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Tarot Resources

Tarot decks I recommend (particularly for beginners getting their first deck)

Universal Waite Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Anna K Tarot

Morgan Greer Tarot

Crystal Visions Tarot


Tarot Books I recommend

A Magical Course in Tarot by Michele Morgan

Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

Tarot for Your Self by Mary K Greer


Connecting with Your Tarot Deck


1. What card sums up your personality?
2. What issues/areas of life do you specialize in?
3. What do you look for in a Tarot reader?
4. How can we have a great relationship?

For more tips on connecting with your deck, see this blog post.

Some fun journalling topics

1. What does my higher self want me to understand
2. How can I get the most out of today?
3. What talents am I not using?
4. How can I manifest my dreams quickly?
5. What is the meaning of life?

See my Tarot journal for more ideas…

Go right here for more helpful articles and videos to help get you started with Tarot.

Good luck and happy Tarot reading!




Asking YES/NO Questions with Your Tarot Cards

I am just going to come right out and say it….

The surefire way to get confused as f*ck is to ask your Tarot deck Yes/No questions.

In my opinion, Yes/No questions + the Tarot just don’t mix. The Tarot is an amazing tool for inquiring about things and making discoveries. But it is total shit at answering Yes/No questions.

I know, I know, it’s so tempting to ask. I do it all the time. Even though I know that Yes/No questions never really work well with Tarot, I ask them all the time….and I always end up confused and frustrated.

Why is the Tarot so hopeless at answering your Yes/No questions?

Here’s my take on it – the Tarot is a reflection of the world around you. If you study your deck closely you will see that all the archetypes, emotions, everyday challenges and joys are all depicted in the Tarot.

Our world is complex, messy, interconnected and bursting with colour, sensation and vibration. We don’t live in a black and white world where everything is distinct, separate, clean and neat. And Yes/No questions are black and white.

But here’s a sneaky way to get your Yes/No questions answered anyway…

All you need to do is rephrase your Yes/No Tarot question.

For example, if I want to ask “should I seduce my 19 year old neighbor, yes or no?” I could rephrase it as “how do you feel about me seducing my 19 year old neighbor?” (in this case the you could refer to your higher self, the universe, your spirit guides – whoever it is your trying to communicate with via your Tarot deck)

Asking open ended questions when working with your Tarot cards will make for much better readings and less confusion.

Let me demonstrate this concept a little more….

Today I asked my Tarot deck “should I take a month off to travel around Costa Rica in 2015? Yes or no?” and I pulled the Seven of Pentacles from the Anna K Tarot deck:

7 of pentacles
Anna K Tarot

I was confused at first. Does this mean “yes, but be patient” or does it mean “no, you should be focusing on work”?

So I rephrased my question and asked “How do you feel about me taking a month off to travel around Costa Rica in 2015?” and then I took another look at this card.

Suddenly, it all seemed very clear! A few months ago I planted some seeds (aka started some projects) and those “seeds” have taken root and are beginning to sprout. If I go away now, those shoots will die from neglect. I need to tend to my garden (garden = my life and my creative/business projects) first and once things are more established, then I can take off for a month. I need to be patient now – patient with my projects and business and patient because I will get to go to Costa Rica eventually, just not right now.

So not only did I understand that the answer to my question was NO, I could see the reasons why it was a no and what I needed to focus on in the meantime.

Here are some other ways to rephrase your Yes/No Tarot questions:

1. What is the potential of ___________________?
For example, “should I accept this job offer? Yes or No?” becomes “what is the potential of accepting this job offer?”

2. How would I feel if I ________________?
For example, “should I sell my house now?” becomes “how would I feel if I sold my house now?”

3. What would be the outcome of ____________ vs ____________?
For example, “should I marry Bob or Dave?” becomes “what would be the outcome of marrying Bob?” – draw a card – “vs marrying Dave?” – draw a second card.

Your turn!

What Yes/No question do you have for your Tarot cards? Try one of my alternate rephrases and see how it goes! Feel free to share all about it in the comments below 🙂

Halloween Tarot Card Spread

Halloween is my favorite time of year.

It’s full of costumes and candy and lacks the obligatory, tiresome vibe of Christmas and Valentine’s. What’s not to love?

