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What your closet says about you…

Veronica is my evil Tarot twin and she’s here to deliver her special brand of Tarot wisdom! When she isn’t telling everyone what to do, Veronica spends her days drinking raspberry daiquiris and rolling around naked on a pile of … Continue reading

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How to give advice….

Veronica Noir is The Daily Tarot Girl’s fearless, daring (yet evil!) twin. When she isn’t offering up salacious advice on a Friday, she’s cruising around the Mediterranean on her yacht with a couple of boy-toys, a good book and a … Continue reading

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Naughty Tarot Advice for the Weekend!

Veronica is my evil alter ego and she takes over my blog every friday. When she’s not looking at every Tarot card through a perverted lens, she’s getting bat-shit drunk on her balcony, reading trashy novels and eye-molesting every cute … Continue reading

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Interview with Brigit from BiddyTarot.com

Join me as I chat with Brigit about Tarot cards and Tarot card reading! Brigit Esselmont is the founder of biddytarot.com – a fabulous Tarot website. She is an intuitive Tarot reader, teacher, author and dream manifester who is passionate … Continue reading

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How would YOU interpret this reading?

Are you up for a Tarot challenge? Good! Okay, so let’s say your giving a reading to a close friend (lets call him Xavier, because that’s a pretty sexy name). He moans “my life is not going anywhere. I have … Continue reading

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Are you a Tarot beginner? Start here!

Learning Tarot can be an overwhelming experience. So many decks and books to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. If you are feeling in need of a little guidance, I made this video just for you! 6 … Continue reading

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