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The Hierophant – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 6 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The Hierophant – one of the least “fun” Tarot cards, but fascinating nonetheless!

You may want to grab your Tarot journal, make yourself some tea and settle in….


Tradition, established power structures, institutions, top down hierarchy, membership within a group, conformity, rules and customs, group-think, The System, taking a conventional path, a teacher who operates within a specific tradition or institution.


Crown, robe, stick, priest with monks, hand signal (ritual, pomp and ceremony, hierarchy)

The Dark Side of The Hierophant

Oppressive institutions and power structures that stunt the freedom and growth of an individual.

The Bright Side

Providing a well worn path, structure and guidance as you unfold and develop.

1) Institutions

The Hierophant represents institutions with established hierarchical power structures and traditions with rules, customs and rituals. Think religion, gov’t, law, education, military – but also powerful gangs, clubs and organizations.

Journalling Questions:

♥ What institutions have you experienced directly?

♥ What has this experience been like? How has it been helpful? Unhelpful?

2) Conformity

The Hierophant is all about conformity and the sense of belonging and power that comes with that. Most groups have power structures, rules and some sort of ideology that one must conform to in exchange for membership. Whether you pledge allegiance to a New Age UFO cult, a biker gang, The Mafia or some conventional path laid out by The System, your conformity is in the realm of The Hierophant.

Journalling Questions:

♥ What is your relationship to conformity like? When was the last time you conformed? What does it feel like to conform? Or not conform?

♥ When (or where) in your life have you chosen a conventional path? How have you benefited from that?

3) Teacher

The Hierophant can represent a teacher or guide who helps you learn and incorporate a “system” or set of rules, customs and ideology into your life. This can be a negative and/or positive thing. A good teacher shows you how to access your inner wisdom, while a bad teacher tries to replace your inner wisdom. Know the difference!

Journalling Questions:

♥ When has a teacher been most helpful for you?

♥ Where in your life do you need to get more in touch with your inner guide and wise person?

The Wisdom of The Hierophant

There’s a time to be a rebel and strike out on your own and there’s a time to take the well worn path and benefit from the wisdom, power and structure of a time tested tradition.

For those who need a little guidance, The Hierophant offers a ready-made blueprint and playbook for you to follow…just add conformity and obedience and you’re all set!

The illusion of The Hierophant is that he offers protection, certainty and a “safe plan” – he does not. Well, actually he does….but not forever. At a certain point we must all leap into the abyss and figure shit out for ourselves.

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The Hierophant? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Lovers – one of the juiciest Tarot cards yet!

The Emperor – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 5 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The Emperor – perhaps one of the most misunderstood figures in the Tarot. Everyone thinks he’s a stuffed shirt, but he’s actually quite the rebel!

Have your pen and notebook handy, grab yourself a drinky-poo and get comfy….


Father archetype, authority, sovereignty, power & control, stubborn, maverick, rebel, trailblazer.


Ram’s heads (Aries- aggression, war), Throne, long beard (wisdom, experience)

The dark side of The Emperor

Being overly stubborn, inflexible and rigid. Wanting power and control over others, to compensate for feeling powerless and out of control on the inside.

1. Sovereignty

The Emperor, in his highest, most positive expression, has complete power and authority over himself. He lives by his own value system and set of rules – always doing things his way. Forging his own path, he becomes a trailblazer and some may even see him as a bit of a rebel.

Journalling questions:

♥ Where in your life have you been a bit of a rebel?

♥ How comfortable are you with self governance? Are you always looking for a set of rules or a formula for doing things?

♥ What values and rules do you use to “self-govern”?

2. Stubborness

There’s a time and place to be stubborn and dig in your heels, but sometimes this can be a fault if you’re totally inflexible all the time. The wise Emperor knows when to be stubborn and when to be flexible. The unwise Emperor derives his sense of self from maintaining a “my way or the highway” attitude at all times, closing himself off from people, experiences and growth.

Journalling questions:

♥ How stubborn are you? How has it served you?

♥ How has it stunted you? (Think of an example of when you were stubborn and later regretted it).