Every Halloween night I bust out my incense and candles and do a special Tarot reading for myself where I reflect on the past few months and make plans for the coming months.

So I thought I would design a fun, campy, Halloween themed Tarot spread to help you do the same thing!

Halloween Tarot Spread
For a printer friendly version of this spread, click here.

If you would like to see this spread in action, using the Anna K Tarot, here is my demonstration video:

I would love to hear what you think! How was this spread for you? And what are your big plans and goals for the coming Winter?

Tarot exercise: Be your own life coach….with Tarot cards!

Do you wish you had your own personal life coach? Well guess what? If you have a deck of Tarot cards you kind of already do have a life coach. Let me explain…

Think of your Tarot deck as a mediator between you and your Higher Self (or Inner Self, Unconscious, Inner Wisdom, Inner Guru, whatever).

Here’s my easy peasy formula for gleaning important info and guidance into your life via your Tarot cards:

If you would like to do this exercise along with me, the video version is below. Otherwise, read on!

1. Identify your “issue” or problem that you would like some guidance around.

When I did this exercise last night, I chose my “issue” of not finding the right house to buy. I have been searching for over a year and haven’t found the right place yet.

2. Ask “what do I need to know about          (issue)        ?”

For example, what do I need to know about finding the right home (and why I haven’t yet)?

3. Draw ONE card.

The card I got was The Moon.

the moon anna k
Anna K Tarot

4. Which suit is that card from? This will indicate the area of your life in which your “issue” is based.

Major Arcana = spiritual, life path, major life lesson
Wands = energetic, creative, career
Cups = emotional, relationships
Swords = mental, thoughts, communication
Pentacles = body/health, money, material stuff
Court card = A particular person or personality trait

Keep an open mind here. The area of your life that your issue is based in may surprise you. For example, your health problems could be connected to your relationships (Cups) or your relationship issue could be rooted in your money issues (Pentacles).

Because I got The Moon, a Major Arcana card, I know my issue of not finding a house has to do with my life path and is acting as a major spiritual lesson right now.


5. Now, lets take a closer look at the card. We know the area that it relates to, but what is it trying to tell you? Jot down the traditional meaning of your card.

Feel free to look it up in your book or refer to my Tarot meanings cheatsheet.

The Moon Tarot card has to do with the subconscious, dreams and that which is hidden. Sometimes it can indicate deception or not being fully aware of something.


6. How does the traditional meaning (or keywords) apply to your specific issue and/or the area of your life in which this issue is based.

Here is where you are really getting into the nooks and crannies of your issue. This is a chance to look at your issue/problem in a way that you probably haven’t yet.

When I did my reading I felt that The Moon applied to my life in that I have been having lots of dreams lately about going down into basements to view disturbing things (which I suspect is a symbol for exploring the unconscious). This could indicate that subconscious issues are holding me back from finding a house.


7. What advice does my chosen card have for me? What should be your next step?

Now you are switching the lens through which you see this card. You are asking a different question, but there is no need to draw a different card. You only need to look at this card in a different light.

When I gaze at The Moon, the advice that jumps out at me is this: study your dreams and explore the scaryness and ugliness that lies beneath the surface. The frightening things you find in the basement of your dreams may represent thoughts, fears and feelings that you have repressed because you’ve deemed the unacceptable or too scary to face.


8. Set a goal. Write it down. Give yourself a timeline. Take action.

This is where the life-coachy part comes in! The impact of a really insightful Tarot reading can vanish like a fart in the wind if you don’t write it down and do something about it.

I set the goal to consult some dream books and take a closer look at the symbols in my dreams and do some journalling around this. I aim to do this over the next 7 days.


9. Bonus question: what message does my Inner Self have for me in regards to this issue?

If you still feel a little unsatisfied with your reading, this can be a nice way to wrap things up. Spend some time gazing at your card, noticing the symbols and general vibe of the card. Can you decipher a comforting or encouraging message there?

When I gazed at The Moon, I noticed that it wasn’t a full moon – it was only a crescent moon. When I pondered this for a bit I heard the phrase “the moon is not yet full” meaning that the time has not yet come, but it will. In other words, now is not the right time for me to find a house. So I can just relax.


Was it good for you? Let me know what you think!

In the comments below feel free to share your own experience with this Tarot exercise 🙂

Tarot Challenge: Interpret This Reading!

