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Tarot Challenge: How would YOU interpret this reading?

This is a true story, although names and details have been altered slightly for the sake of confidentiality…

A friend of a friend – let’s call her Sarah – came to me all in a flap! She was so excited because she’d just met someone who seemed like the perfect guy – handsome, sweet, witty, rich and worldly. They had an instant connection and she agreed to a date with him on Saturday, just three days away.

She was pretty certain they would end up marrying and having babies, but she wanted to see what the Tarot cards had to say about it.

Her question was what is the long term potential of this relationship?

I shuffled and drew three cards: The Tower, Five of Cups and Ten of Swords.

Robin Wood Tarot

I gave her my take on these cards and she was NOT happy.  She was very disappointed in the reading and even though I tried my best to find a silver lining and steer things in a positive, empowering direction, it was nearly impossible!

I will share my experience of this reading in next weeks post which will be called My client hated her Tarot reading (and here’s how I dealt), but first I want to hear your take on these cards…

Your Turn!

How would you interpret this reading? What advice would you give to Sarah? Please post your answer in the comments below 🙂

I can’t wait to read your response!!!

Tarot Challenge: What advice do you have for someone stuck in a love triangle?

It’s been ages since I’ve done a Tarot challenge on my blog, and it feels like now is a good time! Here is your situation:

It’s a hot Summer night and you’re sitting outside at your local, late night cafe shuffling your Tarot cards and flipping through your new Tarot book. Suddenly, a total stranger sits down at your table. He’s tall, lanky and wearing those weird hipster glasses that everyone now thinks is “normal”. He has a creepy Leave it to Beaver style haircut and he smells like strawberry shortcake.

“I’m in the middle of a torrid love triangle,” he confesses to you, “and I need to know what I should do.”

As you begin shuffling your cards, he gives you the dirty details…“I have been madly in love with my best friend Damien’s ex-girlfriend Jane for three years. She has reciprocated these feelings – well, sort of. I think she might just be using me for sex, but I’m okay with that. Anyhow, Jane has recently got back together with Damien and now we have to keep our love a secret. I am not really sure how to proceed – do I stay with Jane and tell Damien? Do I continue sneaking around? Or do I break it off with Jane, even though she’s the love of my life?”

You lay out three cards….

dame darcy tarot
Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

Based on this stranger’s situation, how would you interpret these Tarot cards?
Please share your interpretation in the comment section below 🙂

If you would like to see how I read these cards CLICK HERE.

Click here to see how I read these cards... +

Here is my quick and dirty interpretation of these three cards:

"Well, mysterious stranger, the Knight of Pentacles tells me that you're a creature of habit and you like to proceed carefully in everything you do. Part of you might be tempted to not do anything right now because you don't want to rock the boat and cause chaos in your life.

However, the 10 of Swords indicates you are feeling majorly stabbed in the back! And rightly so. It sounds like you haven't really acknowledged your hurt over the fact that Jane has taken back up with Damien. Part of you knows that if you do acknowledge it, how you feel about Jane will change dramatically.

The Ace of Swords seems to be encouraging you to take the initiative and change things. Stop hiding and pussy footing around! It's time for you to be honest with yourself about what you want and what you will not stand for. It's time to turn over a new leaf and start doing things differently from now on. I feel that this Ace denotes a fresh start - a new beginning in your life that quite possibly does not include Jane. But only you can know that for sure.

Out of the three options you presented, which one feels the most empowering and liberating for you? Do that!

I’m looking forward to reading your advice for this mysterious stranger!!!

Tarot Challenge: What do YOU think this means?

Pretend you’re doing a reading for a man named Leonardo Rambucco – a dashing man with sexy, Latin looks and an air of mystery about him. He wears a cape (which would be weird on most people, but for him it totally works) and has a magnetic gaze.

He says “I am a magician who performs at children’s parties, but my dream is to have a big show in Vegas. What do you see in the cards?

You shuffle your deck and draw…..

death & high priestess
Universal Waite Tarot


Death and The High Priestess!

Now here’s the challenging part. You absolutely must NOT say anything discouraging to sexy Leonardo, but you also must NOT sugarcoat this reading either. Your goal is to give him some good advice that will help him on his path.

So – how would YOU interpret these cards and what would you tell him? Please share your interpretation in the comments below!

Tarot challenge! What should Markus do?

It’s time for a Tarot challenge!

Are you ready?

