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An Empty Mind is a Happy Mind! (Thursday)

An empty mind is a welcoming receptacle for genius and inspiration! That is the message of today’s Four of Swords. If you find yourself struggling to think straight, get things done or come up with good ideas, its because the … Continue reading

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Knight of Cups: Bust out Your Paintbrush and Pack Your Bags! (Friday)

Its time to get artsy fartsy! The Knight of Cups is all about following your heart and honoring your inner creative. Get your feet wet and do something arty – go to a dance class, make a collage out of … Continue reading

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Ace of Pentacles ~ Wednesday’s Message is Go for it!

I love this card! The Ace of Pentacles is about getting clear on where you are going and starting down a fresh new path. Set a new goal today if it feels right. Tend to any “weeds” on your path … Continue reading

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Wheel of Fortune – Positive Changes on the Horizon

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is one of the most exciting cards to get, in my opinion! It shows that things are changing and won’t stay dull for long. You have had ups and downs throughout your life, but … Continue reading

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Will Today be Whiny Wednesday? Three of Swords Takes the Stage…

The Three of Swords is one of the most miserable cards in the Tarot, in my opinion. But don’t worry, it doesn’t foretell how things will be today. Rather, it tells you what to stop doing today! The Three of … Continue reading

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Ace of Wands ~ The Most Erect Card in the Tarot!

In all its phallic radiance, the Ace of Wands graces us with it’s presence today! I daresay those sunflowers look suspiciously testicular. Moving on…. New beginnings! Fresh ideas! Planting seeds of awesomeness! Today is a great day to fertilize your … Continue reading

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Six of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

The Six of Cups suggests you help a friend out today. Someone in your life is in need of your love, attention and emotional support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone today and lend them a helping hand. This … Continue reading

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Tarot Forecast for the Week Ahead!

This week looks like an interesting one! Lots of feminine energy… Have a lovely week, everyone! 🙂

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Ace of Swords! Tarot Card for Monday

What a great way to begin the week! The Ace of Swords swoops in today to encourage you to cease the day, take on the challenge and cut away all that holds you back. A fresh new beginning is being … Continue reading

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The Star ~ Tarot Card for Friday!

The Star Tarot card is one of the most magical cards in a Tarot deck, and it has appeared today to bring you a special message. Just like Tuesday’s card (Waterfall), the message today is that life can be effortless … Continue reading

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