Are you up for a challenge? A Tarot Challenge?

I hope so!

Unlike my last two Tarot Challenges, this reading isn’t for a made up, fictitious character. This situation is real, so hold onto your hat!

Note: I have gotten permission from this person to share her reading and ask for interpretations and I have changed her name and any identifying details.

So here goes…

Lola is a 42 year old woman, married, no kids and working in her “dream career”. Everything in her life is wonderful – her husband and family are great and she has lots of money, friends and interests. She is in excellent health and is also quite a sexy lady!

However, these past several months she has felt a certain emptiness in her life. It kind of feels like she is dead inside. She keeps thinking “there must be more to life than this.”  She loves her life, but she doesn’t feel fully alive in it. Some days it just feels like she is just going through the motions. And that feeling is only getting bigger and bigger.

She has come to you for a Tarot reading and has asked you “Why did my life loose it’s ‘spark’ and what can I do to inject magic and joyful zest back into my life?”

These are the cards that come up:

sample reading
The Anna K Tarot

Just to let you know….Lola is a close friend of mine and is one tough cookie – she can take whatever no-frills advice you have for her. So don’t hold back or sugar coat your interpretations! And whatever you do, don’t worry about getting it wrong.

Based on these 3 cards, how would YOU interpret this reading? What advice do you have for Lola?

Feel free to share in the comment section below! I am really looking forward to reading your responses 🙂

The Tarot Court Cards….in bed! Part 3: The Knights

This is part III of a four-part series called The Tarot Court Cards…In Bed!

I decided to shake things up a bit and look at the Tarot Court Cards from a sexy perspective. Why?

Because Court Cards are kind of a snore. And adding some sizzle and smut makes it fun!

You can read all about the slutty (and not so slutty) Queens right here, find out the filthy ways of the Pages right here and those kinky Kings!

Okay, now onto the Knights!


The Tarot Knights in Bed

The Knights are my FAVORITE court cards to hop into bed with!

Why? Because they are essentially alpha males in training. They have all the vigor and sexual energy required of a hero in a steamy romance novel, but lack the overbearing bossiness of the Kings.

Even better, the Knights are naturally adventurous and are (quite literally) going places.

The Knight of Cups

knight of cups 2
Robin Wood Tarot

Suit qualities: emotions, feelings, relationships

Personality traits: Spontaneous, disarmingly romantic and earth shatteringly sensual, the Knight of Cups knows how to show you a good time.

This Knight looooves grand, public displays of affection. He’s the kind of guy who will propose to you at a football game or in a restaurant – not because he wants to marry you – but because the theatrics of it give him thrills.

In bed he is very creative and has a gift for making unconventional sexual practices – like threesomes and crossdressing – seem deliciously romantic.

He is a true sexual adventurer, learning all kinds of Tantric sex tricks! Books like Extended Massive Orgasm and the Kama Sutra are permanent fixtures on his nightstand.

Since he is of the water suit, his sexuality is quite free-flowing. He is quite likely to be bi-sexual or at the very least fascinated with expressing his feminine side by dressing as a woman (in the bedroom).

And here you thought his dressing up as Britney Spears every Halloween was to make people laugh. It’s not.

Secret fantasy: Cross dressing in your lacy lingerie!


The Knight of Wands

knight of rods
Anna K Tarot

Suit qualities: creativity, passion, career, action

Personality traits: This dude is full of bravado, fiery pizzaz and get up and go – they don’t call him the Knight of Rods for nothing! Tee-hee-hee 😉

Every inch a manly man, this Knight makes an outstanding lover, but will manage to surprise you by penning steamy, erotic fiction (just for you!) and cooking you a gourmet dinner.

Because the Knight of Wands is driven by passion, he’s unwilling to settle for anything less than explosive, fire-work sex.

Which seems really exciting at first, but can get kind of tiring. Sometimes you just want mediocre, lacklustre sex – you know, the kind where you leave your socks on and write tomorrow’s grocery list in your head. The Knight of Wands just doesn’t understand this.

Secret fantasy: This man does not have any “secret” fantasies. He makes his fantasies known and then takes action!