Okay, here’s your situation:

You are doing a Tarot reading for Markus, a smouldering hot 25 year old. Markus is an artist – he specializes in painting pixies and water nymphs and he is really quite talented. But he can’t seem to make a living from his art, so for the past five years he’s been working nights stocking shelves at a sex toy distribution company’s warehouse.

He is fairly happy in his life but his dream is to paint pixies full time and quit his night job. He asks you “how can I be more financially successful with my art?”

You draw two cards: The Hermit and the Seven of Wands.

tarot challenge markus
Crystal Visions Tarot

How would you interpret these two cards? What advice would you give Markus?

Please feel free to leave your interpretation in the comments below!

The purpose of this exercise is to practice your Tarot reading skills. Markus is just a character and situation I made up.

Click here to see how I interpreted these cards +

Markus, it's clear to me that spending time alone, meditating and pondering things will help bring about a solution for you (The Hermit). When your right in the thick of things it can be hard to see the forest through the trees and this is why you aren't sure how to make more money from your art. Get some distance and perspective from it - detach emotionally and look at your art through a different lens - a clear path will emerge eventually. Detaching might mean not taking things personally when it comes to your art, which leads me to the next card - the Seven of Wands.

The Seven of Wands shows that you are feeling defensive about this issue, like making money from your work will mean you have to be competitive or something. It also shows me that you fear attack and criticism. Perhaps part of you really fears having your art judged and critiqued and deemed unworthy. This seems to be the energy that is holding you back and creating fear for you.

The more you relax and let go of this idea, the more quickly you will earn and income from your art. Perhaps letting go of those fears will make you feel more comfortable about putting yourself out there and even networking with other artists. Again, look at The Hermit and notice how calm and detached she is - other's opinions don't define her, so she doesn't fear them.

One theme I notice is that both The Hermit and the guy in Seven of Wands are on cliffs or pedestals. The advantage of this is that you have a nice view of things - a birds eye view. The downside is that you have farther to fall. You may fear that once you attain success you could lose it, or people will judge you more harshly. It's clear you have much passionate and fiery energy around your art (Wands), but it needs to be balanced with the calm, cool and intuitive nature of The Hermit. Meditation, nature walks and reflection will help you discern the voice of your intuition from the voice of your ego so that you can let go of fear and pursue your dream with newfound energy, enthusiasm and calmness.

Tarot Challenge: Interpret these cards in 3 sentences or less!

Imagine this: It’s 8pm on a dark and rainy night. Thunder and lighting boom and flash in the distance as you sit in your armchair by the fire, shuffling your Tarot cards.

Across from you sits Minxy Blue – a friend of a friend. Minxy is a high class escort who lives a lavish lifestyle, “escorting” distinguished gentlemen and the occasional celebrity. But she has recently met someone special who has a problem with her chosen line of work. His name is Vlad Smith and he has proposed to her on the condition that she quit her escort job and do something else.

Minxy loves Vlad but she also loves her work. She’s in a conundrum! She asks you “what on Earth am I supposed to do?”

Just then, two cards come flying out of the deck, landing upright on the table in front of you.

But here’s the challenge: Minxy doesn’t have the time or the patience to listen to you ramble about the cards. So make it quick! In just 3 sentences or less, interpret these two cards in a way that is helpful to Minxy:

tarot challenge
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Please feel free to post your interpretation in the comments below!

If you would like to see how I interpreted these cards, just click on the text below…

Click to see my interpretation... +

Speak openly with Vlad about how you feel about leaving your career (Two of Cups). But make sure you go within and do some soul searching to find out what is truly important to you right now (The Hermit). There is much light and brightness in these two cards which shows that now is not the time to hide from your feelings and issues, Minxy girl!

Tarot Challenge: Interpret This Reading!

Ready to practice your Tarot reading skills?

It’s been a while since I presented you with a new Tarot challenge, so I decided to make this one extra tough… using only Court Cards!

First I will present you with a fabricated scenario:

You are doing a reading for Stephen – a middle aged man who works stocking vending machines in government buildings. Stephen has been divorced two years, has two teenaged daughters who hate him (he sees them every other weekend) and a Chihuahua with a bladder control problem.

Despite this dreary description of Stephen’s life, he is actually quite happy and content. He is coming to you for a reading because he’s just met someone new – Larissa – a new-agey maven who runs the local crystal shop.

