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4 Secrets to Being a Fabulous Tarot Reader (Part 2)

In last weeks post, we covered intuition and connecting with your Tarot deck as ways to enhance the quality of your Tarot readings. So now it’s time to dive a little deeper and tackle context and connecting the cards in … Continue reading

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My 4 Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, I have been doing something weird….reading my own blog posts¬† (and enjoying them!) So I decided to round up my top 4 favorite Tarot articles and share them with you. These are the articles … Continue reading

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Asking YES/NO Questions with Your Tarot Cards

I am just going to come right out and say it…. The surefire way to get confused as f*ck is to ask your Tarot deck Yes/No questions. In my opinion, Yes/No questions + the Tarot just don’t mix. The Tarot … Continue reading

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Tarot exercise: Be your own life coach….with Tarot cards!

Do you wish you had your own personal life coach? Well guess what? If you have a deck of Tarot cards you kind of already do have a life coach. Let me explain… Think of your Tarot deck as a … Continue reading

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How do YOU see these Tarot cards?

Back by popular demand….the monthly Tarot challenge! What would YOU do in this situation?: Let’s pretend your giving a Tarot reading to Chastity Applebottom, a striking woman in her late 30’s, who was referred to you by a mutual friend. … Continue reading

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Negative Tarot Cards = Your Secret Desires: A Surprising New Way to Read Tarot!

This week, I am unveiling my brand new e-course The Art of Tarot: How to Read a Negative Card in a Positive Light. Today I want to share my favorite part of this course with you – reading the negative … Continue reading

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Are you Judging Yourself?

Veronica Noir is an anarchist, International woman of mystery, banana bread lover, frantic scrawler of smut and just happens to be my evil twin/alter ego. Here is her take on the Judgement card… Have you been judging yourself lately? Do … Continue reading

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How would YOU interpret this reading?

Are you up for a Tarot challenge? Good! Okay, so let’s say your giving a reading to a close friend (lets call him Xavier, because that’s a pretty sexy name). He moans “my life is not going anywhere. I have … Continue reading

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What you should do this weekend…

Veronica is my terrible alter ego to whom I give free reign for a few minutes on a Friday, so she can write this reading for you. Her advice is always bad, so be sure not to take it ;)… … Continue reading

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Are Tarot Cards People?

I am always trying to think of fun ways to connect with my Tarot cards and get a better understanding of them. From meditating with my cards to interviewing my Tarot deck, I’ve tried it all! But the other day, … Continue reading

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