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The Hanged Man: Live in the Now, Silly! (Friday)

Guest Post by Veronica Noir…

hanged man
The Cosmic Tarot

The Hanged Man symbolizes the enlightenment that comes when you stop striving and trying so hard to get somewhere.

It also symbolizes the great ideas that come to you when you hang yourself upside down for an extended period of time. I haven’t tried this myself, but apparently it increases blood flow to the brain and makes you more intelligent. Who knew?

Have you been feeling bored or restless with your life lately? I sure have. And I noticed that when I put my full attention on what I was doing (for example, eating or an afternoon shag), a mundane event became a riveting feast for the senses! No joke!

So today, instead of trying to make something of yourself and move forward in life, let yourself be perfectly still. Enter the NOW! Allow the present moment to exist without condemning it as “boring” and not worthy of your full attention. Oh, and you may have to take a hammer to that shitty iphone to do this properly….just a suggestion 😉

Today’s Tarot reading was a guest post by The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin, Veronica Noir – lover of Tarot, cats and men in their early 20’s. Veronica spends her days eating coffee cheesecake, spying on neighbors and just being her fabulous self!

Four of Pentacles – Stop Keeping Your Greatness to Yourself! (Thursday)

The following reading is by Veronica Noir…

4 pentacles
Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

What are you holding onto so tightly? The Four of Pentacles is here to say loosen your grip already and don’t be so stingy, you cheapskate!

This isn’t so much about money as it is about talent and unique gifts. If you hoard your skills and amazing-ness and don’t share it with the world out of fear, then what the f*ck are you here for?

You are not here to follow orders or do what everyone else is doing, so do some deep diving and figure out what it is you are afraid of exactly?

When you think about speaking your truth, doing what you want and expressing your talents, what fears pop up for you? Write them down and ponder the shit out of them! They are what stand between you and a life of passion and fireworks.

Today’s reading is a guest post by the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin Veronica Noir – lover of Tarot, cats and men in their early 20’s. Veronica spends her days sipping Vanilla-Raspberry Rooibos tea, writing erotic fiction and creating subversive artwork.

Queen of Wands = One Badass Bitch! (Wednesday)

Author’s note: I am turning my daily readings over to my evil twin Veronica for the remainder of this week as I put the finishing touches on my new e-course (The Art of Reading a Negative Card in a Positive Light). I will return next week 🙂

queen of wands
Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The Queen of Wands! Such a badass bitch! This Queen is my favorite of all, as she has the perfect combo of male and female energies – not like a hermaphrodite, but more like a phallus-wielding dominatrix.

This lady isn’t afraid to make shit happen and she has a ball the entire time. Think of a workaholic, but minus all the crappy, unlikeable personality traits. That’s the Queen of Wands for you!

Is that a whip she’s holding, or a wand with flowers on it? I hope its a whip. Anyhow, she’s leaning against a very huge, very nonchalant cat, which pretty much sums it all up – this Queen is beyond awesome.

But what does it all mean for you?

Well, it means that it’s high time you started acting like this goddess and channeling your inner Queen of Wands! Don’t stand for any whining from others today, it will only slow you down. Also, remember that success, productivity and achievement can be delicious, sexy and fun 🙂

Phallic Symbolism in Tarot: What all Those Wands and Swords REALLY Mean by Veronica Noir

My evil twin Veronica Noir is back with a vengeance and she’s writing about her favorite topic – penis symbols in the Tarot. Why do I let this depraved woman write guest posts on my blog? I will never know…

Have you noticed how there seems to be a suspicious amount of phallic imagery in the Tarot? No? It’s just me? Well anyway…

Wands, swords, scepters, torches, pillars and walking sticks – it seems like anyone whose anyone in the Tarot is triumphantly grasping some kind of pole.

Before you scoff at this idea, I want to you grab your Tarot deck and have a gander. You will notice that nearly every Major Arcana card features someone holding a long, hard object. I am not being crude here – just telling it like it is!

king of cups
In case you were doubting this King’s potency, he is wielding a giant phallus in this left hand (Rider-Waite Tarot)

The Minor Arcana cards are no exception to this rule, either. The entire suit of Wands and Swords feature numerous phallus-like symbols on every card.