3. Power & Control

The Emperor is all about stability, power and control. A wise and healthy Emperor is a master of himself who practices self control and cultivates inner power. A dysfunctional Emperor lacks self control and inner power and so he seeks power and control over others, becoming an oppressive dictator who is obsessed with draconian laws and mandates.

Journalling questions:

♥ What is your relationship with power and control like?

♥ When you are put in a position of authority, how do you feel?

♥ When someone else is in the position of authority, how do you react?

The Wisdom of The Emperor

The Emperor advises you to turn your desire for power and control toward development of your self, not the control of others. If you notice yourself wanting to change or control others, it’s time to check in with yourself and observe how you’re using your own power.

The wise Emperor tells you that when you focus on developing the power within, as opposed to power over others, you become empowered and sovereign. This makes you capable of walking your own path, charting your own course and being a wayshower to others – becoming a powerful figure in your own right!

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The Emperor? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Hierophant – stuffy and uptight on the outside, but a fascinating wealth of knowledge on the inside!

The Empress – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 4 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The Empress – the sensual and luscious mother-goddess of the Tarot!

Grab a pen and notebook, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and let’s settle in together….


Creativity, abundance, fertility, nurturing, receptivity, allowing, going with the flow, relaxation.


Garden, stream, female symbol, relaxed pose.

The Darkside of The Empress

Lazy, entitled and unappreciative. Wishing to be supported by others while reclining on her chaise lounger eating bonbons.

1. Abundant Creativity

The Empress is abundantly creative – whether it’s through her body (fertility) or in a more artistic sense, she knows how to be in the flow of energy! Her endless creativity is a result of her abundant mindset – there is no such thing as lack in the Empress’s universe.

Journalling questions:

♥ What do I want to birth into the world?

♥ What do I want to create right now?

2. Nurturing

The Empress’s power lies in her ability to nurture….without being overbearing. When she nurtures something – with her body, actions, thoughts, love, time and energy – it is sure to grow and flourish! But she gives her creations the freedom to grow in whatever direction they wish.

Journalling questions:

♥ What am I nurturing in my life?

♥ What would I like to grow? What actions, thoughts, words and feelings will help nurture that?

3. Receptivity & Allowing

Being open to receive whatever life has to offer, while allowing things to unfold in their own time is the secret power of The Empress. She doesn’t rush or demand or specify how things must be – she allows and then chooses. She’s like a hippy-dippy gardener who lets her garden grow wild, weeding from time to time and watering the flowers she wishes to grow.

Journalling questions:

♥ In your life, are you the uptight gardener or more like The Empress?

♥ If you were tapped into this “allowing” energy, what would you do differently?

The Wisdom of The Empress

While The Magician makes things happen by his intentions and actions, The Empress sits back and lets the abundance of the universe to flow to her – then she decides what to nurture. She chooses.

The Empress isn’t passive, she just doesn’t lift a finger or break a sweat. And once she envelopes something in her nurturing embrace, allowing it to grow and flourish, she lets go and allows it to take on a life of it’s own.

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? What is ONE way you can channel your inner Empress today? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Emperor – possibly one of the most misunderstood characters in the Tarot. He’s not as uptight and bossy as you think, I promise!

The High Priestess – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 3 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The High Priestess – perhaps the most mysterious and secretive card in your Tarot deck!

You might have already seen this video because I originally uploaded it way back in February 2021. After making this video I felt inspired to do a whole series – it just took me 7 months to get my shit together!

Have your pen and notebook handy, grab yourself a bevy and get comfy….

The book I mention in this video is Tarot for Transformation by Andy Matzner (a great Tarot book full of journal prompts and Tarot wisdom – I highly recommend it!)


Intuition, dreams, inner mysteries, psychic realms, the subconscious & unconscious, cycles, secrets.


The veil of pomegranates, the ocean/water, moon, scroll.

The dark side of The High Priestess

Destructive secrets, hiding something, gate keeping as a form of power (not protection).


1. The Subconscious

The High Priestess guards the gateway to the subconscious/unconscious – our mysterious, hidden realms that even we don’t fully understand. Dreams, hypnosis, automatic writing, meditation and shamanic journeying are all are ways to access the subconscious parts of ourselves.

