January 2013

Seeker of Chalices ~ Tarot Card for Monday

sirian starseed tarot
Sirian Starseed Tarot

The Seeker of Chalices is the card for today. Its time to come out of your shell! Don’t hold back any longer – follow your heart and let your inspiration and creative yearning guide you.

I feel like this card speaks specifically to those wanting to express their connection to spirit in an artistic way. Like channeling through painting or writing, or even studying the psychic arts as a way to help others.

You may feel like your emotions are running strong today and you aren’t sure what to do with them. Channel your emotions into your creativity today!

Feeling emotional is almost like visiting another dimension – you have access to ideas, perspectives and visions that you wouldn’t normally have. Your creative and emotional potential is high today – the challenge is learning how to use it!


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How to Make Your Own Tarot Journal… and Ignite Your Passion for Tarot!

You may have noticed that many “How to Read Tarot” books recommend keeping a Tarot Journal. And you may be thinking Why Bother?!

I thought this too, when I was first learning how to read Tarot cards. A few times I started a Tarot Journal, then forgot about it. Sound familiar?

I used to think the whole process of keeping a Tarot Journal was boring, slow and pointlessly time consuming! I felt same way about regular journaling, too.

But when I discovered the work of SARK and Leonie Dawson, my idea of journaling changed dramatically. While simply writing about myself on a blank page bored me to tears, I noticed that when I had a specific question or topic to write about, journaling was a blast!

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The Great Wheel ~ Tarot Card for Friday!

sirian starseed tarot
Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

The Great Wheel is today’s Tarot card and it signifies a completion of some sort. It’s time to celebrate what you have achieved and begin looking forward to a fresh start.

Today you have an enhanced ability to renew yourself and reinvent your life. That sounds pretty big – I know! What you visualize today could end up coming to fruition by months end – so focus your attention on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

You may feel as though there is a lot of excitement building around you and ideas, opportunities and interesting people are coming at you from all directions! The key to dealing with this increased energy is to stay centered – breathe and observe, but don’t get sucked into the craziness!


Eight of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

paulina tarot card meanings
Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Today’s Tarot Card is from the Paulina Tarot and it is the Eight of Swords – a card that holds the secrets to our personal empowerment and freedom!

This is interesting, because this same card came up in my weekly video Tarot reading (except I was using the Mystic Tarot, so the card is called 8 of Air). So the message here is extra important.

The eight of swords is all about opening your eyes to what is holding you back in life and finding a way to release or transmute these limitations.

I get two strong messages with this card. The first is that busy-ness and overwhelm is one major block to living a full life and this can be overcome by changing how you organize and prioritize your day to day tasks.

The second thing is that you are the only person who can rescue yourself from your own “blocks” – so don’t waste time waiting around for a hero to show up and make everything great. You have the power, resources and support to heal and rise above that which holds you back. You are the knight in shining armor you’ve been waiting for!


Three of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

hanson roberts tarot
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is the Three of Cups and the message is clear: come together with others to help foster creativity, connections, support and inspiration!

When work and problem solving takes on a playful, relaxed attitude, magic happens.

Put your heads together with friends and colleagues and see what kind of ideas you come up with. Maybe even enjoy a glass of wine while your at it 🙂

Remember to celebrate all your successes – even the little ones that are easy to overlook. There are countless ways to do this, such as taking a nice, hot bath, buying yourself a new oracle card deck, making cookies or treating yourself to a night at the movies.

The more you celebrate your successes, the more frequently success will show up for you!
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Higher Self ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

sirian starseed tarot cardToday I shuffled my Sirian Starseed Tarot deck and out jumped Higher Self (aka The High Priestess). This card’s message is that it is time to consult your Higher Self on an issue. Don’t delay! This will bring you a kind of clarity and comfort that you won’t find anywhere else.

Take a few minutes to quiet your mind and go within. Imagine there is an eternal, kind and wise being residing within you – ask this being any questions you may have and then wait patiently for a response. Write down any impressions, messages or feelings you get.

Also, pay special attention to your dreams right now, as your Higher Self will try to relay messages to you through symbols and emotions in your dreams. You might even want to ask your Higher Self to contact you during your dreams before going to sleep tonight.

Today is also a good day for discovering a new spiritual practice, book, website or CD that will help you get in closer contact with your Higher Self. Similarly, you may meet someone, such as a spiritual teacher or a friend who tells you about a class, that further propels you on your spiritual path.

Eight of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Monday

hanson roberts tarot
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

The Eight of Pentacles is the Tarot card for today and it is all about hard work! (zzzzzz) But more than just about hard work – its about making sure that if you are working hard you are working toward something that has meaning for you.

Today is all about buckling down, getting focused and being truly productive. The reward from this intense dedication is in the work itself – putting your energy into creating something worthwhile.

You are making enormous headway right now, but you won’t realize it until later on down the road. There is a time for dreaming, planning, action and celebration and right now you are in the action/creation stage of things. Its a great place to be!

Just make sure that your goal has personal value to you and that you take regular breaks to renew your creative energy – its easy to get caught up in “getting things done” without seeing the big picture.

What Does Your Favorite Tarot Card Say About You?

We all have a favorite Tarot card. Mine is The Star, with The Hermit being a close second. Believe it or not, your favorite Tarot card says a lot about you and where you are right now on your life path.

druidcraft tarot the starIf you don’t automatically know what your favorite Tarot card is, take a moment to go through your Tarot deck and choose the card you feel most drawn to. Do it now, before you read the rest of this article!

Okay, now that you have your favorite Tarot card in front of you, I want to reveal the five “keys” that will unlock the secrets (about you!) hidden in this card. Does that sound ultra-dramatic or what?!

Key #1: Color
What color is most prominent in your favorite Tarot card?
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