They’ve been on a few hot and heavy dates and now Larissa wants him to come to Sedona with her for a Shamanic drumming weekend. He is reluctant. He hates that shit! But he doesn’t want to upset Larissa. What should he do?

You shuffle your cards, lay them out and turn them over. This is what comes up…..

tarot challenge
Druidcraft Tarot

Remember: Court cards can represent people and/or personality traits. They can suggest how to act (or how not to act). Notice the facial expressions, body language and action in these cards.

You are not using a particular spread, so feel free to interpret the cards however you like.

So….what advice would you give Stephen, based on these three cards?

Please post your interpretation/reading in the comments below. This challenge is open to ALL levels of readers – so don’t by shy if your a beginner!…I can’t wait to hear what you come up with 🙂

Tarot Challenge: Interpret This Reading!

Are you up for a challenge? A Tarot Challenge?

I hope so!

Unlike my last two Tarot Challenges, this reading isn’t for a made up, fictitious character. This situation is real, so hold onto your hat!

Note: I have gotten permission from this person to share her reading and ask for interpretations and I have changed her name and any identifying details.

So here goes…

Lola is a 42 year old woman, married, no kids and working in her “dream career”. Everything in her life is wonderful – her husband and family are great and she has lots of money, friends and interests. She is in excellent health and is also quite a sexy lady!

However, these past several months she has felt a certain emptiness in her life. It kind of feels like she is dead inside. She keeps thinking “there must be more to life than this.”  She loves her life, but she doesn’t feel fully alive in it. Some days it just feels like she is just going through the motions. And that feeling is only getting bigger and bigger.

She has come to you for a Tarot reading and has asked you “Why did my life loose it’s ‘spark’ and what can I do to inject magic and joyful zest back into my life?”

These are the cards that come up:

sample reading
The Anna K Tarot

Just to let you know….Lola is a close friend of mine and is one tough cookie – she can take whatever no-frills advice you have for her. So don’t hold back or sugar coat your interpretations! And whatever you do, don’t worry about getting it wrong.

Based on these 3 cards, how would YOU interpret this reading? What advice do you have for Lola?

Feel free to share in the comment section below! I am really looking forward to reading your responses 🙂

My Interpretation of These 3 Craptastic Cards (Tarot Challenge)

Last week, I posed a “Tarot Challenge“, where I asked you to interpret this reading in a positive, empowering way.

First of all, I’ve been LOVING all the comments! I waited until I had written my own interpretation to read everyone’s responses, because I knew it would influence how I saw the cards.

And before I get into my own take on the cards, I just want to say…

Thank you!!!

Big hugs to everyone who participated in this “Tarot Challenge” – it was so much fun to read through your take on the cards. Honestly, I am blown away by the insights and wisdom in all the responses and I feel somewhat intimidated, but also very very lucky to have such brilliant Tarot readers reading my blog!

I think I may do a “Tarot Challenge” each month from now on, as I think its an awesome way to practice and learn 🙂

As promised, here is my own interpretation of these cards:

Universal Waite Tarot

Just to refresh your memory, I am doing this reading for Xavier (a sexy, make believe person) and his issue is this: “my life is not going anywhere. I have been stuck in the same crappy job for the past 6 years, living in my parents basement and have been single for 3 years. I can’t seem to meet the right person, no matter what I do. It feels like I am not progressing in life and I have no idea why or what I can do to change things. Help!”

I ended up reading these cards in a past/present/future framework because that is what seemed to work best for me.


The Ten of Swords

ten of swordsMy attention is immediately drawn to the center card and it kind of makes me chuckle that for someone who complains of being “stuck”, the guy in the Ten of Swords is quite literally stuck – with ten swords!

For the most part, I feel that the Ten of Swords is simply illustrating how you feel right now.

But number 10 cards often symbolize an ending of a phase and this shows that, although it may not feel like it now, things will be on the upswing sooner than you expect.

The Tower

the towerThe Tower has shown up in the past position, which suggests you had some kind of shock a few years back that has caused you to feel a bit fearful about taking risks and moving forward.

Perhaps this card refers to the end of a relationship, loss of a job or even some kind of upheaval within your family. But whatever it was it made you appreciate and yearn for  safety and comfort.

This desire for comfort and safety has often kept you stuck and you may catch yourself thinking things like “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

The sooner you can let go of that mindset, the quicker you will move forward with things and create change. Do you have a thirst for adventure? For taking the odd risk? For trying new things?

