January 2017

Tarot Reading for Jan 30 – Feb 5

Here is your weekly Tarot reading for the week ahead! I just love reading with the Heart and Hands deck – for some reason I find these cards really easy to read with – even the court cards, which is saying something!

If you would like a private reading from me, I am offering them for the rest of January.

Have a wonderful week 🙂

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3 Grade A Ways to Chill Out

Veronica is my evil alter ego and co-author of my new workbook Your Alter Ego… Revealed!, a fun, sexy workbook that will change your life! Tarot Reader by day, martini swiller by night, this domineering vixen is here for one reason….to tell you how to live your life.

Housewives Tarot

Your TV is like an electronic dictator in your own home that distracts and brainwashes you…worse than organized religion and the education system combined!

If you got rid of your TV you would be more creative, free and blissful. Trust me.

But you’re used to TV. You’ve always had one blaring in the background of your life. It’s become a creature comfort, a beacon of familiarity.

Without TV, how can you properly “veg out”? What will you snuggle up to after a long day of smiling and pretending to care?

As a proponent of the leisure and pleasure filled lifestyle, I understand your concern. It’s a valid one. So here are my top 3 TV alternatives for chilling out:

  1. Stick those glow in the dark stars all over your ceiling and lie in a sleeping bag on your floor and stare at them. Booze helps.

2. Set up a hammock in your living room and put on some Reggae. Weed helps.

3. Curl up on the couch with a heating pad and something smutty on your Kindle. Hot chocolate helps.

Okay, now I’m off to watch some shit on Netflix.

Oh shut up. It’s Netflix, not TV. It doesn’t even count!

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What your LEAST favorite Tarot card says about you…

A while ago I wrote a blog post about what your favorite Tarot card says about you, but I think it’s actually your least favorite card that is the most revealing…

I was inspired by a fellow youtuber who said she was journalling about everything she disliked about the 6 of Pentacles as an exercise in shadow work. And this got me thinking about all the cards I just can’t stand!

So what Tarot card do you dislike the most? Which card makes you cringe whenever it shows up in a reading?

It may not even be a typically “negative” card – perhaps The Magician just pisses you right the f*ck off or the Queen of Cups makes you want to shank someone.

Personally, I can’t stand the Justice card. It just sucks.

Rider-Waite Tarot

Okay, so go through your deck right now and pick out ONE Tarot card that you don’t like. It doesn’t even have to be the worst card for you, just one that generates a general feeling of contempt.

Now, ask yourself this: what it is that I can’t stand about this card? Write it down on a bit of paper.

I’ll go first: I can’t stand how the Justice card is so serious. She seems totally humorless and un-mysterious like she is lacking magic and sexiness. She reminds me of what sometimes happens to people when they become “adults” – they turn responsible and boring.

Go over what you wrote and highlight the keywords. My keywords are serious, humorless, responsible and boring.

Working with one keyword at a time, ask yourself this:

In what ways am I ________ (insert keyword of choice here).

When I ask myself in what ways am I serious? I can think of lots of things. I diligently read all the ingredient labels of food and cosmetics before I buy them. I’m a non-drinker at parties and so I’m usually the only sober one. I use five methods of birth control…at the same time. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Now, look back at the card you totally hate.

If there’s a figure on the card, does it remind you of anyone?

Lady Justice reminds me of a dear friend who is so incredibly serious and rigid about everything that it’s a struggle to connect and have fun with her. I’ll say “hey let’s have a girls night out!” and she’ll say “no, I have to clean the mold out of my window sills. It needs to be done.”

What feeling arises within you when you gaze at this shitty card?

When I look at Justice, I feel that b*tch is judging me. I feel judged. And I feel like I’m not quite up to snuff.

Where in your life do you sometimes feel this way?

This can be a real eye opener. Often, the Tarot card we despise brings up feelings that we also happen to be experiencing in other aspects of our life.

In my case, I judge myself constantly. I am always thinking things like I didn’t get much accomplished today, I need to be more organized and hardworking, I’m going nowhere in life.

My inner judge is very active and mean so when I see a representation of her in the Justice card, I’m irritated.

Okay, so now what?

You’ve identified the parts of yourself that you dislike. You’ve identified the feelings that you dislike having. But now what? Where do you go from here?

Ask yourself this….

What is the upside to being _________(keyword of choice)?

So I would ask what’s the upside to being serious?

Just because you don’t like a certain part of yourself, doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve you well sometimes.

