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Tarot Reading for July 14-20

Have a lovely week 🙂

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Tarot Forecast for Jan 27 – Feb 2

I will be on Christiana Gaudet’s Tarot radio show on Sunday, Jan 26th at 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern. You will be able to call in to chat with me, ask questions and I am even doing some free mini readings!!!! … Continue reading

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The Hermit – Embrace Emptiness (Thursday)

Today’s Tarot card is The Hermit. One of my faves! This card tells you that its time to go within and tune out all the drama and excitement of the outside world. You may notice a big zero on this … Continue reading

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The Devil shows you how to swap bad habits for good ones (Thursday)

The Devil is today’s Tarot card and he prances by to tempt you with your secret desires, the fulfillment of which will not bring you the freedom that you are truly craving. The Devil represents those addictive behaviors that are … Continue reading

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Tarot Reading for the Week Ahead

Here is my Tarot forecast for the upcoming week….

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Make Today Come Alive! The Seven of Pentacles Reveals the Secret to True Success…

The Seven of Pentacles is all about patience, patience, patience! Your hard work will pay off….eventually. Right now is the time for you to enjoy the process and don’t worry so much about the results. The naked, tattooed chick with … Continue reading

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Tarot Card for Wednesday: Who IS This Knight of Pentacles?

The Knight of Pentacles shows up today as someone in your life…someone who drives you nuts! This person (probably a man), is annoyingly sensible, down to earth in a boring way and is a real stick in the mud. Who … Continue reading

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Ten of Wands Tarot Card: Why It’s Okay to be Lazy

Today’s Tarot card is the Ten of Wands and it here to tell you to lighten up and stop taking on more responsibility than you need to! You may feel crushed by the weight of “society”, but know that it … Continue reading

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Nine of Swords ~ Tarot Card Reading for Thursday

The Nine of Swords has appeared today to tell you to stop worrying! That only makes things worse!!! You need to get it together and put things in perspective today. Even if your worst fear manifested, chances are it would … Continue reading

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Eight of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

Today you may find yourself craving deeper meaning in the work that you do. The Eight of Cups signifies a need to dive deep beneath the surface, as you are no longer content to frollick in the shallow waters. You … Continue reading

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