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My Updated Tarot Deck Collection

A few years ago I made a couple videos about my Tarot deck collection and since then I’ve been bombarded with requests do make a new one that includes my new decks (since everyone knows I have no self control when it comes to getting new decks!).

So….in this video I share all the decks I have acquired since my last deck collection video. I know I am missing a few – I still have some unpacked boxes in my basement which most likely contain some decks and of course this video didn’t include all the oracle decks I’ve gotten – so I will probably have to do another video at some point to include those ones!

And if you missed my previous deck collection videos, here they are:



So now that I’ve shared MY deck collection, tell me about yours! In the comments below, tell me what decks are in your personal collection?

The Most Rebellious Way to Read Tarot….EVER!

Are you tired of reading Tarot in the same old, tired, boring way? Are you ready to kick things up a notch and read outside the box?

You know how you shuffle the deck and then randomly choose some cards? Scrap that!

There’s a new, cheeky way to read Tarot and I want you to give it a go. But first, some background….

The other night I was getting ready to give myself a Tarot reading and I thought “I hope I don’t get any shitty cards.”

I had just had a particularly uninspiring day and I wanted to perk myself up.

Then an epiphany slammed into my brain!

What if I just chose the cards I wanted?

So I did.

I picked the three cards I really, really wanted. The Empress, The Magician and the Ace of Cups.

tarot reading crystal visions
Crystal Visions Tarot

These cards symbolize the kind of energy I want to bring into my life – creativity, power, magic and fulfillment!

Okay – I want you to stop right now, get your Tarot deck and choose the 3 cards that you would just LOVE to get in a reading. Like your 3 favorite cards or the 3 cards that really sum up what you want to draw into your life right now.

Now, look at each card one by one and ask yourself these questions:

  1. How am I already like this card?
  2. What activities or things help me feel like this card?
  3. How would I like this card to show up in my life right now?
  4. What can I do – today- to create more of this in my life?
  5. Is there anything that might stop me from doing this and how will I overcome it?

Here is a little sample of how I did this exercise for the first card….

How am I already like this card?

When I looked at The Empress I reminded myself that I am creative (I like arts and crafts!) and I can be nurturing sometimes (like with my houseplants).

What activities or things help me feel like this card?

Painting helps me feel creative and relaxed, just like The Empress and spending time in the kitchen making tasty things feels very nurturing.

How would I like this card to show up in my life right now?

I would to be able to relax more and feel abundant, like everything is unfolding and happening in the way it needs to and all I need to do is hold the space for things to flourish, instead of feeling like I have to do, do, do, push, push, push.

What can I do – today –  to create more of this in my life?

Practice meditation! I always forget to do this. And make time to paint at least once a week.

Is there anything that might stop me from doing this and how will I overcome it?

I might tell myself that I don’t have time and there are other things that should take priority – like doing homework, working on creating my Tarot course or doing laundry. I will overcome this by writing my painting or meditation date into my calendar each week and then maybe inviting a friend to join me (so I can’t waffle and do laundry instead!)


Doing this exercise with your Tarot cards might actually create real change! This exercise isn’t for wimps, so don’t attempt this unless your ready to become a fearless, deep diving Tarot explorer 😉

Tying it together….

Now that you’ve drilled down each card individually, take a step back and look at these cards as a whole. Do you noticed any similarities between the cards? Any repeating symbols, colors, suits or numbers?

Repeating patterns are your subconscious’ way of getting your attention and communicating something super-secret and important to you!

For example, I notice that there are lots of wings in my three cards – butterflies, a dragonfly and birds. What do wings represent for me? Freedom!

So there is some message here about breaking free or feeling free – and if I choose to go deeper into the reading I can contemplate this a bit more and maybe journal about it. But I’m lazy right now, so I think I’ll just go watch Mad Men and eat a vanilla bean chocolate bar…..it’s from the health food store so it doesn’t count as junk food 😉

Share your results!

I’d love to hear from you!! Please feel free to share your cards and your epiphanies in the comments below….

20 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards Tonight

It’s time to go on a hot date…with your Tarot cards!