Journalling question:

♥ What methods help me tap into the hidden realms of my mind?


2. Intuition

The High Priestess reminds us to honour our intuition, as it is the voice of the soul! Our intuition connects us to our inner wisdom and to the unseen realms of energy and spirit – when we honour our intuition, we move through the world with more ease and purpose.

Journalling questions:

♥ What is my relationship with my intuition like?

♥ How can I honour my intuition more in daily life?


3. Cycles & Rhythms

The moon, the seasons, the menstrual cycle, night and day, birth and death – everything is cyclical, everything has a rhythm to it. The High Priestess wisely reminds us that trying to fight the natural cycles and rhythms will result in imbalances being created, and she encourages us to honour our rhythms whenever we can.

Journalling questions:

♥ What cycles and rhythms can I identify in my life?

♥ How can I better honour my natural energy cycles?


The Wisdom of The High Priestess

The High Priestess reminds you that there is more to you than you think! Your intuition is the key that will unlock the secrets of your soul and unconscious self and by honouring our natural cycles and rhythms, we can tap into our true power.


Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The High Priestess? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Empress – the languid, sultry queen of the garden!

The Magician – Tarot Meanings Deep Dive!

Welcome to part 2 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The Magician – sexy, sneaky, seductive and powerful, he has a wealth of wisdom to share with us!

Have your pen and notebook handy, grab a cup of tea and settle in….


Manifesting, making it happen on the physical level, director of ideas & energy, conduit between physical and energetic worlds, illusion and trickery.


Hand positions (one pointing up, one down), infinity loop above head & ouroboros (snake biting it’s own tail), cup, wand, pentacle and sword on table.

The Darkside of The Magician

Illusion & trickery, dark seduction – think cult leaders, deceitful politicians, pyramid schemes and dishonest advertising.

1. Manifesting

The Magician is a master at creating things out of thin air and making it happen! He knows how to tap into the world of inspiration and ideas AND bring those ideas into physical form. His secret is having his words, thoughts, energy, feelings and actions all in alignment with his goal.

Journalling questions:

♥ How good are you at manifesting (on purpose)?

♥ Think of something you tried to manifest, but couldn’t (and something you DID manifest) – differences?

♥ Think of something you want to manifest – are your emotions, actions, thoughts and energy all in alignment with your goal?

2. Direction

The Magician is like a conductor who directs energy and ideas to where they need to go. His message is that you are powerful and how you choose to direct the forces in your life determines the direction you go in.

Journalling questions:

♥ Do you see yourself as the director of your life? Are you in the drivers seat? (you may find you’re in the drivers seat in some areas, but not others)

♥ What can you do TODAY to step into your power more fully? (example: make a list, set a goal, get organized, take action)

3. Illusion & Trickery

The dark side of The Magician is that he can be a real trickster and master at creating seductive illusions that threaten to re-direct your energy and sap your power.

Journalling questions:

♥ What illusions have you fallen for? (example: pyramid schemes, self help gurus, fuck boys, advertising)

I was once convinced by a very convincing sales woman that a package of bath salts would “change my life!” and “create massive shift”. They did not. Oh well. At least it was just bath salts and not a cult.

The Wisdom of The Magician

The Wisdom of The Magician is that you are a conduit for energy and ideas whether you realize it or not. Your power lies in your ability to be intentional and in alignment with your mind, heart, body and spirit.

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The Magician? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The High Priestess – the guardian at the gates of your inner mysteries!

The Fool – Tarot Meanings Deep Dive!

Welcome to my brand new Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series! Each week I’ll be taking you on a Tarot journey into ONE major arcana card.

Join me as I dive into The Fool to reveal his secrets, wisdom, dark side and most importantly – what he’s trying to tell you about YOUR life!

Have your pen and notebook handy, grab yourself a bevy and get comfy….


New beginnings, adventure, lust for life, fresh start, trust, risk, optimism, possibilities yet undiscovered


0, sun, cliff edge, head up, small pack on a stick

The Darkside of The Fool

Too trusting, too risky, naively optimistic, foolish, lacking awareness.