The Knight of Pentacles

druidcraft tarot prince of pentacles
Druidcraft Tarot

Suit qualities: money, health, home, the body

Personality traits: This knight is the most cautious of them all. In bed, he’s obsessed with safe sex.

He’s the kind of guy who will say “I think we should wait” or “are you sure your ready?” – even though your both 42.

The Knight of Pentacles is stable, yet emotionally guarded. He won’t open up easily and he doesn’t show emotion well. Saying “I love you” is a very rare event, indeed.

Once you get him between the sheets he can be a bit….dull. Sex toys? better not go there. Swinging? Never! Light bondage? Don’t even think about it. His sexual repertoire consists of the missionary position and um….the missionary position.

On the bright side, he likes to workout and is a bit obsessive about maintaining his hot, chiseled body. So its not all bad with this fellow – and he’s not a bad choice if your rebounding from a tiring stint with the Knight of Wands.

Secret fantasy: Don’t ask. Because he won’t tell. And even if you did ask he would simply say “I don’t have any fantasies!” in a stilted, wooden voice.


The Knight of Swords

Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

Suit qualities: intellect, thoughts, mind, communication

Personality traits: Well, just looking at this guy you kind of already know how he’ll be in the sack.

The Knight of Swords loves to rush forward and plunge himself into things with ferocious speed – literally and figuratively.

Here’s a guy who doesn’t waste any time ripping your clothes off and throwing you down on the bed. But be forewarned: he wastes no time in jumping up and dashing out before you even know what hit you!

Afterglow? After-go!

Despite being a swords card, this wham-bam-thank-you-maam Knight isn’t all that thoughtful. He’s good at focusing his mind on getting what he wants, but he never really thinks things through to figure out why he wants it.

Secret fantasy: Because this Knight is of the Swords realm, he is very mind oriented and loves over-analyze things. Or should I say over-analize? Say no more!


To Sum Things Up…

Looking at the Tarot Court Cards in a whole new way brings them to life!

The Tarot Court Cards are multidimensional characters and while most descriptions of them can be pretty yawn-worthy and forgettable, I guarantee you won’t soon forget the filth you just read here.

Add Your Two Cents!

In the comments below, tell me which Tarot Knight you think would make the most captivating lover and why?

Are Tarot Cards People?

I am always trying to think of fun ways to connect with my Tarot cards and get a better understanding of them.

From meditating with my cards to interviewing my Tarot deck, I’ve tried it all!

But the other day, one of my readers said she likes to use her Tarot cards as inspiration for character development in her writing….and this got me thinking….

What if I looked at each Tarot card as if it was a person with unique character traits, quirks and secret desires?

I decided to start with one of my favorite cards, the Queen of Wands.

crystal visions tarot
Crystal Visions Tarot

I imagine her to be a real go-getter. Sophisticated, focused and driven, I bet she would read books like Write it Down, Make it Happen and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

If it was the 80’s she would be rockin’ the shoulder pads!

She’s the kind of gal who gets up at 6 am to workout to an aerobics tape like this one:

As a dinner date she is interesting company, but never stops talking…which can get a bit obnoxious.

Of course, this is easy enough to do with a Court Card, but what about a minor arcana card like the Four of Cups?

four of cups
Anna K Tarot

If the Four of Cups were a person, he would be one of those passive-aggressive types. When asked where he wants to go for dinner, he would reply “wherever you want to go” but then be all dissatisfied and resentful about it!

On vacation, he always finds things to be unhappy about – from the low threadcount hotel sheets to the lukewarm quiche.

If friends recommend books and movies to him, he is always “disappointed”  and nothing is quite up to snuff. “I read The Hunger Games,” he laments “and I really don’t see what you liked about it.”

The Four of Cups likes to play it safe. He gravitates to the mundane things in life – only watching blockbusters and eating in chain restaurants – so no wonder he is eternally unsatisfied!

His secret wish is to feel ALIVE in everything he does, but his fear of the unknown holds him back.

Your turn!

Choose a Tarot card that you find a bit perplexing. Now pretend that it isn’t just a card….it’s a person!

What personality traits does he/she have?

What kind of movies does he/she like?

What kind of hobbies are of interest?

What is his/her secret desire?

Tell me what you come up with in the comment section below!

