August 2023

Page of Pentacles – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

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Welcome to part 9 of my 16 part series Meet the Court Cards – each week we will hang out with ONE court card and dive deeply into the symbols, personality traits, talents and dark side. This is similar to my Major Arcana Meanings Deep Dive series, but we’ll also explore how each court card acts in the context of love, work and money.

I’ll give you specific ways to embody this card as well as some journalling questions to help you connect with this card on a more personal level ?

Today we’re diving into the Page of Pentacles– studious, curious, and THIRSTY for knowldege, he’s the Tarot’s favourite nerd!

Sit back, relax and discover the secrets, wisdom and talents of this Page

Element = Earth (physicality, body, health, money, home)

Keywords/Personality traits:

Student, practical, grounded, a bit nerdy, learning how to be successful, learning how to lay the foundation and get started. He’s curious, optimistic, motivated, studious, willing to learn, and a bit naive but determined to thrive in the physical world.


Pentacle = monetary symbol, he’s holding it up, observing it, revering it

stance = unsure of himself

field of flowers = calm landscape

green smock = he’s “green” (new)

fancy red hat = comes from wealth


The Page of Pentacles is a fast learner with a sharp memory and a thirst for knowledge! He’s got a fresh, young mind that’s ready to learn and absorb all the info and wisdom he can, however he’s a bit “green” – his youth and inexperience means he is a bit naive but hasn’t yet developed any bad habits or a jaded outlook.

This Page is both optimistic AND realistic – he has dreams but they are all very achievable and he doesn’t doubt for a second that he’s perfectly capable of figuring it all out.

At a party…

He’s shy and quiet overall, but if he’s asked about one of his favourite subjects (like books or comics), he’ll open up and chatter away wildly!

He’s a bit of a wallflower and tends to merge into the background. He’s not exactly uncomfortable at a party, but he isn’t exactly at ease, either. However, he rarely goes to parties because he’s usually busy studying in his room.

In love…

The Page of Pentacles is honest, genuine and affectionate but completely lacks the ability to be romantic or erotically exciting. He sees no point in playing silly games and really doesn’t understand this aspect of dating, rendering him oblivious to playful flirtations and sexy “vibes”. If you want to date this Page, don’t bother dropping subtle hints because he won’t get them – instead, be upfront about it.

He’s very straightforward when it comes to his feelings and his approach to relationships and he’s seeking a partner who matches his focus and motivation in life. He’s horrifically turned off by people who are lost or “finding themselves” – he wants someone with a plan!

Since he values stability over excitement, he craves a sturdy, monogamous relationship that emphasizes planning for the future and building a life together. He’s not afraid of commitment but will most likely put his studies or career first and then, once that part of his life is secure, turn his attentions to a relationship.

In work…

He’s hardworking, organized, eager to learn and improves quickly. If you’re a boss, you’ll love this page, but if he’s your co-worker, his keener attitude might get on your nerves.

The Page of Pentacles is typically an intern, practicum student or new hire. He asks a lot of questions of everyone and really just wants to learn everything about his new workplace. It can be a bit much.

In money….

This Page is just learning how to manage his finances and build his wealth, so he’s not wealthy yet but he will be eventually. So calm down.

He’s thrifty and sensible with money and is more motivated by the stability money brings as opposed to the flashy luxury side of it, making him decidedly “un-fun” as a rich person. You won’t find him flashing his wealth once he attains it as he finds the idea of luxury a bit frivolous and ostentatious.

This Page thrives on…

Learning and gaining new experiences in his chosen field of work/study and being able to pick the brains of experts and knowledgeable people. He also loves visiting museums and libraries and reading non-fiction books so he can learn boring facts that he can later regurgitate in social settings to impress others (or so he thinks).

He does well in an organized environment where the path to success is laid out clearly and rationally and takes little creativity to figure out.

Most of all, he thrives on creating stability for himself.

He can’t stand…

People who are unstable, flaky and flighty! The Page of Pentacles is a straight shooter and he detests false promises, insincerity and being deceived or tricked in any way.

People who withhold information and brush off his questions irritate him, as does anyone who “puts on airs” or tries to be mysterious.

Instability of any kind – financial, emotional or otherwise – is his kryptonite. He hates it! He also can’t stand feeling like he’s not making any progress.

Dark side of the Page of Pentacles

Luckily, this Page’s dark side is mostly related to his youth and naivety and will lessen over time. He’s very naive to the fact that not everyone has a good family support system like he does and can’t understand why everyone doesn’t just go to university.

He believes that if you work hard, you’ll succeed and be rewarded, because that’s always been true for him. He tends to look down on those that lack his peppy, motivated attitude and will come up with simplistic explanations for things like poverty, addiction and crime.

Practices to embody this card:

-read a history book (or some other non-fiction book)

-take a university course and study, study, study!

-learn about financial management or building wealth

Journalling Questions:

♥ Do you know anyone like this Page?

♥ What aspects of this Page do you most relate to?

♥ Which aspect of this page would you like to incorporate into your life more?

♥ What new things are you excited to learn?


Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this deep dive? What aspect of the Page of Pentacles do you most relate to? Let me know in the comments below…

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