Then ask: What is this feeling of _______ trying to show me?

So I would ask what is the feeling of judgement/criticism trying to show me?

Negative emotions are there because they’re trying to tell you something.

When I judge myself harshly and feel crappy about it, I’m trying to tell myself something – that I’m not living up to my full potential, AND/ OR that I need to be kinder and more accepting of myself.

From there, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what changes you want to make or if just having the awareness of all of this is enough. Sometimes you don’t actually need to do anything at all. Which is nice 🙂

Want more? Check out my online course Tarot Journalling for Soul Explorers

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It’s time to reinvent yourself…so listen up!

Veronica is my evil alter ego and co-author of my new workbook Your Alter Ego… Revealed!, a fun, sexy workbook that will change your life! Tarot Reader by day, erotic fiction writer by night, this domineering vixen is here for one reason….to tell you how to live your life.

Universal Waite Tarot

Do you know someone who is always reinventing themselves?

One minute they’re a total asshole, next minute they’re all into yoga and recycling? But still an asshole.

Or maybe you’ve had the experience of being all like “I love gardening, animals and crafting” but six months later you’re like “fuck that. Now I’m into tanning beds, slot machines and Tinder.”

We’re fickle bitches and we change like the seasons. And that is A-Okay.

You’re a spiritual being here for an experience and you can’t experience much if you just do the same old crap day in, day out.

Sometimes your regular hobbies, routines, social life and job can feel like old, worn out, unhip clothes. Time for a new wardrobe!

This weekend, do something out of character. Do something fresh, something unexpected. If you normally go to art galleries and museums, hit up the casino! If you usually get drunk and watch porn, bake bran muffins and read some poetry.

But most importantly….have fun!

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How to Read Non-Illustrated Minor Arcana Cards

Have you ever tried reading Tarot with a deck – like the Tarot of Marseille or the Thoth Tarot – whose minor arcana cards don’t have pictures on them?

Did you feel blank and empty and wonder what am I supposed to make of this?

Long before the fully illustrated Rider-Waite Tarot deck burst onto the scene in 1910, all Tarot decks had non-illustrated minor arcana cards, much like a deck of playing cards. These decks are often referred to as “pip decks”.

Mystic Meg Tarot

Back in the day, people had to chop wood, walk several miles to school, barefoot in the snow, use sheep intestines for condoms….and read Tarot using decks with NO F**KING PICTURES ON THEM!!!!

It was rough. And now Tarot readers everywhere have become soft. We expect lavish pictures on all the cards. We expect our intuitive insights to just be handed to us on a silver platter. Jeez!

The Rider-Waite deck was unique in that the artist Pamela Coleman Smith depicted scenes and characters on it’s minors, making them easier to learn and read. Lazy Tarot readers loved it and it remains one of the most popular decks today.

But that doesn’t mean you should just disregard non-illustrated pip decks. Like learning to drive a standard, there are certain advantages to reading with these types of decks despite the extra trickiness. And people will be impressed.

Why it’s so tricky

Symbols are the language of the soul and so gazing at a card that shows a symbol-rich scene can stimulate intuition and creativity.

But when you see a minor arcana card that’s just two boring wands or four pentacles with no other frills in sight, it doesn’t give you much to work with. So I’m going to teach you a couple tricks to make reading these non-illustrated minors a breeze…

But first a confession

I prefer reading with fully illustrated Rider-Waite style decks because….it’s easier and more visually stimulating.

While the Thoth Tarot was one of my first decks, I didn’t truly learn to read non-illustrated minors until I got the Mystic Meg Tarot a few years ago. And there’s stuff I love about reading these kinds of cards – but it’s not my favorite.

Let’s draw a card…

From the Mystic Meg Tarot, I drew the Eight of Water (8 of Cups).

Step #1 – Identify the Suit and the suit qualities

This card is of the suit of water (cups), which is about feelings, emotions and relationships. Therefore, we know this card is telling us something about our feelings and perhaps a relationship (to a person, to ourselves or to a thing).

This is where it helps to know your suit qualities. Let’s do a quick refresh:

Pentacles – money, health, physical aspects, material realm

Cups – feelings, emotions, love, relationships

Swords – thought, mind, intellect, communication

Wands – energy, inspiration, passion, spirit

If you’re still not 100% confident in your understanding of the suits, try this with a Rider-Waite style deck (not a pip deck): group all the minors by suit so you have four groups of cards. Then, spend some time looking at each suit and really getting a feel for the energy of that suit. Compare and contrast the different suits until you have a clear sense of what each suit represents.