Now that Summer is here, it’s the perfect time to pack up your Tarot deck, a journal and pen and head off to the beach, a park or your backyard and do some self exploration.

If you’re wondering what on earth you’re going to ask your Tarot cards, I’ve posted some ideas below. I encourage you to draw only one card per question and to spend some time contemplating and writing. And who knows where your new insights will take your life 🙂

tarot and iced tea
Dame Darcy Tarot & iced tea…yum!


What do I need to know/see/understand right now?

What do I need to focus on right now?

What message do my spirit guides/angels have for me?

How can I have more fun in life?

What’s the best way for me to make a positive difference in the world?

What will help me feel more at peace?

How can I express myself creatively this week?

What talent do I have that I need to use more?

What part of myself am I ignoring/denying right now?

What do I need more of in my life?

What do I need less of in my life?

How can I feel more connected to others?

Who in my life do I need to reach out to right now?

What is influencing me the most right now?

What spiritual lesson am I trying to master right now?

How can I be more powerful and effective in my life right now?

What is my biggest block at the moment?

What characteristics do I need to fully embrace?

What area of my life needs the most attention right now?

How can I feel more free?

  • What if you get a negative card in a positive position?

For example, let’s say you ask “how can I make a positive difference in the world?” and you get The Hanged Man. How on Earth will you interpret that?!

1. Put yourself in the position of the figure on the card. When you become The Hanged Man, what do you notice?

I notice that I am powerless to do anything action wise, but I still have control over how I think and feel. Surrendering to what is brings peace, fighting what is brings suffering.

I also notice that I am upside down, which gives me a totally different perspective on things than I had before!

So I might interpret this as meaning that I can make a positive difference in the world by not wasting energy on fighting against what is. Instead I should put my energy on finding peace where I am and remembering that there is always more than one perspective. When I am in a peaceful state and when I recognize there are many ways to see a situation, I will behave differently and voila! I will have made a positive difference in the world!

2. Ask “what is the positive side to this card?”

All cards – regardless of whether they appear “negative” or “positive” have a positive side to them.

For example, The Devil is about addiction and feeling trapped and stuck, but it’s also about breaking free from addiction and stuckness. So if I had gotten The Devil instead of The Hanged Man for the above question, I may conclude that in order to make a positive difference in the world, I need to first break free of my own destructive habits and patterns and then help others to do the same.

  • Share your experience...

Which question(s) did you choose to explore? Did you have any epiphanies? Feel free to share you experience in the comments below!

Radical holiday ideas from Veronica

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil Tarot reading twin. She enjoys sneaking in dirty gifts at her workplace’s Secret Santa party, avoiding shopping malls and buying herself lavish gifts on Amazon.com. Let’s read her advice for the holiday season….

Osho Zen Tarot

Meditation is like telling your mind to shut the fuck up.

And this card, Silence (aka The Star) is telling you to do just that.

During the holiday season, your mind is probably all like “what should I take to the party? when will I get all my shopping done? What am I going to buy for this person and that person?”

Don’t buy anyone anything this year. It’s all going to end up in a landfill in a couple of years anyway.

Give the gift of silence this Christmas.

Instead of presents, how about presence?

Gosh, I’m witty!

But what this card’s really saying is take some time out from all the pointless parties, socializing with irritating family members and horrific shopping excursions and connect with the deepest part of yourself.

This will allow you to be fully present at your next nightmare inducing social gathering so you won’t have to chug dirty martinis all night just to get through it.

Although, that doesn’t sound so bad after all!

In the comments below, tell me what Christmas event/party/obligation you will be skipping this year…just because?

december special readings

Notice the Good Shit!

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my sassy, foul-mouthed twin and she’s here to inject some fabulousness into your life! Let’s see what she has to say about the Nine of Pentacles….

9 pentacles
Tarot of Mermaids

When you go off looking for the good stuff, you’re likely to find it.

The Nine of Pentacles is all about total enjoyment of your surroundings. And you can start by noticing what’s awesome about your life right now.

No, I’m not going to say “make a gratitude list, be grateful for what you have,” because YUCK! who wants to hear that?