So what’s with all the phallus’s????? This is a question I have been meticulously pondering all week.

So lets start with talking about what a phallus (aka penis-shaped object) symbolizes.

A phallus represents male energy. Think power, potency, fertility, passion, action and extroversion.

The suits of Swords and Wands are “male” suits. The Swords suit deals with thought/mind/rationality, which are stereotypically associated with maleness in our culture (even though we all know that’s just silly!) And the Wands suit symbolizes passion and action which is, again, is often associated more with masculinity than femininity.

The other two suits in the Tarot – Pentacles and Cups – are female suits. The Cup and Pentacle both symbolize the womb. The suit of Cups is all about emotion, feeling and relationships, while Pentacles is about home, health and the body – all things typically associated with women.

Trumpet or phallic symbol? You decide… (Crystal Visions Tarot)

To sum things up, the Suit of Swords and the Suit of Wands represent extroverted qualities – and the penis is the perfect symbol of extroversion since it is literally extroverted. Vaginas and wombs are literally introverted, therefore, the female suits of Cups and Pentacles stand for introverted qualities.

I hope I haven’t lost you in all this rambling about penis and vagina symbols. Anyhow…

Try this:

Ask yourself “what is my relationship to power?” Now, choose a Tarot card. Notice if there is a phallic symbol on your card.

What is the phallic symbol doing? Is it penetrating someone from behind like in the Ten of Swords? Or laying limply on the floor like in the Four of Swords?

How is this symbol being held? Proudly or nonchalantly? Is the phallus a burden like in the Ten of Wands and Two of Swords, or is it something you want to steal, like in the Five of Swords and Seven of Swords?

Some other cool questions to ask are:

  • What role does passion play in my life right now?
  • What do I need to know about “taking action” in my life?
  • How is my masculine energy showing up for me?

Whenever a penis-like object shows up in a reading ask yourself what role it plays in that card. Then relate it to either power, passion or action. And voila! Magical insights explode onto the scene!

In the comments below, tell me what card you chose and what you think the phallus symbol means to you….can’t wait to read these comments 😉

Veronica Noir is a lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She lives for cappuccino cheesecake, bitchy cats, eavesdropping in coffee shops, conspiracy theories and the occasional skinny dip.

Tarot Card for Wednesday: Who IS This Knight of Pentacles?

Shadowscapes Tarot

The Knight of Pentacles shows up today as someone in your life…someone who drives you nuts!

This person (probably a man), is annoyingly sensible, down to earth in a boring way and is a real stick in the mud.

Who is this person in your life?

It could be your romantic partner, a co-worker, a friend or sibling. This person has money, only because they are terrified of spending any and they think everything through….for years.

But one things for sure: they are grating on your nerves with their “but what if?” mentality.

Your role is to support them in moving forward. No, they don’t like to be pushed. But see if you can make them feel comfortable and safe enough so that they can trust in life for once.

Your relaxed, can-do attitude will rub off on them…..eventually.

So who is this Knight of Pentacles in your life? Share it in the comments below!


Today’s reading is a guest post by Veronica Noir, a lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin.

Angel Card for Tuesday ~ Get Rich the Sexy Way

prosperity Ariel
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

How prosperous do you feel right now?

Archangel Ariel is craddling a cornucopia of golden popcorn as she murmurs “your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.”

Oh Ariel!

What she’s really saying is that focusing on getting rich won’t necessarily make you feel rich.

Instead, do what you love, love what you do and the rest will follow. Great advice, but how do you do it?

Here’s a juicy secret: when you start indulging the senses, you begin to feel radiant and abundant. Do this long enough and your finances will catch up.

Take the time to really enjoy that cappuccino cheesecake – close your eyes and devour it like its a hot young lover you will never see again.

Walk barefoot in the grass and pretend you don’t give a shit about stepping on a bee or spider.

Watch the sun set and don’t talk.


Today’s reading is a guest post by Veronica Noir, a lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin.