1. New Beginnings

The Fool is all about new beginnings and fresh starts! When he appears in a reading, it’s to remind you to look for opportunities for learning, adventure and new experiences. Each day is a chance for a fresh start!

Journalling questions:

♥ Think of a time in your life when you experienced a new beginning or fresh start…

♥ Are there any opportunities right NOW to try something new?

2. Risk & Adventure

The Fool encourages you to get outside your comfort zone, take a risk (symbol: cliff edge) and embrace adventure! It’s important to pack light when making a fresh start (symbol: tiny bag on stick).

Journalling questions:

♥ What is your relationship to risk taking in your life?

♥ How often do you go outside your comfort zone? And how far?

♥ What is something you’ve been wanting to try? What mini-risk can you take?

3. Trust & Optimism

The Fool advises you to cultivate trust and optimism – the secret ingredient to a life filled with adventure, growth, learning and new experiences! The sun, along with The Fool’s head tilted upward, symbolizes optimism and looking on the bright side.

Journalling questions:

♥ What is your relationship with optimism like? What helps you cultivate optimism?

♥ How true is this statement: “I trust in life”?

When I sat down to journal about this, I realized that anytime I feel anxious about something, it’s because I don’t trust in life. But how does one cultivate trust in a world where bad things do happen and “staying safe” 100% of the time isn’t possible?

The epiphany I had is that trust in life means trusting that in the end, all will be well – my soul is eternal, I am more than my body and everything serves a purpose in the end, once the big picture is seen. Embracing this perspective on things has allowed me to shed some of my fear and inhibitions.

The Wisdom of The Fool

The Wisdom of The Fool is to always look for possibilities, see the opportunity for adventure, take a risk every now and then and trust that life takes you where you need to be.

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The Fool? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Magician – the Tarot’s ultimate manifestor and trickster!

The Best Way to Learn the Tarot Card Meanings

The following post and video is inspired by Andy Matzner’s book Tarot for Transformation.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – a juicy Tarot secret that will help you truly understand your cards and make your readings POP!

But first, some boring backstory….

I first discovered Tarot when I was young and impatient and I immediately set about trying to learn and memorize all 78 Tarot cards.

A typical Tarot beginner move!

Not to brag or anything, but I kind of succeeded. Within a fairly short amount of time, I had a surface level grasp of what most Tarot cards represented. But I was a shitty reader and I still didn’t understand what Tarot was really all about.

Fast forward to now. I’m slowly working through Tarot for Transformation: Using the Major Arcana to Discover Your Best Self and Create a Life Worth Living by Andy Matzner.

It’s a deliciously slow process, like eating a box of chocolate caramels while stoned.

This slow process, which I’ll describe in a hot minute, allows me to stay with a card way longer than I normally would – to really climb inside it and roll around in it. And at the same time, to climb deep inside myself (which sounds a bit creepy, now that I think about it).

The more I get to know each card, the more I realize that the cards are simply there to help me get to know myself. Mind blown!

So what exactly IS this juicy Tarot secret I speak of? And how do you apply it to your readings?

The secret is this: each Tarot card is alive within you – it’s like a map of your soul. Once you understand how the themes of each card play out within you, you begin to develop a personal relationship with the Tarot. And once you come to know the Tarot intimately (seeing your self in the cards and the cards in you), the cards will open up to you and reveal their mysteries.

I’m going to take you on a little journey – we’re going to dive into The High Priestess together. Or rather, we’re going to dive into ourselves to find our inner High Priestess! Woo hoo!

Exploring the Subconscious

mystic meg tarot
Mystic Meg Tarot

In Tarot for Transformation, Andy Matzner writes that The High Priestess is associated with water, intuition, repeating cycles of change, the moon, wisdom, the subconscious and many other things. Basically, all the cool stuff.

He asks: “how can we best move between the conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves?”

So let’s start there. How indeed?

I’ll let you go first. Have you found any methods or activities that help you tap into the partially hidden realms of your mind? Take a moment to ponder.

A few years ago I was hypnotized and while I was under hypnosis, the hypnotherapist asked my higher self to come forward and answer a list of questions that I’d prepared in advance. Holy moly! My higher self said all kinds of wild stuff! The session was recorded and when I listened back to it I was blown away by the wisdom, advice and insights that I got. Who knew?!