Personally, I’ve had enough of preachy spiritual types telling me to practice “gratitude”. They can suck it.

But I love to appreciate the good things in life – like shutting off my alarm clock and going back to sleep when it’s dark and rainy outside. Or the feel of two boy-toys massaging my feet while the third one feeds me profiteroles. Or just knowing that my kindle has nearly 1,000 filthy unread novels waiting for me….

It’s the simple things, really.

So if you want to make your life more fabulous, make a list.

No, not a gratitude list. Call it a “Delicious List” and list everything in your life that is deliciously wonderful.

Then just sit back and let the good times roll….

3 Ways to do a Reading Without Tarot cards

There are times in life when doing a Tarot reading may be inconvenient or impossible.

For example, you’re on a camping trip with your uber-religious family who shuns Tarot and all other fun things. Or you’re bored shitless waiting in the dentist’s office but you don’t have your deck with you. Or you’re just totally pissed off at your Tarot deck and don’t want to consult it today….

Here are some fun and inventive ways to flex your intuitive reading muscles without your usual deck of Tarot cards:


1. Consult a regular old book as your “oracle”

I got this idea from Keri Smith’s awesome book Living Out Loud.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Think of a big, important question you want answered like “what is the meaning of my life?” or “how can I get more boys to notice me?”

Step Two: Now, randomly pick a book off your shelf. It could be The Bible or Having the Cowboy’s Baby. It doesn’t matter!

romance novel
This book may contain all the answers to your biggest dilemmas!

Step Three: Let the book fall open to any page and let your gaze come to rest on a random sentence. Read that sentence out loud. That is your answer!

Sometimes this exercise produces profound results. Other times it’s just good for a laugh. But either way, it’s worth a try.


2. Read your current environment as if it were a Tarot card

Step One: Think of a specific question or just ask “what do I need to know right now?”

Step Two: Take a good look around you. Your environment is like a Tarot card – rich with symbols and secret messages just waiting to be discovered!

What do you notice first? What stands out? What symbols are present? What color is most prevalent? What is going on?

What is on your left hand side? This is the side of intuition and creativity.

What is on your right? This is the side of action and power!

Step Three: If there is a message for you in your environment (and trust me, there is!) what would it be? What are your surroundings trying to tell you?

I did this exercise last Spring when I was walking along the beach. I asked “what do I need to focus on right now?” and the first thing I noticed was a family of geese, which were flying along. I watched them land in the water, floating gracefully and then diving under the surface. It suddenly struck me how amazing it is that geese get to traverse the world of sky, land and water. I was reminded of the three worlds in Shamanism – the upper, lower and middle earth. At the time I was reading several books on Shamanism and I took this as a clear message that I was to keep on reading this stuff. Also, not to be afraid to dive deep into the unconscious world of dreams and meditative journeys.


star starstarstar

3. Doodle!

You know how when your listening to someone on the phone you sometimes scribble little drawings without realizing it?

These scribbles can be a goldmine for illustrating what’s going on in your subconscious mind!

Something I drew while listening to someone boring

Try this!

You can do this exercise by yourself or with a friend.

Step One: Get out a piece of paper and some crayons (or a pencil if the idea of crayons gives you the creeps). Put on some nice music and sit at your table and just draw some stuff. Don’t think too hard, just let your mind wander. Don’t try to draw something “good”. Just doodle!

Step Two: If you’re doing this with a friend, you can trade drawings and then proceed to “read” each others pictures in the same way you would read a Tarot card.

If you are doing this alone, then you would just “read” your own picture.

Pay attention to what you are drawn to. What color stands out? What symbols speak to you? What is the general feel of the picture? Does it seem to be saying something specific?

Often, the pictures we draw illustrate what is going on for us in our inner and outer lives.

I first did this exercise years ago in a workshop called Exploring Your Psychic Self. The woman who I was partnered with swore she had no psychic abilities whatsoever, yet she was able to spell out my deepest wishes and desires just by looking at my drawing. A drawing that looked like it was drawn by a five year old on acid.





So there you have it! Three totally new ways to have fun with your intuition. No Tarot cards required!

In the comments below, tell me which exercise your going to try today :)…..