Tarot Card for Monday ~ From Responsible to Debaucherous!

Wildwood Tarot

Do you feel like your dragging yourself uphill with a pile of junk on your back?

The Ten of Bows (aka Ten of Wands) only appears when you have an unhealthy case of “responsibility”.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to take care of everyone and do everything yourself. You just don’t. So stop it!

Life is not supposed to be hard work all the time. F**k that sh*t!

The glowing fire at the top of the hill suggests that there will be rewards from all your efforts and drudgery.

But you know what?

There’s an easier way to get there – you don’t need to take the path of blood, sweat and tears.

And if there isn’t an easier way, there is a more enjoyable way.

For example, if the dude in this card had a flask of green apple schnapps with him, he could stop and rest every five minutes, making the journey a little cheerier – slower, but cheerier.

So what can you do today to turn your “responsible” drudgery into a debaucherous party?


Today’s reading is a guest post by Veronica Noir, lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin.


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Tarot Card for Friday: How The Tower Can Spice Up Your Life

the tower
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Happy Friday…it’s The Tower!…dun dun dun

I’m not a pervert, but The Tower is strikingly similar to the Ace of Wands from yesterday, if you know what I mean 😉

What I mean is that is very phallic (penis-like) and this is pretty significant in my opinion.

Are you sufficiently “turned on” by life? Does your life excite you and light you up?

Or do you find yourself drudging through the day, just waiting until The Bachelor or Keeping up with the Kardashians comes on at 7pm?

If you aren’t exploding with creativity and lust for life, somethings wrong.

And when this happens, you will subconsciously create situations in your life that will shake you awake and force you to live differently.

Today could be one of those days where you suddenly wake up and think “what the f*&k am I doing with my life?!”

This is a good thing! Questions like this lead to miracles.

If you feel like talking about yourself today (and who doesn’t?), tell me in the comments below: when was the last time you felt truly excited by life?


Today’s reading was a guest post by Veronica Noir, who is a lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin.

Ace of Wands ~ The Most Erect Card in the Tarot!

ace of wands robin wood
Robin Wood Tarot

In all its phallic radiance, the Ace of Wands graces us with it’s presence today! I daresay those sunflowers look suspiciously testicular.

Moving on….

New beginnings! Fresh ideas! Planting seeds of awesomeness!

Today is a great day to fertilize your dreams and start taking those first steps toward making it happen.

Write your bright ideas down and make plans to carry them out. Not all of them will grow into greatness, but one of them just might.

Sexy times are in the air today! Fertility is raging. So if you don’t want to ruin your life with children, take precautions. Otherwise, have a field day!

In the comments below, tell me what “new beginning” you are most looking forward to in your life?


Today’s reading was a guest post by Veronica Noir, a lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. 

Tarot Card for Wednesday: How The Devil Can Set you Free!

Authors Note: For the next week, my evil twin Veronica Noir will be taking over doing the daily readings for me while I take a blogging break. Her reading style is a little different from mine – she’s a total bitch, has a depraved mind and her vocabulary is like something straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey – so as you can see, we are total opposites.

I will not be responding to any comments posted here over the next week, but I can’t wait to read them all when I return to my blog! I will resume my regular readings next Thursday. But until then….I will leave you in Veronica’s good hands 😉

Warmest Regards,
Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)

Rider-Waite Smith Tarot

The Devil is one of my favorite Tarot cards!


Because it nudges you toward freedom by revealing how you are giving away your power.

Plus its the kinkiest card in the Tarot.

The Devil Tarot card comes up whenever addictions are an issue. So ask yourself: What am I addicted to right now?

Perhaps you are addicted to getting others approval, buying Tarot decks (wink!), eating coffee cheesecake or cyber-stalking hunky male celebrities.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t enhance your life as much as you think it does. Your addiction will hold you back, eat up your free time and drain you of energy and creativity.

But don’t try to stop…that never works! Instead, imagine what your life could be like without this addiction and take things from there.

So….if your in the mood to divulge, tell me what “addiction” is keeping you stuck in a rut in the comments below….