March 2013

Five of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

robin wood tarot
Robin Wood Tarot

The Five of Pentacles Tarot card has shown up today to indicate that there is something or someone in your environment that is bringing down your mood.

It could be a friend who is always moaning about money problems – that friend who’s always whining “but I can’t afford it.” Or maybe you do this? If so, stop it now!

If you want to live an abundant life, surround yourself by people and things that make you feel abundant and question your own core beliefs about money. Limit time spent with downer friends – otherwise they can suck your energy.

Alternatively, you can tell your friend about a good law of attraction book or even directly question her negative beliefs about money, as long as it doesn’t feel too preachy or aggressive. Your friend will either raise her abundance mindset to meet yours or gradually recede from your life. Either way, its a good thing.

Dreamtime ~ Oracle Card for Wednesday

dreamtime oracle card
Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

The card of the day is Dreamtime ~ Creation from the Earth Magic Oracle, reminding us of the power of dreams and our ability to manifest.

All un-manifested things and all possibilities already exist in the dreamtime (another dimension). If you can imagine something, you can bring it into existence with focus and determination. But the real secret is lies in letting your mind wander and allowing it to dream up wonderful possibilities.

So let yourself engage in the kind of daydreaming that is not chaperoned by ego or rational, “sensible” thought. Also, pay particular attention to the dreams you had last night and tonight – they may hold special significance for you.

Ace of Wands! ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

ace of wands tarot card
Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Today’s Tarot card is the Ace of Wands from the Paulina Tarot and the message is all about paring passion with wisdom. Passion is represented by the Suit of Wands and wisdom is indicated by the giant owl, an ancient symbol of wisdom.

Wisdom on its own is wonderful…but a little boring. Passion on its own is exciting, but can die down without the mature, guiding force of wisdom. When you combine the two, you strengthen your ability to enhance the world around you in a real, meaningful way.

Today, ask yourself where you could use a little more wisdom and what areas need a bit more passion. If you are working on a project or have recently had a new idea, see how you can combine your passion with your wisdom….and then watch the magic unfold!

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Breaking Free ~ Oracle Card for Monday :)

fairy oracle card Today’s oracle card message is “Breaking Free”  from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. Have some fun today seeing what kinds of boring, unhelpful things you can break free from.

Perhaps there is something big you are longing to break free from – like your job or a dead-end relationship. Or maybe its negative, fear-based thinking that you would like to be free of. Or even a boring social event that you feel you “should” attend.

Whatever it is, know that you can break free from it in a way that’s classy, safe and liberating! Get creative and see what you can come up with. And most importantly, focus on feeling that feeling that you know you will have once you are free of the burden in question. In the comment section below, feel free to share what you long to break free from…

What’s Missing in your Tarot Reading?

Today I want to talk about the “missing cards” in a Tarot reading – the cards that are conspicuously absent.

For example, lets say you are doing the Celtic Cross Spread and you have some Pentacles, Swords, Cups and a Major Arcana card or two….but absolutely NO Wands. What does this mean?

Usually, if a reading is void of Wands it can mean there is a lack of passion. So if you were asking about a business idea, the above reading example might indicate that you’ve thought things through (Swords), made practical plans (Pentacles) and your heart is in it (Cups) but you don’t really want to do it – there is no real passion there.

the sun tarot card
The Paulina Tarot

An absence of Cups can mean this situation needs more love, emotion or feeling. No Swords show that more rational thought and clear communication is needed. Few or no Pentacles can indicate that your ideas are not grounded in reality and practicality.

Tarot Tip: The cards that are absent from a reading are just as important as the ones staring back at you.

A really cool thing you can do right now is go through your favorite Tarot deck (the one you most often use) and look at each card. You will notice right away the ones that almost never come up for you in a reading. They will jump right out at you!

Ask yourself if these “no show” cards represent something that’s missing from your life, or do they simply not relate to your situation right now? Sometimes, its the Tarot cards we want the most that never seem to show up for us!

What cards are mysteriously absent for YOU? And what do you think it means? Tell me all about it in the comment section below…


Two of Swords ~ Daily Tarot Reading for Friday!

Osho Zen Tarot by Ma Deva Padma

Today’s Tarot card is the Two of Air from the Osho Zen Tarot (aka Two of Swords). This Tarot card seems to be screaming “make a decision already!”

Your head is above the clouds, so you have it in you to make a clear decision, even if you don’t believe it. Now is the time to decide, not a week from now or a month from now. The time is now.

Your life will get easier once you choose a distinct path, and you will have extra energy at the end of the day. Things seem all big and serious right now, but when you look back on this time you will think what was I so conflicted about?

Snail’s Pace ~ Oracle Card for Thursday

snails pace
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s oracle card is Snail’s Pace from my Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle. The message on this card is “slow down, grounding, listen for the heartbeat of the earth, subtle energies.”

Hrm, hrmm, this is very similar to yesterday’s Four of Swords! Perhaps you didn’t take the advice of yesterday’s card? (which was to take a nap). If so, today is STILL a nap day! Yay!

However, I don’t feel like today is really a do-nothing kind of day, but rather a do one-thing-at-a-f*&%ing-time kind of day. Don’t pull any of that multitasking nonsense and just focus on being fully present and alive in all that you do. Have a beautiful Thursday! 🙂

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Four of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

four of arrows
Wildwood Tarot

Today the message is loud and clear: Take a nap! Stop trying so hard. Spend some time alone…doing nothing.

The Four of Swords (or in the Wildwood Tarot, pictured left, the Four of Arrows) brings the message that it is time to retreat and replenish yourself. If you have been a bit of a Hurry McFlurry lately, its time to go horizontal on the sofa.

True genius emerges when you let your brain go comatose for a while. The butterfly in this card represents the transformation that takes place when we give ourselves the rest we crave. Happy napping! 🙂



Self-Sacrifice ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

self sacrifice
Mystic Meg Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is Self-Sacrifice, also known as The Hanged-Man. This card is asking you to give up looking at things through your own point of view (your ego) – only for today.

Suspend judgement and personal motives and look at this situation through a new set of eyes. While you may feel powerless, this experience will be powerful in the long run. Dare to do nothing right now….one of the most rebellious things you can do!

You are entering an interesting and very powerful phase of your life – you are becoming aware of how your ego and judgements function. You are on the cusp of truly releasing the ego. Meditation can be very helpful for you at this time. Only in the space of no-mind, does true wisdom come forth.