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The Four of Rods – Stay Home This Weekend!

Veronica is a voracious man eater, tarot reader, cat lover and my evil twin/alter ego. She talks like a sailor, slinks about like Catwoman and always has some deliciously subversive advice for you! So without further ado…I bring you Veronica … Continue reading

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Sexy times on the horizon! Six of Swords tells all…

Veronica is The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She is a whip cracking dominatrix by night and a professional napper by day. When she isn’t giving dreadful Tarot readings on this blog, you can find her spying on her neighbors, … Continue reading

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Striving for Balance? Don’t Bother! ~ Tarot Card for Friday

Veronica is the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She spends her time penning smut, sipping martinis, and planning her next seduction. Let us read what she has to say about the Six of Pentacles… Today we have the Six of … Continue reading

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Dealing with Downers ~ Nix the Whiners in Your Life!

Veronica Noir is a Tarot reader, dominatrix, exhibitionist and the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She has an unhealthy addiction to online shopping, watching kitten videos on YouTube and of course, trolling for younger men and lying about her age! … Continue reading

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Five of Cups ~ Kick Those Loser Thoughts! (Tuesday)

The Five of Cups is here to tell you to look upwards! That’s where all the good stuff is. Don’t dwell on what didn’t work out. Move on! The tower on the hill looks like a big, golden arrow pointing … Continue reading

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The Hanged Man ~ Give up Control! (Monday)

Things are in limbo right now for you, but don’t fret. The Hanged Man is here to remind you that enlightenment – and great ideas – come from giving up the struggle and choosing peace. Avoid trying to change your … Continue reading

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Strength ~ Let Your Inner Lion Roar! (Wednesday)

Make peace with your ferocious side! Today’s Tarot card, Strength, is all about nurturing the beast within so that your animal-nature works for you and not against you. Deny your wild side and it will tear you apart. Love it … Continue reading

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Pick Your Battles…Then Enjoy Them to the Fullest! (Thursday)

The Five of Rods is the Tarot card of the day and its all about conflict, minor battles and competitiveness. Fur is going to fly! You may find yourself thinking “why can’t we all just get along?” or “wouldn’t it … Continue reading

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Ten of Cups Tarot Card Reading for Friday :)

Today’s Tarot card, the Ten of Cups is a happy card carrying the message that joy and emotional fulfillment can be a reality for you and not just some far off dream. However, the rainbow symbolizes things that look great … Continue reading

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Six of Pentacles ~ Tarot Reading for Thursday

Today’s daily tarot reading turns up the Six of Pentacles, which brings a message of balance, equality and the importance of generosity. I have the feeling that most people reading this are very good at showing generosity to others and … Continue reading

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