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Do Some Research!

do some research
Magical Messages from the Fairies by Doreen Virtue

Start your week off by delving into things! This card says “you need more information about this situation. Look into it further before proceeding.”

If you need to make a decision, do your homework and get informed. Don’t forget about Google! Information is easily found these days, so take advantage of this fact.

Today is the perfect day to lock yourself in a room with all your books and read, read, read just for the joy of it.

Whether you like trashy novels, history books, biographies, true crime or metaphysical books, your in the mood to absorb knowledge like a sponge – so do it!!!

Angel Card Reading for Oct 28 – Nov 3

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This weeks Angel card is Peace and the message is “Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.”

This week is all about finding peace within yourself, even if your surroundings are not very peaceful or loving. This is the only way that real change can be created.

Start seeing stress, conflicts and mishaps in your life as opportunities to find peace within. You may find yourself feeling very resistant to something or someone this week – see if you can drop that resistance.

Anytime you catch yourself thinking that things should be different than they are, then you know you are not in the process of creating peace. Let go of the desire to change everything and improve things – instead, just focus on improving how you feel about things, one step at a time.

You are at a time in your life where creating peace within yourself is totally do-able – your level of awareness is awakening more and more each day. So this week, as you go about your daily activities, check in with yourself every now and then and ask “Am I creating peace?”

Just asking this simple question will quickly move you into a state of peace and joy!

Note: On November 4th I will return with my daily readings. Thank you for your patience 🙂

Angel Card for Monday ~ Accept Yourself Now!

angel card
Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Angel card is all about Acceptance. Right now, before you do anything else, take a deep breath and say to yourself “everything is as it should be. Everything is unfolding in perfect timing.”

Do you notice a deep, internal relaxation happening when you say that to yourself? Give yourself permission to just accept everything as it is right now. Let go of the pressure to change and improve things.

You may not realize it, but you are perfect as is. Your life is perfect right now, everything that is “supposed” to be happening is and by simply being present you are living your purpose fully.

You don’t have to do anything today but just be. So crack open a beer and put your feet up! (Just kidding). But you totally can if you want.

Abundance Abounds! Sedna Speaks (Wednesday)

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s oracle card is Sedna: Infinite Supply and her message is “you are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.”

You live in an abundant universe that flows with an unending stream of energy, light and life. Don’t forget this! The more you remember, the easier it will be for you to create a life of ease and fun.

Sedna seems to be saying “relax, calm down, you are loved and taken care of.” You have been taught to believe otherwise, of course, but don’t buy into that whole “life is a struggle” mentality.

Find a way to contemplate the infinite abundance that exists here. The more you understand it, the easier it is to believe in it. I find that looking at the ocean or night sky can give me a better understanding of this concept 🙂


Dealing with Increased Sensitivity (Tuesday)

angel card reading
Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

You are becoming increasingly more sensitive – especially over the past two years or so. This is exciting for you, but it can also be exhausting!

As the card suggests, you need to make changes accordingly. You may find that you can’t eat the same kind of foods you used to – like meat, gluten, sugar or dairy, for example.

Or you may notice that you need more “down time” than you used to in order to recharge. Being in crowded places affects you the most and this can either be an energizing or totally draining experience for you.

You have probably noticed that you are affected by others moods and feelings more now than ever before. Use this as a way to connect and help others, but don’t let it take you over and suck your energy. Practice clearing and grounding meditations to help you stay perky and uplifted.

I am really curious how you are experiencing this increase in sensitivity? Please feel free to share in the comment section below:) For myself, I have noticed that I no longer want to eat dairy, sugar and processed foods and my desire to watch TV and movies is steadily declining. My sensitivity to hostility and violence is way stronger than it used to be. And the weirdest part is…. criticizing others (even in my head) just feels draining to me now and not as enjoyable as it used to be!

You’re on the Right Path ~ Angel Card for Wednesday

your on the right path
Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Do you find yourself thinking am I on the right path? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?

The answer is YES, even if it doesn’t really seem like it. Many people believe that if you are unhappy and struggling that it means that you have veered off your path, but that is not always true.

Making the “wrong” choices, messing up and facing challenges is all part of your path – and so is being blissful and enjoying life. So don’t feel that you are failing at life just because some days are totally shitty.

But am I doing enough? I hear you asking. Yes you are, so just relax! Part of your path or purpose is to simply live your life in accordance with your beliefs and values, even if they differ from those around you. If you are doing this, you’re ahead of the game!

Oracle Card Reading for the Week Ahead

This week is the perfect time for doing some deep contemplating about how you can create more joy in your life, what your “message to the world” is and how you can beautify your surroundings.

The two major questions to ask yourself this week are:
1) How can I make more room for fun this week? (Hint: ditch boring social engagements)

2) If you had 1 min to speak to a crowd of 1,000 people (1,000 attentive people, who are listening to every word you say and not jerking around on their iphones), what would you say? What message would you deliver?

Bonus question: How could you deliver this message another way? For example, through painting or writing. And how could you make the delivering of this message FUN and joyful?

Feel free to share in the comments below!!!!



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