Dream Journalling, lucid dreaming, meditative journeying and various automatic writing exercises have also helped me tap into my subconscious and unearth my inner wisdom.

Often, when The High Priestess shows up in a reading, she’s telling you to go deeper. Don’t just be content to fuddle about with surface level stuff. Go deep. The answers are within you.

Honouring Your Intuition

In Tarot for Transformation, many different methods of tapping into your intuition are suggested, along with a list of journal questions like how do you know when your intuition is communicating with you? and Describe a time when listening to your intuition changed your life.

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake

So let’s go there. What is your relationship to your intuition like? Are you in the habit of ignoring it? Have you been making attempts to honour it or even explore it in a feet first, New Age Adventurer kind of way?

For years I tuned out my intuitive feelings like you would a pesky younger sibling. My intuition felt like an inconvenient distraction from logic, reason and the goals of the ego.

But as I got older and more desperate to find real meaning in my life, I began to re-discover my intuition. And look at me now! Blogging away about intuition like I know what I’m talking about! 😉

The High Priestess reminds us to acknowledge our intuition because the way we treat our intuition mirrors the kind of relationship we have with our soul (our deeper, expanded self). Honouring your intuition is a great way to show yourself some love and respect.

Cycles & Rhythms

Now let’s shift gears a bit and talk about the moon, cycles and natural rhythms, which are all in the realm of The High Priestess.

Just as we aren’t really encouraged (in our current society) to honour our intuition, we are actively discouraged in following our natural rhythms and cycles. Tampon ads are the perfect example of this.

Google image search “tampon ad” (go ahead, I’ll wait for you) and you’ll see an array of women playing tennis, doing gymnastics, climbing walls, doing back flips and playing soccer alongside phrases like “my period doesn’t slow me down!” and my personal favourite “Serena SHUTS OUT mother nature’s monthly gift” (a Tampax Pearl ad featuring Serena Williams). Cold and flu medication ads pull the same shit.

But is it wise to push your body when you’re on your period? Or trying to get over a cold? The High Priestess says NO! Work with your cycles, not against them. There will be times of high energy and times of low energy. There is a time to shine and take action and and a time to rest, recharge and go inward.

The Anna K Tarot

In Tarot for Transformation, there are a bunch of great journalling questions about this, like “how familiar are you with your own natural rhythms?” and “when do you typically feel most drained during the day? Most energized?”

A question I want to add is how can you better honour your natural energy cycles?

Take a moment now to ponder this. Journal about it if you want.

I’ve found it much, much easier to honour my energy cycles since I became self employed and started working from home. From ages 4 – 30ish, I was always on someone else’s schedule and feeling like I had to meet the energy demands that others placed on me. Since I became fully self employed, I’ve been in control of my own schedule and the type of work that I do, allowing me to work with my energy and cycles.

Of course there are plenty of ways to honour your cycles without quitting your day job! A really neat book on how to sync your diet and exercise to your menstrual cycle is Womancode by Alisa Vitti.

Learn about the moon phases and experiment with syncing up your activities so they correspond to the moon’s energy. For example, focus on manifestation and taking action on goals when the moon is waxing and releasing things when the moon is waning.

Is there a particular time of day when you’re most energetic? Or most creative? Plan your activities accordingly. It sounds ridiculously simple but we often overlook this sort of thing.

So now you know!

Now you know the secret to really, truly understanding your Tarot cards. Dive deep, take your time and don’t just explore each Tarot card and it’s symbols, but use your cards to explore your SELF. Use your cards to ask yourself questions and don’t be afraid to get nosy and personal (it’s just you, after all!)

If you liked this approach to exploring Tarot…

Make sure you check out Tarot for Transformation by Andy Matzner. It’s a big book with plenty of great info on each Major Arcana card, along with journalling questions, exercises and tips for diving deep. Your relationship to your cards (and your self) will never be the same!