Step #2 – Notice the card number

Each suit expresses the numbers differently and it can be a really interesting exercise to group your minor arcana cards by number and then study them, which I’ll do in a sec.

We have an eight here. You don’t need to know anything about numerology (I don’t) although it probably helps. We know eight is an even number and even numbers can signify stability/harmony or stagnancy/boredom.

We also know that eight is one of the bigger numbers. If we’re progressing from Ace to ten, eight is almost at the end. We’ve reached a certain point of achievement.

Just for fun, let’s look at all the eights in the Universal Waite Tarot

In my opinion, the wands and swords seem to mirror each other in that they show what happens when there’s an abundance of their suit quality. With wands we have lots of energy, which propels movement, speed and things unfolding quickly. While with the swords we have an abundance of thought and mind activity which can tie us up and make us feel imprisoned.

With the 8 of pentacles, we see an abundance of work and how this can lead to being busy. But the 8 of cups is very different from all the rest in that it shows someone retreating away, in search of the missing cup. It’s like his feelings have become so strong now that he can no longer ignore them – he must abandon his stacked cups and address the root of his unease.

See what I mean? You can learn a ton about your cards when you group them this way and look at them!

Put it together…

Okay, let’s get back to our original eight of cups. Based on what we know about this card we might say that it’s message is about feeling emotionally stable, yet longing to break away from the stagnancy of daily life. Or we could say that we’ve made lot’s of headway in the realm of emotion and relationships but something is still missing (we still have a way to go before we reach #10).

Essentially, when you read a “pip card” you are drawing on your understanding of it’s suit and it’s number. I also cheat a little and imagine the Rider-Waite equivalent.

What I love about reading with Pip decks

When I’m giving a Tarot reading to someone, I know they’re looking at the cards and possibly drawing their own conclusions (if they know Tarot) or making judgements about the cards. For example, the ten of swords or the five of pentacles often get a negative reaction from people.

But if the person I’m reading for has no idea what my cards could possibly mean, that makes me feel more in control of the reading. I don’t need to do damage control and say “don’t worry, the ten of swords doesn’t mean you’ll be murdered” – I can just go with my own intuitive reading flow.

Better yet, the absence of symbols can sometimes be a blessing. At times I find it easier to get intuitive ideas when there’s less visual noise. It’s almost like it creates space around the reading and gives me a little more creative license.

So let’s give it another try! Here’s the four of fire (Wands) from the Mystic Meg Tarot

Remember – use your knowledge of the suit, number and your imagination! Feel free to share your interpretation in the comments below…

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Want success? Indulge your evil side…

Veronica is my evil alter ego and co-author of my new workbook Your Alter Ego… Revealed!, a fun, sexy workbook that’s perfect for lazy winter afternoons. Let’s see what terrible advice she has for you today…

Rider Waite Tarot

North American culture is obsessed with goal setting and achieving shit, which is what The Chariot represents – moving forward, upward and onward. Yay!

There’s just one tiny problem: what happens if only part of you wants success but another part longs for pure sloth and debauchery?

My good twin Kate sets her alarm for 8am every morning. But when it goes off, I am seduced by the siren song of my warm, comfy bed that whispers “noooo….staaaayyyyyy! Just 5 min…” which turn into two hours and then the day’s pretty much shot.

Part of you wants to eat healthy but the other part wants red wine, cheese, chips and chocolate. Part of you wants to save for retirement but the other part wants to go on lavish vacations and buy fancy chai lattes everyday.

Unless you can get both selves on board, you’re pretty much fucked and will go nowhere in life.

So how do you do this? Easy. Don’t deny you’re “evil” side – tempt it.

Tell yourself things like if I get up at 8am and go for a run and eat healthy all week, I get to lay in bed all day on Saturday and eat cookies for breakfast…guilt free.


If I work hard today and get all my tasks done, I will indulge in a feisty gossip sesh with a friend in the evening.

There’s no use trying to be perfect….so just give up now!

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Tarot Reading for Jan 2 – 8

It’s the first day of 2017 and what better way to kick it off than watch a Tarot forecast? For this reading I’m using my newest deck, The Timeless Tarot by Tara Winstanley – it’s a very pretty, romantic deck….

Feel free to share your own insights and interpretations in the comments below!
Happy New Year,

The Daily Tarot Girl


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