Try changing just one habit you have or doing just one new thing a week. For example, go indoor rock climbing or to see a movie by yourself – anything as long as its something different from your normal routine. This will help shake things up energetically and get things moving in a new direction.

I suspect there is something you have been wanting to do for a while now, but you keep hesitating and holding back. Now is the time to do that thing!

Also, using the affirmation “it is safe for me to create change in my life” will be very helpful to you as you move forward.

If you can, write those words down on an index card and tape it up somewhere you can see it everyday, like your bathroom mirror. Yes, I know that sounds really lame and self-helpy, but try it!


deathDeath shows up in the “future” position and thank God for that!

Death ultimately means change. The end of something which will always precedes a new beginning. Nothing is meant to last forever. And really, what a relief that is!

So big change is on the horizon for you, but in order for those changes to happen, you really need to let go of many things.

You will most likely need to release old thinking patterns, limiting self-beliefs, the fear of change (which we all have to some degree) and embrace a new way of thinking and being in the world.

This sounds like an enormous task, but don’t let it overwhelm you. What are a couple of things you could do this week that would help you get on the track to changing your thoughts and feelings?

[If Xavier can’t think of anything, then I might suggest a meditation technique, a book or journaling exercise. I find it’s more powerful if he comes up with something on his own, because often we know deep down what things we need to do in order to create change.]

The “Big Picture” view

When I look at all these cards together, I notice that movement is the theme that really stands out. Let me explain.

In The Tower, we have downward movement (the figures are falling) showing a feeling of loss of control. This lead you to feeling stuck, which is shown by the Ten of Swords where there is no movement happening at all. Then, with Death, forward motion is finally happening! And of course, the sun is rising in the distance. It is the dawn of a new day in your life and today is the turning point.

Xavier, what you do today will determine what happens tomorrow, so embrace your own power to create change in your life. Don’t wait around for something to happen. Get out there and do stuff!

A tip for interpreting “negative” Tarot cards

See if you can come up with at least one or two action steps – this adds that empowering element to a reading.

For example, in this reading I used the Death card to come up with some things Xavier could do (journalling, meditation or reading a book) that would help him change his mindset.

Your client (or you, if your reading for yourself) will come away from the reading feeling like they have something they can actually do about things, rather than feel helpless and powerless.

*If you enjoyed this topic, I will be unveiling my brand new e-course The Art of Tarot: How to Read a Negative Card in a Positive Light this month. It will be chalk-full of tips like this, as well as videos, audio lessons, fun worksheets and more!


Queen of Pentacles – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 1 of my 16 part series Meet the Court Cards – each week we will hang out with ONE court card and dive deeply into the symbols, personality traits, talents and dark side. This will be similar to my Major Arcana Meanings Deep Dive series, but we’ll also explore how each court card acts in the context of love, work and money.

I’ll give you specific ways to embody this card as well as some journalling questions to help you connect with this card on a more personal level 🙂

Today we’re diving into the Queen of Pentacles –the most down-to-Earth and grounded of all the Queens!

Sit back, relax and discover who this Queen really is…

Element: Earth (physical and material stuff, home, body, money, health, sex, food)

Keywords/personality traits:

grounded, practical, down to earth, nurturing, organized, sensual and connected to her own body, patient, stable and consistent, a home body, what you see is what you get, does things in moderation, very connected to the plant and animal kingdoms.


pentacle = money/material realm/the body- 5 pointed star looks like a person

throne = her mature, powerful status (takes ownership of her domain)

plants = the earth, nurturing, plant kingdom

bunny = animal kingdom

red dress = blood/life giving bodily fluid/root chakra

Special Talents…

The Queen of Pentacles knows how to nurture and nourish herself and others in a physical way. She’s a good cook and is gifted in the healing realms.

She knows how to connect to her body and fully experience the sensual side of life through eating, sex, and movement. This lady looooves being in a physical body!

She also knows how to build a strong foundation, is organized and excels at keeping things running smoothly (like finances, schedules, her physical body).

At a Party…

While not the most exciting character, this Queen is always the most reliable. She shows up right on time and will stay late to help with cleanup. She knows how to enjoy good food and wine but never goes overboard so you won’t catch her getting drunk or behaving erratically.

She always brings a calm, grounded presence to any social gathering. You can always count on the Queen of Pentacles NOT to start a fist fight or get into a loud argument! She has a great sense of humour, particularly when it comes to crude jokes about sex or bodily functions. While the other Queens might not laugh at diarrhea jokes, the Queen of Pentacles certainly will!