Purchase on Amazon (my affiliate link)

Now tell me…

Did you learn anything new about The High Priestess (or your self) from doing this exercise? What was this exercise like for you? Feel free to share in the comments below 🙂

The Tarot Court Cards….In Bed! Part 4: The Kings

It’s been over a year since my last installment in the Court Cards in bed series and I’ve left the best ’til last…The Kings!

After struggling to understand and connect with those distant and chilly Court Cards, I decided to hop into bed with them (in my mind) and imagine what they would be like between the sheets. Yes, it’s super pervy, but that’s just how I roll!

If you’re unfamiliar with this series, here are my previous posts:

The Smutty Side of The Tarot Queens

Those Nasty Pages!

Hot Tarot Knights


I had so much fun writing these, but for some reason I couldn’t muster the passion to write about those stuffy Kings. I guess I’ve just never been into older men. But my smut loving readers have been asking me to finish this series for months: “Do the Kings! Do the Kings!”

So finally, with a little help from my evil twin Veronica, I’m doin’ the Kings!

The Tarot Kings in Bed

The Kings are mature, confident and experienced. As Samantha from Sex and the City once said about an older lover “he’s been around the block and knows how to use his c*ck!”

And that pretty much sums it up.

The only downside with the Kings is their tendency to be a bit….stuffy and overly serious. But those crusty, responsible exteriors are hiding a molten hot lava core of blistering raunchiness. Enjoy!


The King of Cups

Crystal Visions Tarot

Suit qualities: emotions, feelings, relationships

Personality traits: touchy feely, chit chatty and caring, he’s one of those “sensitive” guys.

The King of Cups actually cares about your feelings and listening to you yammer on about the emotional day you just had gives him a total boner!

He’s ultra sensual and cares deeply about your pleasure and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you explode in just the right way. But beware…..

You may think you can have an anonymous quickie with this guy in the bushes at a Summer music festival, but then he’ll ruin it after by saying something lame like “how are you feeling?” or “I hope I didn’t violate any of your emotional boundaries.”

He wants nothing more than to “be there for you” and to listen and comfort you in your time of need. Which is just fine if it’s a therapist you’re looking for. But if it’s just a great shag your in need of, look elsewhere. This guy could drive you nuts with all the talk talk talk about feelings.

In real life he’s a counselor or teacher and loves giving his friends and co-workers spontaneous backrubs and hugs for no reason.

He’s very comfortable touching people. And he won’t hesitate to touch you – everywhere – again and again. You may think you’ve landed yourself a doting lover, but his generosity is a sham – he will later demand payment in the form of sharing your feelings. *Shudder!*

Secret fantasy: Doing it missionary on one of those Freud-style therapy couches while you whisper the word “feelings” over and over again in his ear.


The King of Wands

Druidcraft Tarot

Suit qualities: creativity, passion, career, action

Personality traits: This King is full of get up and go, filthy ideas and the plenty of raw energy to make your fantasies a reality. He’s someone worth busting out the Astroglide for.

As a lover he can go all night long – unlike some of his contemporaries, who are more interested rubbing suntan oil on their beer guts and grumbling about interest rates.

Since the King of Wands is a very successful sort of man who has his shit together, you will be deliciously shocked by his inventiveness and lusty ways in the bedroom!

For example, he is the type to suggest co-writing a porno script and then acting it out, viking helmets and all. See what I mean? Totally raunchy!!!

The only problem with the King of Wands is that he won’t tolerate a phoned in performance in the sack. So don’t think you can just lie there and fake moan on those days when you’d really rather be watching Witches of East End and eating peanut butter Coconut Bliss.

Secret fantasy: Being the star in a live sex show


The King of Pentacles

Morgan Greer Tarot

Suit qualities: money, health, home, the body

Personality traits: This guy is sexsessful with a capital S! Dripping in gold watches, money and businesses, he’s the quintessential sugar daddy.

Having shed the uptight sensibility of his youth, this King has weathered a few divorces and isn’t looking for a big commitment – he’d rather wine, dine, 69 you. And that’s good news!

The King of Pentacles is very much into eating….food and other things. He will suggest you cook him dinner wearing nothing but an apron and then want to smear your entire body in creme brulee. Which could either be fun or totally gross. You decide!

