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Tarot Card Combinations Exercise!

As I was writing my upcoming Tarot card meanings e-book, which should be out in June, I had a bit of an epiphany and an idea for a fun Tarot exercise. My epiphany was this: the Major Arcana in the … Continue reading

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Tarot Challenge: What do YOU think this means?

Pretend you’re doing a reading for a man named Leonardo Rambucco – a dashing man with sexy, Latin looks and an air of mystery about him. He wears a cape (which would be weird on most people, but for him … Continue reading

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How to Connect with Your Tarot Deck….Part 2

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about how to connect with your Tarot deck in three easy steps. This article has proven to be the most popular article on my site, consistently getting the most views … Continue reading

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Tarot challenge! What should Markus do?

It’s time for a Tarot challenge! Are you ready? Okay, here’s your situation: You are doing a Tarot reading for Markus, a smouldering hot 25 year old. Markus is an artist – he specializes in painting pixies and water nymphs … Continue reading

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Trouble learning the Tarot Card Meanings? Try this!

Here is a question that I often get asked: Q: I am having trouble learning the Tarot card meanings. It’s a boring process and I can never remember the meanings. Do I really need to learn them? Or can I … Continue reading

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