your personal wisdom and humorous insights into life. Write down your ideas as your story is meant to be told.

Likewise, you will learn so much from reading about other’s stories. Biographies in particular can be an enlightening and inspiring read. As you honor other’s stories and experiences you also honor your own – just don’t forget to share your story as well!

Make time today to sit with pen and paper and ask yourself: what story do I want to share with the world? or, If you could only tell one story and you knew that thousands of people would hear it, what would you say? What message do you want to get across?

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The Devil ~ Tarot Card for Friday!

crystal visions tarot the devil
Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

Friday’s Tarot card is The Devil and I am getting some really interesting messages with this one!

Basically, The Devil appears as a reminder to look at all the ways you give your power away and realize that this is your choice and not something you have to do.

Often, its the little temptations that can suck our energy and bring us down – like making impulse purchases, buying stuff you don’t really need, eating food that doesn’t nourish you and engaging in activities that don’t really add to your overall enjoyment of life (like watching TV or spending all night on the internet).

So make a commitment to yourself to be vigilant about all the ways you are giving away your power. Ask yourself where you invest your time, money and energy in things that don’t make you feel free, exuberant and alive.

Awareness is the first step on the road to freedom!


Queen of Swords Tarot Card for Thursday

Happy Valentine’s Day! Before I get into today’s reading, I would like to announce that my brand new e-book Tarot Card Spreads for Love, Sex & Relationships is making its debut! Click here for more info. Okay, now on to the reading…..

The Queen of Swords swoops in today to give us a stern message (as only she can!)

hanson-roberts tarot
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Be sensible! Choose wisely, take time to make a heartfelt decision and don’t take on anything that will not ultimately serve your highest good.

In other words, if you feel like taking on a new project or responsibility will not lift your spirits, then say NO! The Queen of Swords is all about learning to say no with class, ease and a total absence of guilt.

On another note, this mighty Queen also advises you to clear the clutter in your life. All those stacks of scrap paper and random notes floating around your home are not helping you make wise, rational choices. Have a house clearing day and sort out your drawers, cupboards and closets and get rid of your junk once and for all!

Six of Arrows ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

wildwood tarot
Wildwood Tarot

Six of Arrows (aka Six of Swords) is today’s Tarot Card and the theme is Transition.

Whether you realize it or not, you are transitioning from one place to another and you are divinely guided and protected as you make this move.

The Six of Swords can represent a physical move to a new location or a change in career/job, but it most often symbolizes a shift in perception and belief. You are leaving your negative mindset behind and traversing the waters of possibility and positive thought.

You may feel somewhat apprehensive about this, which is natural. If fear comes up for you in this time of great discovery and release, call upon your angels, spirit guides, higher self, or otherworldly allies to help you comfortably integrate these changes in your life. They are always there for you and want you to succeed!

Wild Sisterhood

Nine of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday :)

crystal visions nine of cups
Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

Today’s Tarot card is the Nine of Cups and it asks you to make a wish…

Take a moment today to look back at all the wonderful things you have manifested in your life. How did you accomplish it? What did you do? What helped you? What are you wanting to manifest now?

After all this past and future thinking about manifestation, just let it all go and enjoy the best moment there ever is – the present moment! Take pleasure in walking in the trees, watching the fog your breath makes in the cold air, gazing up at the stars and moon and just enjoy being alive!


The High Priestess ~ Tarot Card for Monday!

mystic meg tarot
Mystic Meg Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is the High Priestess and she brings with her a powerful message….

It is time for you to explore your inner realms of intuition, psychic power and innate feminine wisdom (regardless of your gender).

Connect with your Higher Self or spirit guide and engage your powerful healing abilities to access that deep level of awareness and spiritual insight. Spend time alone and in silence today, as this will help you connect to the divine.

The High Priestess is also an indication that it is time for you to seek out a teacher – a wise, older woman who can guide and advise you on matters that are near and dear to your heart.