Alcohol, especially wine, is a favorite bedside companion for this booze swilling King. He loves nothing more than getting drunk by the fire and then rolling around naked on a faux fur rug until you both pass out.

His greatest downfall is his tendency to get so trashed that he becomes unconscious before you get a chance to get it on. Worst of all, he won’t even remember your mind blasting BJ techniques that you learned from reading Cosmopolitan in the grocery store line up.

Secret fantasy: Something involving a bevvy of prostitutes, being fed grapes and a champagne waterfall.


The King of Swords

Robin Wood Tarot

Suit qualities: intellect, thoughts, mind, communication

Personality traits: I hate to say it, but this guy is kind of a bore. He’s rigid, starchy and has no sense of humor….until you toss him on a bed and have your way with him!

The King of Swords spends all day being a big boy and acting like Mr. Smartypants. Just the kind of guy who needs to be taken down a peg or two.

If your looking for someone to dominate, the King of Swords is your man! His corporate facade is exhausting to uphold and he longs to pushed around and told what to do.

But his tastes are rather specific – not just any old honkytonk dominatrix will do. He prefers a lady of substance and refinement. Someone who is well read and knows the difference between Wuthering Heights and Fifty Shades of Grey.

In between steamy, all out kink fests he likes to discuss literature, politics, art and film (not movies – those are for riff-raff). So if you’re super-brainy, this buttoned up, stuffed shirt King will fulfill your desire for intellectual stimulation and your need to degrade someone. The perfect combo!

Secret fantasy: to be dominated by a bookish librarian type who will shriek out Shakespeare quotes while she spanks him!


To Sum Things Up…

Looking at the Tarot Court Cards in a whole new way brings them to life!

The Tarot Court Cards are multidimensional characters and while most descriptions of them can be pretty yawn-worthy and forgettable, I guarantee you won’t soon forget the filth you just read here.

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Tarot Card Combinations Exercise!

As I was writing my upcoming Tarot card meanings e-book, which should be out in June, I had a bit of an epiphany and an idea for a fun Tarot exercise.

My epiphany was this: the Major Arcana in the Tarot (The Fool through to The World) represent different aspects of your self, while the Minor Arcana represent the different aspects your life.

This of course is not my own idea, as I’m sure it’s been written about in many Tarot books before, but I really truly got it as I was writing this book. It was one of those things I already knew intellectually, but suddenly understood it on a deeper level.

So here’s my idea for a fun Tarot exercise:

As a way to practice card combinations, lets pair up a Major Arcana card with a Minor Arcana card (not a court card, though). I chose the The Emperor and the Four of Cups.

emperor and four of cups
Universal Waite Tarot


How would The Emperor deal with feeling bored and uninspired (Four of Cups)?

Or, how does your inner Emperor – the part of yourself that is independent, a bit rebellious and stubborn – respond to feeling this way? When you feel like the mopey moper in the Four of Cups, how does that effect your ability to be the Emperor in your own life (ie: the captain of your ship)?

Personally, when I’m feeling bored and blah about life, I tend to feel un-confident about making decisions and taking charge of my own life. This is when I might sleep till noon and spend the evening watching shit TV or reading celebrity gossip blogs. Aka Saturdays.

Let’s try another!

How would Death – the part of you that ruthlessly clears out what is no longer needed  – experience the Ten of Wands (feeling overburdened and exhausted by crummy chores and stuff)?

death and ten of wands
Universal Waite Tarot


I’ll bet he’d delegate certain chores and start saying “no” more often. He would have no trouble allowing things to die (like droopy houseplants, dull friendships or lacklustre hobbies) if the upkeep of those things didn’t make him feel alive.

Through this exercise, you’re able to learn things about yourself and explore all the possibilities of who you really are.

Now it’s your turn!

Choose your favorite Major Arcana card and then randomly pick a card from the Minor Arcana. Ask yourself this:

1. When I feel like the Minor Arcana card, how does that effect the part of myself that is like the Major Arcana card?

2. How would the part of myself that is like the Major Arcana card deal with the life situation illustrated by the Minor Arcana card?

3. What does this tell you about yourself? Is it relevant to your life right now?

Share your results and interpretation in the comments below 🙂