Four of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

four of cups
Anna K Tarot

Are you feeling a little bit “meh” about life today? The Four of Cups suggests that, despite being offered many opportunities, you just aren’t feeling the razzle-dazzle!

Part of you feels that life should be more than this. The repetitive banality of daily life is getting to you and you want a way out. Fear not!

The big thing I get from this card is that no one is going to show up and hand you passion, excitement and meaning on a silver platter. You have to find it yourself.

Do something out of the ordinary today, even if its small. Pick up a book you wouldn’t normally read, go for a walk in a different neighborhood or sign up for that class you’ve been thinking about.

This should be enough to shift your energies so you once again feel the excitement that life has to offer 🙂

My Top 5 Tarot Decks!

Since I love, love, love making lists and coming up with my top 5 movies, top 5 books, etc, I thought it would be fun to list my top 5 Tarot decks. Keep in mind this is the top 5 Tarot decks amongst the Tarot decks I own and not all Tarot decks in existence! So of course, my top 5 Tarot decks list is a little biased. But if I could only keep five of my Tarot decks (god forbid!) these are the ones I’d grab:

note: all links in this article are affiliate links

1) Crystal Visions Tarot

Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

I just can’t get enough of this magical, girly, touchy-feely Tarot deck! I love everything about it – except the white borders, which I hacked off with a paper cutter. At first glance you may think oh, this is another once of those wimpy, fluffy, bullshit decks…but no! It’s not. It’s totally awesome in so many ways.

I go on and on about how great the Crystal Visions Tarot deck is right here, so I will keep it short here. This deck never disappoints me. I always feel comforted and supported when I do a reading with these cards – its kind of like talking with a really wise friend who knows me well, is totally honest, but never a bitch.

The colours are delicious, the energy is divine – and I have never had an “off” reading with this deck yet! This is my go-to deck when I am all in a flap about something.

To see the various readings I have done with this deck, click here.

2) Osho Zen Tarot

Osho Zen Tarot by Ma Deva Padma

The Osho Zen Tarot is one bad-ass deck! I love it because it puts a whole new spin on the traditional Tarot cards. Its new-agey and “spiritual” – but not in a cheesy way. I feel like these cards were really designed for contemplation, not fortune telling.

Most importantly, these cards feel sublime when you shuffle them, which is a trait few Tarot decks possess, quite sadly. I love the way these cards pull me back into the present moment, into my center, so I am not spazzing out over life.

Reading with the Osho Zen deck is like sitting down with a really good therapist…..almost! Hop over here to read my full review on this deck.

3) Druidcraft Tarot

The Druidcraft Tarot by Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington

The Druidcraft Tarot is a delightfully witchy deck with a distinct pagan feel. For some reason this deck reminds me of Fall, my favorite time of year, when its crispy and smoky outside and almost Halloween.

The cards are kind of big, which makes shuffling a pain in the ass, but the beauty of the cards makes up for this. I don’t really use this deck much, but I bring it out on special occasions and to give myself important readings.

This is a very earthy deck and the people in it are kind of fugly, which huge feet and beer guts and stuff like that. Overall, the cards have such an old, wise feel to them, making this an extra-special deck.

Go here to see how I interpreted some of the cards from this deck 🙂

4) Anna K Tarot

Anna K Tarot

I really like this deck. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly that I like so much, but these cards just have a nice feel to them – a good energy. Plus, the cards themselves are slightly shorter than most of my decks, which makes shuffling really easy. Bonus!

This deck does something odd – it seems to personally attune to each person I am reading for and when I read for myself it has been spookily accurate! I am still getting to know this deck, but I can easily say that it one of my faves.

You can see all the readings I have done with this deck right here.

5) Morgan-Greer Tarot

Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill Greer

This deck is a total classic and a must-have for any serious Tarot deck hoarder! Despite the fact that this is a more recent addition to my collection, it feels like I have been reading with these cards for decades.

The Morgan-Greer Tarot is a product of the 70’s (first published in 1979) which is apparent in the appearance of the “pornstache” on many of the men. Fun stuff!

The best thing about this Tarot deck is that THERE ARE NO BORDERS on the cards! I can’t stand annoying borders – I love it when the image comes right to the edge of the card.

*So now I want to know….what are YOUR favorite Tarot decks? What is your go-to deck that never fails you? Tell me in the comment section below!