In love…

Practical and grounded, the Queen of Pentacles looks for a partner that mirrors her stable qualities. Commitment and future plans are what gets her hot and bothered, rather than grand romantic gestures. So don’t bother with dumb cliches like a dozen red roses or sappy poetry – she won’t be impressed.

She knows the initial thrills of a relationship will fade with time, so she doesn’t get too caught up in it. She’s going for the slow burn. She’s not interested in drama or playing hard to get but instead will make her partner feel special with home cooked meals and sensual massages. Her affection is always expressed in a physical way, through hugs, back rubs and cuddles.

In work…

The Queen of Pentacles is happiest doing or creating something physical or doing anything that involves planning and organization. She is disciplined, hard working, reliable and organized – exactly the kind of person you want to work with!

This Queen is best suited to jobs like fitness instructor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, financial advisor, personal organizer, cook, potter or teacher.

In money…

While she’s gifted at managing money, you won’t catch the Queen of Pentacles casually playing the stock market or making any high risk investments. While she loves to indulge a little here and there, she isn’t a splashy spender and believes in doing everything in moderation.

She knows how to live within her means and maintain a comfortable financial in-flow and out-flow balance. Yes, she’s good at making money, but even better at managing it and balancing the books.

In order to thrive, the Queen of Pentacles needs…

Structure and planning! Life needs to feel purposeful and connected to the here and now, otherwise she will feel lost.

Her physical needs of three nutritious meals a day, daily exercise and frequent hugs must be met in order for her to be at her best.

She is happiest in beautiful and comfy physical surroundings – her home and office will be filled with plants, beautiful pictures, comfy throw pillows and always smell lovely. Whatever space she occupies will feel warm and inviting.

She can’t stand…

Unpredictability and change. While she can always adapt, the experience of change is un-grounding.

She dislikes flaky people and gets frustrated by erratic and impulsive behavior in others.

Environments that lack beauty and comfort (gov’t buildings for example) disgust her, and you won’t catch her eating mediocre food in a sub-par restaurant that has big screen TVs blaring everywhere. Yuck!

Dark side of the Queen of Pentacles

The worst part about this Queen is that she can be a bit too practical and boring. If she allows herself to get overly concerned with the material side of life, she loses the ability to dream and imagine, often ignoring the spiritual and emotional side of things.

Embody this Queen:

– Make a to do list!
– Exercise – dance, walk, lift weights – move your body!
– Cook a delicious and healthy meal
– Make a schedule or plan (meal plan, finance plan or fitness program)
– Give someone (or yourself) a massage
– Do some gardening! Put your hands in the dirt
– Spend the day cleaning and organizing your home (I like to jack into some terrifying true crime podcast and then fire up the vacuum!)

Journalling questions:

♥ How are YOU like the Queen of Pentacles?

♥ Do you know anyone who is like this Queen? How well do you get along with them?

♥ Which of her traits could you benefit from? Where in your life do you want to be more like this Queen?

♥ Which of her challenges or dark side can you relate to? Where in your life would you like to be less like this Queen?

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this deep dive? What aspect of the Queen of Pentacles do you most relate to?  Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into the Queen of Swords – witty, bitchy and wide awake, this Queen doesn’t miss a trick and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly! Hop on my mailing list so you don’t miss it!

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UPDATE: The winners are….

Shelly Jablonski and Vern Lim

Congratulations to Shelly and Vern! I look forward to having you in my class 🙂

A huge thank you to everyone who entered ♥ I read through each and every comment and you can imagine it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just two winners. I really loved so many of your responses and interpretations.

Thank you again for taking the time to participate in this exercise and share your Tarot insights with me, may you all find inspiration, joy and warmth on your Tarot journeys!



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*Please feel free to get creative here. Have fun with this! Be as serious or playful as you like. Your interpretations may or may not match the “book meanings” of the cards – that’s okay!

3) Post your interpretation in the comment section below.
(*Again, please keep it to ONE SENTENCE PER CARD – I plan on reading each and every post and if everyone writes a novel it makes it hard for me!)

The deadline for entering this challenge/contest is Monday, Sept 19 @ 12 noon PDT. I will post an update to this blog post, announcing the winners on Monday evening!!!

Good luck & have fun 🙂

Cards below are (from left to right): 7 of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, 10 of Cups
Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle