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My 3 Favorite Tarot Card Spreads…

As I’m preparing for my upcoming webinar/online class on the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, I’ve been thinking a lot about spreads. Tarot spreads I love, Tarot spreads that suck, and the spreads I come back to again and again like … Continue reading

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Halloween Tarot Card Spread

Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s full of costumes and candy and lacks the obligatory, tiresome vibe of Christmas and Valentine’s. What’s not to love? Every Halloween night I bust out my incense and candles and do a … Continue reading

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Tarot Spreads! Interview with Sasha Graham, Tarot Author

Join me as I sit down with “Tarot Diva” Sasha Graham as we talk about working with Tarot spreads, her B-horror movie career and her new book 365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day. We cover all kinds … Continue reading

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New Years Tarot Spread: Mapping Out Your Year Ahead!

New Years Day is one of my favorite times to do a Tarot reading (along with Halloween and my birthday). This year, I have designed a special New Years Tarot Spread to help you get a snapshot of the year … Continue reading

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