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It’s Okay to be a Jerk Today

Veronica is my evil twin. And oh my god is she evil! The contents of her Kindle are filthy, filthy, filthy, and her mind isn’t much better. The advice she gives via her Tarot cards is one stop short of … Continue reading

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Queen of Cups ~ F*ck this Christmas sh*t!

Veronica Noir is my batshit crazy twin sister. She is just like me except she’s brilliant, has no sense of guilt or shame, speaks her mind and does whatever she wants, when she wants! Kind of like a psychopath….but with … Continue reading

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Tarot Card for Tuesday ~ Avoid the Temptation of Shiny Objects!

Don’t get distracted! You are on track, doing well, so don’t give up now. Distractions abound, but keep your eye on the prize and keep trucking. The Seven of Feathers (aka Seven of Swords) warns that you aren’t at the … Continue reading

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Cat (High Priestess) ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

Today’s Tarot card is Cat, Knower of Secrets, aka the High Priestess. It is time to go within and listen to your inner voice – the voice of your intuition. Shut out all distractions for at least 20 min today … Continue reading

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Four of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

Are you feeling a little bit “meh” about life today? The Four of Cups suggests that, despite being offered many opportunities, you just aren’t feeling the razzle-dazzle! Part of you feels that life should be more than this. The repetitive … Continue reading

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Connect and Collaborate ~ Two of Cups for Oct 21 – 27th

This week’s Tarot card is the Two of Cups, which means that making meaningful connections with others will be of utmost importance to you this week. Focus on forming bonds and alliances and if you find yourself getting all in … Continue reading

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You are Safe ~ Nine of Wands (Wednesday)

Today’s Tarot card, Nine of Wands, is all about confronting your fears head on. You may be feeling a little world weary and perhaps you have lowered your expectations lately. But the Nine of Wands is here to remind you … Continue reading

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Eight of Wands ~ Life is Speeding Up! (Monday)

Things are speeding up! Hold on to your hat because life is unfolding before your very eyes…at the speed of lightening! The Eight of Wands Tarot card signifies that important letters/emails are being written and sent. Should you censor yourself? … Continue reading

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Seek Inner Wisdom ~ The Hierophant (Tuesday)

The Hierophant shows you that you may be searching for a wise teacher. Someone who has all the answers and will tell you exactly what to do. Avoid the temptation to seek widsom outside of yourself today. Yes, you can … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry…Be Spacey ~ Nine of Swords (Monday)

Today’s Tarot card is the Nine of Swords and comes to tell you to stop worrying about stuff. Your mind has an amazing ability to turn small issues into big problems – if you let it. If you feel bombarded … Continue reading

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